Lee Min Ho Funny Facts

Kekekeke, behind his coolness..looks like Lee Min Ho got a crazy side and a funny side after all !! ^^

During Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자)

  1. Lee Min Ho knew he was selected to play Gu Jun Pyo (구준표) role via newspaper..he had no idea that he's being selected...omo oppa...-.-"
  2. During the shooting process on ShinHwa pool side, Lee Min Ho: "Here i am, at the pool side...today we're shooting scenes where Jun Pyo waiting for Jan Di...it's Winter here..but i'm wearing shorts and drinking tropical juice...isn't it cute?? this scene would show how cute Jun Pyo is...BECAUSE I'M CUTE..." -> okay, you are, oppa...-.-"
  3. When lying on the plastic boat at ShinHwa School's pool side, plus drinking juice, Lee Min Ho: "Aaahhh, this is good...i really wish for a drama where i only had to sleep and eat...is there any?? " -> -.-"
  4. When shooting on snowy area, for scenes when F4 having a holiday, Lee Min Ho : "i want to ride a snow mobile !!! " *sitting on the floor,baby-like face*
  5. When shooting on a snowy area for F4 holiday, Fans : "Aaahh, Lee Min Ho ssi !!",  Lee Min Ho stops skiing, looking and the fans and smile...omooo...^^
  6. When driving a sport car ( A Black Lotus GP 3) for a scene in BOF, after driving the car fast, Lee Min Ho open the car's door and said : "Kekekeke, i'm feeling super...this car was nice..a car like this should be driven...", but he looks like he suddenly realized something and he look around without getting out of that car.Then he said " i'll stay inside since it's cold...kekekekeke..." and close the car's door with a smile...-> sometimes you're really egoistic, oppa...-.-"
  7. He was asked once, if all of the F4 were girls, who's among the F4 that would be his girlfriend?? his answer : "At first, i'll date Kim Jun ( the one who portrayed Song Woo Bin, member of F4)...but, i think our relationship wouldn't last long...then i'll go with, Hyun Joong-hyung!!! (Kim Hyun Joong, the one who portrayed Yoon Jin Ho, member of F4, the one that i love before Min Ho, remember??? *ignore this, LOL...^^*), but, i think our relationship won't last long either...because of that, i guess i'll date Kim Beom...(the one who portayed So Yi Jeong, member of F4) " -> Oppa, if you want to be with Kim Beom from the beginning, just say so directly...-.-"
  8. In Gu Jun Pyo's house set, shooting a scene where he's sleeping waiting for Jan Di, Lee Min Ho seems so happy, sleeping in the big bed...A cameraman told him that he seems to be very comfortable sleeping, and Lee Min Ho said : "Yes i am, i am so happy...i like sleeping scenes since i'm so sleepy...i wish i could shoot a scene like this everyday, because i'm sick or something...i'm so happy..." with a smile...and then the director asked where Lee Min Ho is, the cameraman said that Lee Min Ho already settle on the bed, ready to take the scene..-.-" -> Oppa, we know you love sleeping very much, but isn't it too much??? -.-"
  9. In Golf Range at Jun Pyo house's set, Lee Min Ho : "I don't know how to swing the Golf club, i'm worried that i may hit the driver..." *silence for a few seconds* " What should i do?? what should i do?? what should i do?? " *with a baby-like, smiling face* "somehow i'll do it..." -> oppa...-.-"
  10. On the street, when Lee Min Ho has to shoot a scene where he has to stop a truck to go back to Jan Di's place, the director said that Min Ho's expression was too scared...a cameraman asked him if he's all right because he look scared. Uri oppa just smile and said "I'm all right..." but he suddenly moved his finger in front of the camera and said again ..." because i'm a man..." then he opened his clamshell mobile phone and said " text me..." with a big smile...-.-" 
  11. Lee Min Ho said that he's suffering a lot when he has to shoot the scene on New Caledonia. He knew that New Caledonia is beautiful, but he said it that it's too hot...and everything there was so expensive...he said that food there cost around 150.000 Korean Won, and drinks costs 50.000 Won.
  12. Lee Min Ho : "In New Caledonia, i know that Jun Pyo look very rich, his character is very rich...and i'm the one who's playing that character...but, the moment our director said 'Cut !!', you'll see how poor we are...we're eating hard-bread after finished taking scenes there...everyone's suffering there, we only sleep 1 hour per day... "-> poor you, oppa...
  13. When the shooting process of BOF has to take place out of Korea or out of town, all of BOF staff said that now they knew Lee Min Ho's sleeping habit....none of the staff wants to sleep with Min Ho, they said that Min Ho kicks a lot when he sleep, and he's talking gibberish on his sleep...-> -.-" 
  14. There was one time when one of BOF staff wakes Lee Min Ho up, because it's already time to start shooting again...but Lee Min Ho kicks that staff for waking him up...-> oppa..-.-"
  15. In Jeju, when Lee Min Ho has to shot a scene where he has to drive a sport car (LOTUS GP 3, he said that it cost around 100 million Korean Won), he had an accident...he's not hurt, but guess what is his reaction when that expensive car hit a pole?? "Woowww, it's a relief that the car has insurance, but now i know...an expensive car still could broke pretty bad in seconds..." -> of course oppa, it's still a car, right??? -.-". 
