Friday, January 31, 2014

Lee Min Ho at Beijing Capital International Airport and Gimpo International Airport - 31.01.2014

Our Prince finally returned home~ after finishing a wonderful performance in China, he's heading back to Korea..Thank You very much dear, and rest well!! Enjoy the New Year with your family~^^

Departure, Beijing Capital International Airport - 31.01.2014

Arrival, Gimpo International Airport - 31.01.2014

Lee Min Ho - CCTV "Spring Festival" Gala - 30.01.2014


credits: Hayden She

Lee Min Ho is singing "情非得已" with Harlem Yu (Qíng Fēi Děi Yǐ - "The Last Resort", known as the Original Soundtrack of Taiwanese Drama "Meteor Garden", which is the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers). Lee Min Ho is singing the Korean Version while Harlem Yu is singing the original Taiwanese/Chinese Mandarin Language version

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 30.01.2014 (2)

Update on Weibo: "#春晚#사방에서 폭죽터진다 씐난다 씬니옌콰일러-到处都能听到鞭炮声~好开心~大家新年快乐!"

English Translation: "#SpringFestival# the firecrackers can be heard everywhere for the new year, Happy New Year - The sound of firecrackers can be heard everywhere~ i am so happy~ Happy New Year everyone!"

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 30.01.2014 (1)

Update on LINE Messenger:

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credits: StarLeeMinho

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official LINE Messenger Account

Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment forms a strategic partnership with Chinese entertainment company

It has been revealed that Lee Min Ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment and Chinese entertainment company Huayi Brothers have formed a strategic partnership for the actor's promotions in China and more.

A Starhaus Entertainment rep told TV Report, "Starhaus has been preparing a branch in China... Our relationship [with Huayi Brothers] has been good since Lee Min Ho's concert in 2009. Starhaus China and Huayi Brothers plan to have a friendly business cooperation with each other."

Huayi Brothers previously played a role in the opening of Lee Min Ho's concerts and fan meetings in Beijing and Shanghai since 2009 and will continue the good relationship they've established with a partnership.
This probably means that Lee Min Ho's Chinese fans have more to look forward to!

source: allkpop