Tuesday, January 13, 2015

‘Gangnam Blues’ No more pin-up boy! Lee Min Ho proves he’s action star

[Spot] ‘Gangnam Blues’ No more pin-up boy! Lee Min-ho proves he’s action star

A premier of the movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ was held on January 13th 1at Wangsimni CGV theather in hang-dang dong, Seong-dong gu, Seoul. The actors Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won, Jeong Jin-young, Kim Seol-hyun and Director Yu Ha participated in the event.

The leading actor Lee Min-ho played the role of Kim Jong-dae.

The theater was crowded with reporters and photographers to cover the premier.

To the question asking whether there wasn’t anything tough while the shooting, Lee Min-ho said, “This is my first movie as the leading role. There sure is a difference between doing a drama and a movie.” He continued, “That is why I tried to focus on not maintaining my acting style, or habits that I had when I was doing a drama.

He expressed his gratitude toward Director Yu as well. “I just wanted to describe my role, Jong-dae. Director Yu helped me a lot to act naturally.”

In the movie, there is no more pin-up boy image of Lee Min-ho. “I have never played the role of a person who’s poor, or short of money. My role was always born from a rich family. I don’t think anyone could ever think of me as a junkman. I hope the viewers take it as ‘Actor Lee Min-ho’s challenge’ and show full support and interest.

The movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ will be on the big screen from January 21st.

source: GETITK

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