  16. Actually, Min Ho has said that he didn't want to drive since he haven't got a Driving License, so he got a special Driving License for shooting that driving scene...^^ too bad that accident happened...T__T
  17. When Lee Min Ho finally finished Boys Over flowers, he's shocked because it's not his name that became very popular. It's Gu Jun Pyo (구준표) who got popular. He's got confused, so he post a video. Guess what he said on that video ??? he said " My name is Lee Min Ho, not Gu Jun Pyo..." LOL !! ^^ Now, he always said " 네, 안녕하세요, 이민호 입니다..." (Ne, Annyeong Haseyo, Lee Min Ho imnida -> Yes, how are you, my name is Lee Min Ho...), isn't that cute?? LOL...^^
  18. He realize that he can't sing at all, but he really wanted to learn since he's interested in music. He practice a lot when he have to sing "My Everything" for BOF Soundtrack. But he said that he's being told to do that by Studio Eight, it's not his own will to sing...-.-"
  19. But apart for being told by Studio Eight, he seems enjoy music very much, he learn how to play Piano for a month for a scene that has been cancelled and moved to behind-the-story scene...he seems interested in playing the Violin too, even though his position of holding the violin is all wrong...-.-"
  20. At first Lee Min Ho was not confident that BOF would be a big-hit drama...but one day, he see over 2000 fans waiting for him at the set..at that time, he said " This Drama has made it..." ^^
  21. Lee Min Ho admit that he sleeps a lot, he wants to sleep 10 hour a day (that's too much oppa...-.-") so he's taking every break he got to sleep...one of BOF staff said that Lee Min Ho always sleep when it's not his turn to act, and wake up when it's already his turn...-.-"
  22. Lee Min Ho once breaks record by sleeping 24 hours non-stop...-.-"
  23. But he said that he's quite happy, now that he could sleep 6-8 hours a day...
  24. After BOF era, Lee Min Ho was close to Kim Beom (the one who portrayed So Yi Jeong, member of F4), they meet 3 times a weeks to have lunch together...(how romantic...-.-")
  25. But he admit that he was close to F4, he invite Kim Jun (the one who portrayed Song Woo Bin, member of F4) to his birthday Party on 2009, "Minoz Happy Days". The MC (Kim Ki Bang) interviewed them together, and when Kim Jun said " i have been trying to call Min Ho for a long time...", Min Ho said "Whennnn??" with a lady-like voice, makes Kim Jun look at him with an un-describeable shocked face...-.-"
  26. Lee Min Ho invite Kim Hyun Joong (the one who portrayed Yoon Jin Ho, member of F4, the one that i love before Min Ho, remember??? *ignore this, LOL...^^*) and Kim Beom (the one who portrayed So Yi Jeong, member of F4)...Hyun Joong and Jun manage to come, but too bad Kim Beom can't attend that party...
  27. Kim Jun and his band, T-MAX, even sing the theme song of BOF, "Paradise" on Min Ho's birthday part at 2009, "Minoz Happy Days"..^^
  28. Lee Min Ho was rumored to date Kang Min Kyung (member of Davichi, a girl-band) during BOF era, he knew that this rumor would came up, but he said that Min Kyung is his friend...
  29. Because of the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun (the one who portrayes Geum Jan Di, Jun Pyo's lover), both of them got a fans called "MinSun" that hopes that Min Ho would date Hye Sun...but too bad Min Ho said that he's not close to Hye Sun, he even avoid Hye Sun because he didn't feel well-connected with Hye Sun at first...But as the shooting process goes on, he's getting closer to Hye Sun...both of them respect each other as friends..but Min Ho is very caring to Hye Sun..once he helped Hye Sun when Hye Sun had an accident...*omo, cool...^^*
  30. Min Ho friend on BOF, Lee Min Jeong who act as Han Jae Kyeong (Min Ho's fiancée on BOF ) was interviewed after she finished BOF...she was asked who she choose between Lee Min Ho and Jeong Kyeong Ho and she choose Jeong Kyeong Ho...and could you guess what did Lee Min Ho said when he knew this??? he said "She said that i was her ideal type when we're working on Boys Before Flowers...as soon as she change her job, she change her ideal type too??? i've never considered her too, i only look at Goo Hye Sun when i work on Boys Over Flowers...sorry for that..." -> sounds that you only want to defend yourself, oppa...-.-" but later he said that he's kidding...
