Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Message for Thailand's Flood Victims on Thailand-Korea Friendship Festival 2011 "Together for flood victims"

Credits: Minoz Thailand

Special Credits for my dear sister Thailand Minoz Momo (@Mo_Minoz) for giving me this video..Thank You so much!!! ^^

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 30.11.2011

"상해에 왔습니다!! 큰 환영에 고마웠어요~ 저는 늦은 저녁을 먹고 쉬고있는데요 오늘 공항에서 다친 분들은 없었는지 걱정도 되네여.. 행복한 밤 되세여. ^^ 我来上海了!!感谢大家都来接我~太感动了 我现在吃晚饭后休息 突然间担心大家在机场有没有受伤、、、大家晚安做美梦^^"

English Translation:  "I arrived in Shanghai!! Thanks all for greeting me~ I am so touched. Now I am resting after dinner. Suddenly I am worried that if anyone injured at the airport… Goodnight & sweet dreams ^^"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account
English Translation: meow/

111129 Lee Min Ho arrival in Shanghai

Credit SH婷婷 @ weibo,

Credit 王梦游 @ weibo,

Chinese News, Sina Coverage

Credits: Falcon Seo

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels [Part 2]

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Credits: 4 Portrait @ Twitter
Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lee Min Ho - Blue Dragon Awards 2011

Red Carpet: 

Credits: Minoz_Hayden

111125 The Star - Lee Min Ho @ Blue Dragon... by meow1313


Presenting New Director Award with Park Bo Young

Credits: Minoz_Hayden

111125 Lee Min Ho & Park Bo Young @ Blue Dragon... by meow1313

Credits: DC, SBS,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 25.11.2011

@ 16.03:
"Xianzai xue guo de yi ju hua. Dong si le! Da jia zhuyi ganmao! (現在學過的一句話︰凍死了﹗大家注意感冒﹗) 추운날씨 감기조심하세요 ㅋ

English Translation:
Now I have learnt a phrase (in Chinese): It’s cold like death! Please be careful not to catch a cold!

@ 16.48: 
"大家和我都一样遗憾但是还是大家都支持我,我真的很感动。 我会加倍努力更好的表现展现给大家到那时候大家一定要注意身体了。 分享李敏镐的博文:!! 李敏镐巡演南京及厦门站延期 主办方公布退换票方案 推荐给@头条博客 (分享自 @头条博客

English Translation: 
I regret for what has to happened, but i'm touched when i know that all of you still support me. I'll repay you all with doubling my hard work to show you a better success the next Fan Meeting, and now we're paying attention to the next Fan Meeting. Please check Lee Min Ho's blog for information about the postponed 
Fan Meeting in Nanjing and Xiamen, also for the refunded ticket. 

The Link goes to Lee Min Ho's Blog, showing a Refund Policy written in Korean and Chinese, showing how Minoz that already bought the FanMeeting tickets on Nanjing and Xiamen could refund their tickets to get back their money, or exchange it for the Beijing or Xiamen Fan Meeting Tickets.

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Weibo Account
Translation by meow/, Monika

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting in Nanjing & Xiamen postponed


This is Starhaus Enetertainment, the management company of actor Lee Min Ho.
Due to venue permission & technical issues, the fanmeeting in Nanjing & Xiamen will be postponed.
We all love Lee Min Ho & support his work, we have no choice but to announce this postponement. We are very sorry and also grateful for all your love & support to Lee Min Ho
To reciprocate you all, we will put extra effort to make the fanmeetings in Beijing & Shanghai a success!

Thank you.

Please refer to [李敏镐巡演南京及厦门站延期 主办方公布退换票方案] (refund policy) for details.

Just a simple recap on the refund policy:

For those who have bought ticket for Nanjing/ Xiamen event, you can either exchange for ticket for Beijing / Shanghai fanmeeting or get a refund of the ticket price.

Source: OfficialLeeMinHo
Translation: meow /

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lee Min Ho for Hyundai Veloster

Credits: 青島小皮蛋,

Lee Min Ho for Cantata Coffee

Credits: Chilsung Blog,

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 21.11.2011

@ 22.15:
"D-10. 我到中国!!"

"D-day 10^^;; 哈哈,不好意思,我写錯了!我的中文不好,所以打錯了,我的意思是我们十天后见!还是很谢谢你们的热情回复,哈哈,晚安!"

