About Me, Monika Setiono

Hi Guys !! 안녕 !! ^^
My Name is Monika...
I'm an Indonesian Minoz, huge fan of Lee Min Ho !! ^^
I was born in Surabaya, so i'm Indonesian, relatively speaking...
I was born on 24th of June, 1989..
I was born and live in Indonesia for 22 years but when i was 23 years old, starting from March 2012, i moved to the United States, especially Seattle, Washington to continue my study, taking a master degree in Business Administration in City University of Seattle.
I'm admin at @BOF_SS501_Tmax , @LeeMinHoForever , @BOFFanPage and Korea.com
I'm also an admin at MinozIndo, Indonesian official Minoz Group, @MinozWorldWide which is the official account from korea.com and @leeminhoworld, one of the biggest Minoz club in the world..

Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Cancer (Chinese Zodiac: Snake)
My Family Members: Father, Mother, and a younger brother (kinda the same with Lee Min Ho, but on my case, i'm the older sister...my brother is 4 years younger than me..)
My Favorite Actor is Lee Min Ho of course..
My Favorite Food is Spaghetti Carbonara, and of course meat..LOL..~^^ (i'm sensitive about food..i can be in a very good when when i eat delicious food) 
My Favorite Drink is Soft Drinks or Soda and Coffee..any kind of Soft Drinks, actually..not healthy at all, right?? LOL...
My Favorite Color is White, Black, Navy and Gray..
My Hobby: Sleep i guess (trust me, i love sleeping so much, even though so many people said that it shouldn't be considered as a hobby..my body got so weak if i lack sleep..i hate it when i can't have enough sleep because i'm easy to wake up..) staying at home reading good books, watching movies, hooked up to the internet of course, and..i guess playing the Piano and Violin..i planned to be a pianist and violinist in Classical Music (i'm still a pianist and violinist in a Symphony Orchestra in Surabaya) but i changed my direction when i move to the United States. However, i still enjoy Classical and Pop Music, i hope that my job in the future can combine Business and Music.

You could find me on my personal Twitter Account : @monika_leeminho
or you could add me up as your friend on FaceBook here :  Monika Setiono
Here's my Sina / Weibo Account : Monika_LeeMinHo89 
My Tumblr: MonikaLeeMinHo
And Here's my Me2Day Account : monikalmh89
But if you had questions or you want to know me better by sending me e-mails, here's my email address : monika_setiono@live.com and radiant_garden89@yahoo.com ,okay??? ^^

Nice to meet all of you !! 만나서  반갑습니다...^^

My History, to fall in love in Lee Min Ho (이민호) : 

You guys know that 꽃보다 남자 ( Boys Over Flowers ) was aired at 2008, right??? So i guess at 2008, i'm still at my second year at my College...At first, i'm not interested AT ALL with Korean Dramas..I even laugh at some of my friends who seems addicted to Korean Dramas or Korean Pop... But one of my Indonesian  friend introduced me a DVD that she called "Damn a good movie!! you have to see it!!" and that DVD turned out to be..yes, you're right !! Boys Over Flowers !! ^^



But guess what, i'm not interested AT ALL with Lee Min Ho who portrayed F4 leader Gu Jun Pyo (구준표) it that Movie, not at all!! it's because i think that his curly hair is ridiculous!!!

But i'm falling in love with Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) who portaryed Yoon Ji Hoo (윤지후) in that movie..in my eyes, he looks so calm and cool !!!

So, believe me or not, i'm screaming like crazy whenever i see Hyun Joong in that drama...i'll scream "Kim Hyun Joong sunbae !!! Ji Hoo sunbae!!!" whenever i see him!!! LOL...^^

I know that i became a Huge Fan of Kim Hyun Joong ever since i watch that drama..never thought of Lee Min Ho..NEVER!! ^^ i was looking for Kim Hyun Joong's photos and news ever since..
But suddenly, after a few weeks i started to continue watching Boys Over Flowers, i'm searching news about it and i "accidentally" read some news about Kim Hyun Joong's close friend, Lee Min Ho. It got me shocked when i'm seeing some of his photos !! ^^
And you know what i was thinking at that time?? i'm thinking " Oh...My..God, when did he turned out to be this handsome????? "
I'm reading about his newest project at that time, called Personal Preference (개인의 취향 - Gae Inui Chwihyang) and got excited for it...His photos with short hair cut got me shocked !!! he's so damn handsome!!

And then, i began to leave Kim Hyun Joong for this cute-like-a-kid Guy, leader of F4 !! ^^ kekekeke..^^
starting to search his news, and totally forgot Hyun Joong !!!
But i admit that some photos of Kim Hyun Joong still got me blushed, he's handsome too...especialy in Playful Kiss / Mischivieous Kiss (장난스런 키스 - Jangnasureon Kiss ) ^^

But i still think that this guy is more handsome and cuter than Kim Hyun Joong..i began to feel addicted to this cool guy (who is Kim Hyun Joong's friend), and began to search every news about him...i learn that he's debuting in 2006, he already played in several drama before playing in Boys Over Flowers, etc...
When i watch the ending of Personal Taste where he's doing a bed scene with Son Ye Jin, i'm crying like a baby..Going speechless watching those scene...from that time i realize something...

I think...i'm in love with this guy...

i'm starting learn who he is...i learned that he loves meat very much (it's his favourite food) and how he can't stand alcohol drinks (only stand 2 cups of soju-korean alcohol drink). I know he's not a perfect guy..actually, his imperfectness makes me loves him even more..he smokes when he's stressed out (not a heavy smoker)...He drinks sometimes, even though he only sleep when he's drunk...

I learn about his Commercials like "Cantata", "Trugen" and "Etude House"
Begin to look for his song " My Everything ", that became my favorite song in the world until now.....
I learned that his favorite colors were Black, White, Gray and Navy Blue...
Starting to know that he has a Mini Pinscher dog named "Choco" that was closer to his Noona, Lee Jun Kyung, more than himself...
Understanding that he rarely update his Twitter and facebook account...
Understanding that he rarely reply his fans, except for his " FaceBook 1 Million" event...
I learned that he's so kind towards his fans, and he's crazy and funny...
Until now, i'm learning everything everything about him, including his craziness...^^
Falling in love with his smile, his eyes, his laugh..everything....

So that's the history, and now i'm a Minoz...^^
Learning about him each day,.along with other Minoz !! ^^
이민호 씨, 사랑해요 !! ^^ (Lee Min Ho ssi, i Love You !! ) ^^