  31. Gu Jun Pyo is Lee Min Ho's favorite character because he's the richest...LOL...^^
  32. A comedian Yoon Hyung Bin said to Lee Min Ho what would Min Ho do after Boys Over Flowers aired and ended, Min Ho was so sad, realizing the truth in Hyung Bin's words...he's afraid that BOF will be a temporary success and he can't get another job after that. but now, Min Ho always got a new project after one project is done, right??? ^^
- During Personal Taste (개인의 취향)

  1. Lee Min Ho said that Personal Taste was his first experience in doing a bed scene and he was very embarrassed because there are so many people see him (doing the bed scene)...*omo, oppa...^^*
  2. All of Minoz (Lee Min Ho's fans) was shocked to know that Personal taste was talking about gay lifestyle, all of them ask, did Min Ho would act as gay??? but Lee Min Ho said this: "Don't worry, i'm not a gay, and neither did my character, Jeon Jin Ho!! he was being misunderstood as gay, misunderstood !!!" -> Okay oppa, don't be like that, we totally understand..-.-"
  3. But he said that he's being helped by Son Ye Jin (the one who portaryed Park Gae In, who's gonna be Jeon Jin Ho - Lee Min Ho character's lover ) in doing the bed scene...*omo, what the??? what kind of help??-.-"*
  4. When Lee Min Ho met Son Ye Jin for the first time, they're doing photograph for the poster of Personal Taste, and guess what ?? what did Lee Min Ho said to Son Ye Jin at that time, when he first met her??? he said "Hey, you...idiot !!!" that makes all of the people in that room goes silent...*oppa, Son Ye Jin eonnie is older than you, you shouldn't have done that....-.-"*
  5. But Lee Min Ho defend him self, he said that he did it to be closer to Son Ye Jin, because the concept of the Personal Taste's poster is a close lover...*you still are not allowed to call her idiot, oppa...-.-"
  6. Lee Min Ho said that he respect Son Ye Jin very much...he said that Son Ye Jin is very well-experienced actress, and he was embarrassed when he called Son Ye Jin "idiot"...*naahh, that's a good boy...kekekeke...^^*
  7. Lee Min Ho said that he was embarrassed when he has to do do the "bathroom" scene, where he has to take a scene in a men's restroom because of diarrhea (in that story, Jin Ho -> Lee Min Ho is having diarrhea because he eats the shells that  Park Gae In -> Son Ye Jin cook for him). He's embarassed because he has to TOOK OF HIS PANTS in front of many people (Personal Taste crew) -> LOL !! !^^
  8. After finishing Personal Taste, Son Ye Jin said to public media that Lee Min Ho was a very good kisser and she was satisfied with his kiss...*omo, blush...^^*
  9. Because Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin was pretty close to each other, each of them send at "congratulatory" video when each of them has a birthday party...*sweet!!!^^*
  10. During Personal Taste shooting, Lee Min Ho was really close to Jeong Seong Hwa (the one who portrayed Sang Jun - Jin Ho's friend on Personal Taste) and 2AM SeuLong , he invited them to his birthday party last on 2010, "Special Days with Minoz"...And at that time Jeong Seong Hwa said that during Personal Taste, they always make jokes...
  11. When Lee Min Ho thanked Seung Hwa for coming to his birthday party, Seong Hwa said : "it's allright...because you're my love..." -> omo, i know you guys acted as gay, but please...-.-"
  12. Seung Hwa once said that he often got free meal because of Lee Min Ho...he said that he often eat at restaurant where the waitress knew Min Ho..when the waitress took Seung Hwa's order, Seong Hwa confessed that the waitress ask him: "is Min Ho really cute??" -> -.-"
  13. Jeong Seong Hwa ever mention his experience with Lee Min Ho...During Personal Taste shooting, Lee Min Ho said to him that he saw a restaurant that seems really delicious...to make Min Ho happy, Seong Hwa asked  Min Ho where was the restaurant he's talking about, and he'll treat Min Ho there..but guess what?? the food in the restaurant Min Ho mention is really expensive!!! Seong Hwa was really shocked, but he treat Min Ho anyway...*oppa...-.-"*
  14. According to Seong Hwa, Min Ho's skin has very small pores...and that made Min Ho laughed...(small pores?? what the?? -.-"). Seong Hwa also said that he was reallly amazed when Min Ho could sit really still when his hair-dresser working on his hair...-.-"
  15. After hearing Seong Hwa's comment about him on Special Days with Minoz 2010, Lee Min Ho said "Aaahhh, i'm so embarassed !!! could i go for a while??? " LOL !!! ^^ and Lee Min Ho then said to Seong Hwa : " You compliment me a lot with a straight face, but i know you're lying..." -> LOL!! ^^
  16. According to Seong Hwa again, Lee Min Ho was so emotional when he played typing-practice game on PC, because Lee Min Ho already gain a high level...
  17. Jeong Seong Hwa interviewed Min Ho via phone on his radio, KISS radio...Seong Hwa called Min Ho when Min Ho rest in his house, they're really cute, seeing them really close to each other...^^
  18. When Seong Hwa called Min Ho for KISS radio interview, Seong Hwa said this :"  Annyeong haseyo??, then Min Ho said : " Ne, annyeong haseyo, Jeong Seong Hwa ssi..." (he knew that Seong Hwa called him..)
  19. But then, Jeong Seong Hwa suddenly said " Ne...doushimnika??? " (generally means "Yes..who is this??"), even though he knew that he was calling Min Ho...that makes Min Ho laughs...and he answers "Bangapseumnida, Lee Min Ho imnida..." (he always said his name every time someone interviewed him?? -.-" that generally means "nice to meet you, i'm Lee Min Ho..)