English Translation:

Lee Min Ho: " D-10, I will arrive in China!!"

Lee Min Ho: "D-day 10^^;; Haha, sorry, I wrote it wrongly! My Chinese is not good, thus I typed it wrong. I mean see you in 10 days! and thanks for all your warm replies, haha, Goodnight!"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Gretting for the Upcoming Chinese Fanmeeting on December

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, Credits: @华谊音乐Weibo)

English Translation: "Hello everybody, I'm Lee Min Ho. I hope to see you in my fan meeting.."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lee Min Ho – New Pics from Official Website

Credits: 71ssampak

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 19.11.2011

"날씨가 상당히 춥네여~ 감기 조심하세요!"

English Translation: : "The weather is getting really cold ~ Please take care and be careful !"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Me2Day Account

English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 19.11.2011

"前几天我自己去买了在中国我的fan meeting上想给大家的礼物!哈哈 我们公司一位职员给我拍的.. ^^ 얼마전에.. 중국 에서 여러분께 드릴 선물을 샀어요 ~ 스텝분이 사진을 보내주셨네요 ~^^"

English Translation: "Recently..i'm looking for a gift and buying it for all of you, for the Fan Meeting in China ~ i'd like to show it to you so our staff take a picture and i send it~^^"

"非常感谢参加200万微博活动的所有朋友们! 그리고 200만 이벤트에 참여해 준 분들 재미있었어요. ㅎㅎ 고마워요."

English Translation: " I'm very grateful to all of you who join the 2000000 of friends (followers or fans) activities (event) on this Micro Blogging, and it's awesome, hohoho, Thank You very much..."

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho – Cantata Coffee Commercial Filming

15 seconds

30 seconds

Credits catmom,, Minoz Indonesia

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby.
The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels

Other photos:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 18.11.2011

"分享李敏镐的博文:韩国著名演员李敏镐!他要来中国了!!!! 推荐给@头条博客 (分享自 @头条博客"

English Translation: " Lee Min Ho's Blog recommend: South Korean Actor Lee Min Ho is coming to China!! Recommending a headline "

The link goes to a Sina Headline about his Chinese fanmeeting:


李敏镐亚洲巡回Fan Meeting将于2011年12月在

上海(1日,上海国际体操中心), 南京(3日,南京奥体中心),

北京(5日,北京工人体育馆), 厦门(7日,嘉庚体育馆)


Lee Min Ho’s Official Chinese Fan Meeting Photo Released

The promotional spread for actor Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting tour, produced in collaboration with Chinese media corporation Huayi Brothers, has finally been revealed.

Huayi Brothers released the spread on November 17 in Shanghai and Beijing, among other cities.

The words ‘Korea’s popular pin-up actor Lee Min Ho’ are splashed across the photo that features a smiling Lee. Unlike the charismatic character he played in SBS’ City Hunter, the photo highlights the actor’s softer side. Lee will hold fan meetings in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Xiamen.

A representative from Huayi Brothers said, “We shot hundreds of photos capturing the many sides of Lee Min Ho for fans, and this was the photo we chose for the spread.”

Lee will embark on his four-city fan meeting tour in December, where he plans to sing and dance for his fans. In an interview he was quoted as saying, “I invited a vocal trainer as well as a dance trainer and rehearsed intensely.” He added, “Although I’m not very flexible, I’m working really hard. I’m excited.”

The actor, who has amassed more than two million fans, has enjoyed great popularity because of his appearance inCity Hunter, which went off the air in July.

Photo credit: Huayi Brothers
Credits: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Ep3: BSM]

Credits: Toyota USA

For the 3rd episode (BSM), our hero Lee Min Ho's (as Joon and Kwon) story continues. It's started with Ji Hyun trying to find the truth about Kwon, the prisoner escape. Ji Hyun found out from So Hee's mobile phone, browsing through the internet that Kwon was a prisoner escape. When she browse the internet, Kwon accidentally sees her, make Ji Hyun give So Hee's phone to Kwon. Kwon knows that Ji Hyun just browse the internet, realize that Ji Hyun already found out his real identity, Kwon, as a prisoner escape. 
Kwon calls his man, trying to stop Joon that already on his way to his wedding with So Hee, but his man can't stop Joon. With the help of his Camry's BSM (Blind Spot Monitor), Joon can see that Kwon's man using a motorcycle chase him and manage to escape from them. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun tries to tell So Hee but So Hee already called to the altar, getting married with Kwon who lies to her as Joon. But Joon was in time to came to the wedding. When Kwon and So Hee start to exchange their rings, Joon came and makes So Hee shocked. Joon walks to Kwon, said that Kwon already took his life, and Kwon shouldn't took his ring. Joon is trying to convince So Hee that the man she's almost getting married is Kwon, not Joon. Joon tries to explain to So Hee that Kwon was his twin brother that framed him and tries to take his life, but So Hee didn't believe Joon. Kwon says to So Hee that Joon as actually Kwon and tries to capture Joon while So Hee is confused, she didn't believe the real Joon. When the police came and trying to take the real Joon away, Joon said that the Camry would prove everything.

