Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lee Min Ho Will Choose Drama as His Next Project

Newsen Oh Hyo Jin
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Min Ho talked about his next project.

On January 27, the Chinese media outlet reported that Lee Min Ho visited Hong Kong for his fan meeting.

According to the report, Lee Min Ho departed for Hong Kong on January 26 in order to attend the fan meeting. It took him a considerable amount of time to leave the airport, being surrounded by the fans. He took about 20 seconds to thank the fans who waited for him at the airport for a long time.

Afterwards, Lee Min Ho attended the Hong Kong fan meeting on January 27, enjoying his time with about 300 fans. The actor gifted self-designed accessories to a number of randomly selected fans and presented various kinds of fan service, including taking selfies, giving hugs and more.

During the fan meeting, Lee Min Ho said, “The reason I can always work on a new project is all thanks to the fans. I wanted to thank all the fans through this opportunity.”Lee Min Ho continued, “I think Gangnam 1970 will premiere in Hong Kong in March. I would like to present the movie first and if possible, would like to hold a concert. I would also like to return through various projects this year. I’m planning to return through a drama since I think many fans are waiting for a drama. I will greet you through as many projects as I can.”

As the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s Street Trilogy, Gangnam 1970 starring Lee Min Ho is a film about two men’s desire, loyalty and betrayal surrounding Gangnam when Seoul was going through development in 1970’s. It premiered in Korea on January 21 and has been topping the box office.

Photo credit: Newsen

source: ENewsWorld

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