  20. Seong Hwa said that he was testing Lee Min Ho at that time..what the??? -.-"
  21. Min Ho always seems to spoiled by Seong Hwa when Seung Hwa called him for an interview...Lee Min Ho said "Hyung nim...let's go to Personal Taste's fan-meeting together with me...", and of course Seung Hwa said yes...-.-"
  22. Youn Ha, the singer for Personal Taste's theme song "말도 안왜" / "Nonsense" was invited by Min Ho to attend his birthday party on 2010 too...and at that time, Youn Ha cut her hair for Min Ho because she's a big fan of Min Ho...^^
  23. When Youn Ha sang as a guest at Special Days with Minoz, she was asked by the MC (in front of Lee Min Ho) : " Youn Ha ssi, when you sing 말도 안왜 (Nonsense), what's in your mind??? ", but suddenly a very naughty guy (our Lee Min Ho of course), cut their conversation : " what's on her mind?? 말도 안왜 ?? " (Lee Min Ho thought that Youn Ha was thinking simply about "nonsense /it can't be" when she sing that song )   -> you're not answering the question at all, Min Ho oppa...-.-"
  24. Lee Min Ho's favourite character in Personal Taste : Minomi (he admit bravely that Minomi the Lion Doll was his figure character, and he said that Minomi had a long legs...) -> -.-"
  25. Lee Min Ho was paid 60 Million Korean Won for taking a part in Personal Taste (16 Episode) -> special facts from Aka @en.korea.com
- General Life 

  1. "Lee Min Ho" is his original name, but he has worked under a fake name for two years before his debut. His stage name was "Lee Min" (이민) and he use it for two years. Guess why he use that name as his stage name??? because it's easy to remember. "이민" means "Immigration/Immigrant" in Korea..Lee Min Ho himself said that if he used his stage name, his name would came out in every passport...-.-" 
  2. Lee Min Ho lives in a apartment with his father, mother and older sister..his apartment is in Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-ku, Seoul, South Korea...They move to Sangdo-dong area because Lee Min Ho bought an apartment for all of his family when Min Ho debuted...but now he's buying another apartment (move again) to Heuk Seuk dong area, back to his hometown, i guess?? he'll be neighbor with Hyun Bin dan Jang Dong Gun... -> how rich he is??? -.-"
  3. Lee Min Ho is a smoker and a alcoholic drinker...but he's not a heavy smoker, and he could only handle 4 cups of Soju / 2 glass of beer..
  4. Lee Min Ho always brought perfume in his bag, because he wanted to be a fragrant guy...^^
  5. Lee Min Ho inspirational person is his mother, because she help him a lot in his career...but he love his fans very much...
  6. For Lee Min Ho, his family is his "One and Only", his family and fans are the most important thing for him..he once said that he's practically lived by his fans..
  7. All of his childhood friends said that Lee Min Ho are popular among them, especially girls...not because of his face that is simply handsome, but also because he's kind...^^
  8. Lee Min Ho often said that his family was not rich from the beginning, his family is an ordinary family...(but i bet his family is so rich right now because of Min Ho!! LOL..)
  9. Lee Min Ho's mother once said that he found 2 girls fighting to get Lee Min Ho's attention when Lee Min Ho was still in kindergarten -> omo, already??? LOL...^^
  10. Lee Min Ho's older sister, Lee Yoon Jeong, also join the entertainment world lately, but he doesn't want to be recognized as Lee Min Ho's sister, so she doesn't often show up near Lee Min Ho...and Lee Min Ho doesn't want to be known as Yoon Jeong little brother, so he acted the same. However, in 2016, Lee Yoon Jeong formed a new agency with CEO of Starhaus's Entertainment called "MYM Entertainment" (Me and You Making Entertainment) and Lee Min Ho transferred himself to the new agency in order to work closer with his family~^^ so starting from May 2016, Lee Min Ho transferred from Starhaus Entertainment to MYM Entertainment. 
  11. Lee Min Ho's father is a business man who doesn't like publicity, so he doesn't show up himself... 
  12. All of Lee Min Ho's neighbor said that Lee Min Ho is handsome since he was a kid, so they forced Lee Min Ho and his mom to make Lee Min Ho participate in a audition to be an actor...
  13. Lee Min Ho start his career as a actor when he secretly enter an audition...he reject them at first when he was little but he at last secretly enter a audition...
  14. Lee Min Ho is still noted as a student in Konkuk University, majoring in Film-Making...but he's still on break because of his busy schedule..however, later in 2016, he said that he already graduated and planning to take on master degree.
  15. Lee Min Ho was actually a good soccer player. Before he became an actor, he wanted to become a soccer player because he was trained by Cha Bum Kun (a very good Korean Soccer Player). He likes Cristiano Ronaldo and said that Manchester United was his favorite Football Club. (i think he likes Park Ji Sung too, but too embarrassed to show it..)
  16. Lee Min Ho still feel disappointed to know that some of his fans doubt him, asking him if he had a plastic surgery...it's because one of a plastic surgery clinic show his photos as one of their patients..he confessed that he once had a accident when he played soccer...He broke his nose an it has to be fixed (with a surgery), but it's not a big plastic surgery...
  17. Lee Min Ho once had an accident back on 2006 when he should rest for 6 months...he broke his leg and it has to had surgery, doctors plant a silver plate on his leg...he said that it's his saddest moment... he's just debuted and he got an accident...he admitted that he cried at that moment...This accident made him bury his dream to become a soccer player (a soccer player can't have a silver-plate related surgery, especially on his/her legs). 
  18. Lee Min Ho is "ambidextrous" -> means he could use both of his right and left hand without any difficulty (he could even write using his left hand). An injury forced him to use his left hand since his right hand is injured. He learned how to do his activity using his left hand and now, he's able to use his left hand as good as his right hand...^^ -> wwooaa, how cool !! ^^
  19. Lee Min Ho once said that he loves social networking, but the truth is, it seems that he rarely update his Twitter, Facebook account, Sina account and Cyworld account...he even open an official Twitter and FaceBook account because there's a so many fake account that already use his name...
  20. When he finally open a Twitter Account and FaceBook account, Lee Min Ho said that he realize how important English language is, so he's learning English very hard right now...lately, Staff of Starhaus said that they make Min Ho study English by always talking to Min Ho using English...Jeong Seong Hwa (Min Ho's friend on Personal Taste) also said that Min Ho should learn English...but his English is truly not good...on Singapore fan meeting, he said " i like drive..." when he should've said " i like driving...", LOL...there are many mistypes on his tweet also, but let's pray that Lee Min Ho would be good in English soon !!! ^^ (but i think, all of Starhaus staff was not good in English too, they often miss-typed also, LOL...)
  21. When Lee Min Ho got over than 1 Million fans on FaceBook, he held an event...he said that he'll answer some of his fans's questions on Twitter..and he did answer a few !!! ^^ 
  22. But he rarely answer his fans's questions...he only follow one of Starhaus's staff on his account...he once follow Kim Beom, and several of his friends like Kim Ki Bang and Kim So Roo (even ask them for a follow back) but he unfollowed them now...T___T
  23. Lee Min Ho once said that he often read what his fans wrote for him in his Twitter account when he had free time (without replying??? that's too bad -.-") and he said that his fans really made him laugh...-.-"
  24. Maybe Lee Min Ho laugh because we Minoz are really funny. Some Minoz that's curious with him often asked if the Twitter Account is really his, and his answer to one fan who asked that question is "Yes it's really me, why don't you believe me??" (i bet he's laughing when he read that kind of question).
  25. Lee Min Ho's secret wish is to have a girlfriend...he had 2 girlfriends before, once on his High School and once on University..his first kiss was back on High School, in front of his girlfriend's house !! ^^ but lately, he changed his mind..he said he wanted to get married when he's over 30...His ideal marriage is of course his parent's marriage and he believes that marriage should be once in a life time. He doesn't want to divorce later with his wife, and he's afraid that married young will make him divorce his wife (he talks about the superstitions around him).
  26. When he's still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Lee Min Ho said that he once called his girlfriend for 13 hours !!! what are you two talking about, oppa?? ^^
  27. Lee Min Ho's type of girl is the pretty actress Song Hye Kyo (Full House), but too bad Song Hye Kyo is in a relationship with Hyun Bin. Song Hye Kyo is his type of ideal woman. Lee Min Ho once said that he want to meet Song Hye Kyo noona (since she's older than him) and congratulate her for finding her love already...But now, since Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo just broke up, would Lee Min Ho fill the position as Song Hye Kyo's new boyfriend ?? would he replace Hyun Bin soon??? LOL...^^
  28. Lee Min Ho's ideal type of woman : not too tall ( since he's so tall ), clear-skinned (since he's a little bit dark-skinned), mature but cute and sometimes klutzy or clumsy...he will also like the kind of woman who can get along well with him on the first time he saw her, acting like she's already married to him and connected to him..plus, he would like a woman who knows how to respect elders...For Lee Min Ho, his feelings to the woman is more important than her physical appearance..in this case, his ideal type is Song Hye Kyo...but later in 2012, Lee Min Ho seems to revise his statement, he said that he likes Song Hye Kyo's character in "Full House", seems not really the person.
  29. Lee Min Ho said that he got no problem dating a woman that's even 10 years older than him...even if he date a woman that's 10 years older than him, he said that he'll find a nickname for her...^^
  30. Lee Min Ho didn't care about his girlfriend's clothing style...as long as his girlfriend is confident with her own style, he won't feel disturbed...he thought that his woman should appear charming at all time..
  31. But for his own fashion style, Lee Min Ho said that he don't want to stand out...he prefers neutral colors such as Navy Blue, Black,White and Gray...
  32. Lee Min Ho admitted that he's a masochist type of guy..therefore, he prefers to find a girl whom he can protect~
  33. Lee Min Ho was once asked if he found his true love in one of his fans, would he chase her??? he said that he would, because he believe that we as humans won't know what fate (especially about love) would do to us...-> nice !!! ^^
  34. On the other hand, Lee Min Ho said that he often receive love confessions from fans, but lately on 2012 he really want to be honest to his fans that he didn't plan to get married at the moment. (as time goes by, i guess it's getting harder to look for a true love for such a famous person like him, he should want a girl that loves him for who he is, not because he's handsome and popular or rich). Lee Min Ho also would like to remind his fans that he's not perfect at all, and lacking in many aspects, and perfect man can only be found in movies or novels...For all of his fans who loves him, Lee Min Ho said that he want his fans to cherish themselves.
  35. If Lee Min Ho already find his true love and his parents, even all of people around him didn't allow him to be with his girlfriend, Lee Min Ho said that he would surely run away with his girlfriend because he know that he would love his girlfriend so much, so he have to run away...but later in 2012, he said that he was only kidding, he won't run away from his parents with his girlfriend..maybe he would try hard to make his parents like his girlfriend..-> wwwooowww !! ^^
  36. When he got a girlfriend soon, without no doubt Lee Min Ho said that he'll call his girlfriend every 3 hours, because he'll miss her voice...
  37. Lee Min Ho said that he need a neat girlfriend since he's not neat...his mother is the one who cleans his room and he need a neat girlfriend to clean up his room...
  38. Lee Min Ho also said that he needs a girl who respects elderly..maybe he will prefer a girl who calls him "Lee Min Ho ssi" rather than "Oppa" at the first time he meet her, Lee Min Ho seems to not look so happy when girls called him "Oppa". 
  39. If Lee Min Ho walks in a beach with his girlfriend, he'll definitely hold her hands while walking, and ask her to roll her pants, if she wear pants, LOL...
  40. The reason Lee Min Ho imagine his girlfriend wearing pants it's probably because he doesn't want people who's close to him to wear short skirts or pants. He won't mind outsiders or fans wearing short skirts or pants in front of him, but he won't allow his girlfriend to wear short skirts or pants, he even feel  uncomfortable when his sister wears short skirts or pants, because he's close to his sister.
  41. If Lee Min Ho has a girlfriend, he said that we would prefer to hide the relationship from everyone (keep it a secret..of course, he's a popular actor) and try to run with his girlfriend to a beautiful church for their wedding ceremony...-> how sweet!!! ~^^
  42. Many of his friends said that Lee Min Ho is a very romantic man...and it seems to be the truth..at one of his fanmeet in Singapore (for promoting LG)...one of the fan ask him: "What kind of woman do you prefer?? " (Attention, the question is in English!! ^^) and he suddenly says "Uuhhmm...YOU ???" , then he laugh and smile happily, making his fans screams !!! -> Oommooo, Melting !!! what a lucky fan that got that answer !!! but why you didn't say that your type is Song Hye Kyo, oppa?? LOL...^^
  43. In a interview, Lee Min Ho was asked if he's a good kisser, but he said no...he said that there's no standard in good kissing, but he knew that every actress that work with him satisfied with his kissing ability...LOL...^^
  44. Once he was showed a big Minomi (his figurine character on Personal Taste) on his birthday party and he's a little bit shocked when he see that big Minomi. He admit that Minomi was his figurine character...and what's his comment when he saw that big Minomi?? " He has long legs, just like me...but he's not wearing any pants??? " -> and why did you say that, oppa?? -.-"
  45. And when he was asked because of his comment to Minomi he admit that he's just like Minomi...Without hestitate, on his brithday party event, he said that he didn't wear any shirt when he's on home, and sometimes just wear an underwear...-> WWWHHAATT?? LET'S CHECK !! ^^
  46. Lee Min Ho said that he watch porn movies when he was on high school, more than once..defending himself by saying that every guy in Korea watch porn movies at that time...-.-" and he said that he didn't watch them lately...-.-" -> should we believe in this?? -.-"
  47. Lee Min Ho got a female Mini Pinscher dog named "Choco" , and he call his dog "her", not "it" -> LOL..^^
  48. When he was asked who's the person that is the closest with Choco, he or his mom, he'll answer "my older sister...", the truth is, Choco is the closest to her older sister..
  49. Lee Min Ho said that Choco is close to his sister because when he adopt Choco, Choco still very small and she can't open her eyes...Choco sleep and eat on his older sister's room and she's being treated by her older sister, so Choco consider Jun Kyung as her mother...
  50. But Lee Min Ho said that Choco always consider his room as a restroom...-.-" He defend himself by saying that it's because of his mother who always said to Choco "if you want to go to the restroom, go to Min Ho's room so that he could make a lot of money..." -> what the??? -.-"
  51. Lee Min Ho seems to love Choco a lot...he post Choco's photos 2 times on his Twitter Account with a caption "What are you looking at?? " (in English) -> close up photo of Choco and he post his photos holding Choco in a bench on Saturday Evening, on his Twitter account -> it seems that you're dating with Choco, oppa??? -.-"
  52. Lee Min Ho is close to actors Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo...three of them always give surprise to each other when of them had a birthday party...Min Ho once gave a surprise visit on Il Woo's birthday party and Min Ho invite Il Woo and Kim Bum on his birthday party...-> could i say that all of you were romantic?? kekekeke...^^
  53. Lee Min Ho is the closest to Kim Bum...he once ride a bike with Kim Bum at Han river (around midnight) and post that photos on his Twitter, almost at the same time when Kim Bum post his photos with him on his Twitter account too...it's funny when all of their fans see their photos, together, riding bike...LOL...^^-> how romantic...-.-"
  54. But before the riding event, Min Ho and Kim Bum once seen together eating lunch together too, and taking pictures together too...when Kim Bum visit Indonesia, he said that he often meet Min Ho..at least 3 times a week to had lunch...-> Jinca???? -.-" 
  55. When Kim Bum can't come to Min Ho's birthday party on 2009, he sends a video message to Min Ho, apologize because he couldn't come to his birthday party...Yoon Hyung Bin, Jung Il Woo and Kim Rae Woon sends him a video too...but Min Ho only reacts to Kim Bum's video...-.-" he said "괜찮아, 범 아..." (Gwaenchana, Beom-ah...- generally means " it's allright, Beom..." ) when Kim Bum apologize, but he didn't say anything when he saw other videos...LOL...
  56. Believe it or not, Lee Min Ho LOVES it when people praise him and call him "handsome" -> -.-" , but he always said that there's a lot of people that's a lot more handsome that him..^^ But Lee Min Ho prefers his image to be manly, he's not comfortable when people calls him "Flower Boy"
  57. Lee Min Ho was asked once during AERA Magazine photoshoot in Japan, he was asked : "Lee Min Ho ssi, you're so handsome and shining...don't you ever fall in love with yourself when you look at yourself at the mirror???" -> what kind of question is this?? -.-" That question makes Lee Min Ho speechless, but he laughed for a while (but he's still concentrate on the photo session) and he said "No, never..." quickly...LOL..^^
  58. One of  Super Junior's member, Shin Dong test how much he look alike with Min Ho and he got 24% and he apologize because of it... Min Ho know this and he's laughing when he was interviewed, he said that Shin Dong shouldn't apologize because it's fun...but when the interviewee said Shin Dong's comments where Shin Dong said that he look 100% just like Min Ho, Min Ho looks so shocked and said " 100%??" -> fatal proof that you're proud of your face...-.-"
  59. Lee Min Ho would want his face back (his handsome face back), if he's rebirth again...and he wanted to be continually on his 20s forever...-> -.-"
  60. He was asked once on 2009 : " Please choose between those three, reasons why you were selected as Trugen's Model, 1. Because you're handsome...2, because you're tall...3. Because you're handsome, tall and fit their clothes perfectly...", and guess what?? he choose number 3...-.-"
  61. When he was asked to spell his name, Lee Min Ho would answer like this : " 이, 이민호 는....민, 민접 하다...호, 호호호호호..." -> generally means " Lee...Lee Min Ho is...Min, mincheob hada...(an agile man...) Ho, hohohohoho.... -> agile?? hohohohoho?? what the?? -.-"
  62. When Lee Min Ho held a fan meeting, the concept would be almost the same, he'll talk about "fun", "happines" , "special", etc...he'll interact much with Minoz (his fans) by accepting their gifts, playing with them, etc...he even hug some of his fans who got upstage...*envy!!! ^^*
  63. Min Ho is only good at Korean, but he's learning English and Japanese...on his Japanese fan-meeting (His Japanese fans were called MJ - Minoz Japan) he's repeating his opening speech to MJ on his way to the backstage...he keep on saying " Today, we'll have fun..." in Japanese so many times that makes all of the people around him go speechless...
  64. And when Lee Min Ho practicing say " MJ no minna-san, Konbanwa...Lee Min Ho desu...ogenkidesuuuukaaa??" (generally means : MJ friends, good night, i'm Lee Min Ho...have you all been great?? ) in the backstage in a funny way, a staff reply him by saying "ogenki desu.." (means "i'm great.."), LOL..^^
  65. Since Lee Min Ho is very popular in China, he's trying to study Chinese to impress his fans. But once, when his fans ask him how his Chinese is progressing, without doubt Lee Min Ho said that his Chinese was nothing better than a 3-month-old-baby...^^
  66. Even with Chinese Minoz, Lee Min Ho's always funny. On a interview with Chinese Minoz on Weibo, a Chinese Minoz asked if it's really him on Weibo. Maybe he's tired of that question, he said "No, i'm Lee Yoon Seong.." (It's after City Hunter), LOL..~^^
  67. After a photo shoot with Trugen, a camerawoman take a shoot of Min Ho resting on his room...Lee Min Ho look at the camera for a few minute...but the camerawoman said this : "Lee Min Ho ssi, you don't have to look at the camera...", but what did Lee Min Ho did?? he STARE at the camera for a few minutes, makes the camerawoman speechless and her hands were shaking because she feel nervous, makes Lee Min Ho laugh and said " Oooiii...", LOL...*see?? who won't feel nervous if you stare at them?? LOL...^^*
  68. Lee Min Ho has a talent of making woman nervous through his eyes. Once he came to the Philippines to meet his fans there and become the new brand ambassador for "Bench". During the fan event, he held a "Staring Contest" with one of the fan there. Both of them should continually stare at each other and the one who first looked away lose and guess what?? Lee Min Ho ssi won and he looks so happy..-.-" (Of Course!!! it's not fair!!! Staring Contest with him?? of course all of his fans will lose if he stare at them!!)
  69. Lee Min Ho is very melancholic and sentimental during autumn, but he didn't know why...^^
  70. When Lee Min Ho was asked what did he do on Christmas, guess what Lee Min Ho answer is "i think it'll be depressing if i just hang out with my guy friends, so i stayed at home..." -.-" -> Min Ho ssi, it's more depressing if you stay at home during Christmas !!!!!! -.-" 
  71. Lee Min Ho's favorite place seems to be London, England and United States. He often said that they are his favorite places because he's convenient with London and United States's food and weather. Food and Weather seems to be his concern, whenever he go, apart form his family. He once mention that he's convenient with London's style, with the people and architecture. I personally believe that he prefers place where he can get some private space, even though he loves his fans.
  72. Lee Min Ho loves to travel, but he choose wisely. There is one time he want to go to Las Vegas because he heard that it is amazing, but when he went there in person, he didn't like it too much. Lately, he prefers places that can bring him closer to nature and he mention South Africa, and perhaps countries near the equator for vacation.
  73. When Lee Min Ho was asked but did he do with his free time and what did he want to do during his free time, all of Lee Min Ho's answer will be the same, he usually sleeps a lot, eat a lot of good food (he used to think about quantity of the food, but recently he changed to quality) or playing video/computer games. Furthermore, the most important thing for him is spending time with his family.
  74. Lee Min Ho is careful about his image in front of his fans. Sometimes he will search his name to look what fans thought about him, even look at the photos to see his published photos. There was once he was asked by Kim Hee Sun (his partner in "The Faith") on a interview program. Kim Hee Sun said that   once Jung Il Woo (his best friend) said that Lee Min Ho didn't have a good first impression. Lee Min Ho said that it's correct. Many people misunderstood him as a drinker, loves to have fun, and a womanizer or playboy at first. He correct them all by saying that he's not a drinker, and he prefers to stay at home with his family, rather than going with people he didn't feel close enough to go with.

- During City Hunter (시티헌터)

  1. Lee Min Ho's project : " City Hunter" where he'll acts as Lee Yoon Seong (이윤성) ,graduate from MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology - one of the top Universities in the world)  and work at Korea's Blue House (just like USA's White House) as an technology communication staff...he got a lot of ability and he's clever, but he's weak around beautiful women...-> just like Rain's character in "Fugitive Plan B". When he already finished "City Hunter", he hold a fan talk on his Weibo for his Chinese Fans. One of his fans ask him "Are you really Lee Min Ho?? ", and his answer was "No..i'm Lee Yoon Seong..." ^^ (I guess he's too tired to answer that kind of question..LOL..^^)
  2. He's taking scenes at Thailand from 24th of March until 31st of March or around beginning of April..At first the's taking scenes in the Damnernsaduak Floating Market on Rajchaburi, Thailand...this location is opened for his fans, so his fans could see him..
  3. When Lee Min Ho shoot scenes on the Floating Market, he's staying and Chatrium Hotel, Thailand...and he's caught looking at some sexy bikini girls's photos...-> -.-"
  4. There's a scene at Chatrium Hotel...all of his bodyguard and his management told Min Ho to go out from the hotel from the back door since so many fans were waiting for him at the front door of the hotel, but he said that he'll got out from the front door, because he knew that his fans were there...^^ -> wooowww !! ^^
  5. Start from the 28 of March, Lee Min Ho moved to KanChaNaBuri area, Thailand where he'll shoot scenes on the forest, but this area were closed to his fans...At KanChaNaBuRi province, he's staying at P-Guest House Hotel...and the 31st, he'll go back to Bangkok and at the 1st of April he'll go to Suphanburi for the shooting process again...he's coming back to Korea on early morning at 3rd April, resuming shooting on Korea on 5th April...he showed up himself on Gwang Hwan Mun, on the making process of City Hunter...^^
  6. During the making of "City Hunter", Lee Min Ho has to attend a Cantata Event at Jeju Island, for a Golf Tournament and Lee Hyo Ri (a pretty Korean Model) attend that event to, had a chance to meet him and they had lunch together with all of the people who attend that lunch event. Lee Min Ho looks so awkward with Lee Hyo Ri...they're sitting together, side by side by seems that they're not talking to each other much. But Lee Min Ho defends himself that he's talking to Lee Hyo Ri about several things. and when he's asked what Lee Hyo Ri's advice to him, he said "Our relationship is not that close for her to give me advice..."
  7. During making of City Hunter, There was a time when Lee Min Ho has to do many action scenes. After doing the scene, Lee Min Ho suddenly lie on the ground. All of City Hunter's staff was shocked and worried if he passed out because he's too tired, or even sick, or worse, dying. But then all of the staff realized that Lee Min Ho is actually SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR...-.-"
  8. Because of his charm with Park Min Young (the one who portrayed Kim Na Na, Lee Yoon Seong's lover), Lee Min Ho was rumored to date her. He was seen with Min Young at a cafe and bowling place. They even have fans called MinMin, but the truth is Lee Min Ho was only friend with Park Min Young and they meet for a casual drink, and the paparazzi is making the rumor by themselves.