The 4th and the last episode would come out at 1st of December, United States of America's time, or 2nd of December, Korean Time. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lee Min Ho - ShowBiz Extra (Arirang) - 15.11.2011

Credits: Momo (Minoz Thailand), Mino1074 @ Twitter, WildFlower

Poster & ticket image of Lee Min Ho Fanmeeting in China

Credits: As Tagged

Overseas fans aplenty at Lee Min Ho’s fan sign event, ‘just like that of a hallyu star’

Lee Min Ho proves his popularity at his fan sign event.

Lee Min Ho, spokesperson/model for male apparel brand Trugen had his fan sign event on the 1st floor plaza of Ulsan’s Lotte Shopping Mall for the store ‘S+ by trugen’.

Fans from korea and oversea countries such as Thailand, Japan, China, etc, disregarded the forecast of rain and crowded around the area since morning in order to get a glimpse of Lee Min Ho at the ‘S+ by trugen’ event.

The event once again brought evidence that Lee Min Ho appeals to various age brackets. Cries of cheers rose unceasingly wherever he went, be it the Ulsan airport where he arrived, or the shopping mall itself that was crowded with people who wanted to catch a glimpse of him.

In addition, a separate opportunity was arranged for a handicapped fan to have a photo with him, as well as an autograph, and this warm-hearted gesture moved his fans.

Lee Min Ho who is meeting his fans after a long time since SBS drama ‘city hunter’ showed off a stylish airport fashion sense at the Ulsan Airport.

Source: Newsen

Translation: webby @ soompi

“Where are the young men?” — TV drama production companies’ outcry.

Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho — actively participating in movies
Drama production companies experiencing shortage of actors in their 20s

The movies are experiencing a bountiful year but the drama world is undergoing a terrible drought.

TV prime time dramas are having serious trouble finding actors in their 20s. Amidst the general shortage of actors in their 20s in the entertainment field, most of the young stars who have risen to stardom are all turning their sights to movies, leaving dramas that are to be broadcasted next year to undergo repeated casting difficulties.

The representative young actors in their 20s who have risen to take on main lead roles include Yoo Ah In, Jang Geun Suk, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, etc, can be counted with five fingers, evidencing the sparsity of them. Having taken on leading roles and having heightened profiles, they are more interested in movies, where the schedule is more easily amendable compared to dramas.

Song Joong Ki who have hit ceiling high in popularity due to the drama “Deep Rooted Tree” will be commencing filming his new movie ‘Wolf Boy’ in December. Yoo Ah In, who’s riding on the popularity of his movie ‘Wan Deuki’ is not putting his eyes on dramas, but is currently reviewing scripts for movies. Lee Min Ho, who recently appeared in the drama ‘City Hunter’ is also examining several movie scripts, and plans to advance towards movies next year.

Given such conditions, it’s no wonder that drama production companies are having a hard time selecting leads for next year’s dramas. MBC’s ‘Moon that conceals the sun’ and ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, KBS 2TV’s ‘Doll mask’, SBS ‘Dae-Poong-Su’ and other dramas are mostly facing the same problem.

Although ‘Moon that conceals the sun’ has already found its main male lead in the form of Kim Su Hyun, they still haven’t found the other male lead who will purportedly carry the same weight of importance as the main male lead.

A representative from a drama production company who is currently preparing for a ~3 million USD drama next year revealed “actors in their 20s are few to start out with, being able to find a suitable actor and go all the way to clinch the deal is similar to walking on thin ice.”

Source: Sports Donga
Translation: webby @ soompi

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stage design of Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting in China

Rendering of the stage design for Lee Min Ho’ Asia tour revealed! H.Brothers Music will organize a fanmeeting with standard as high as a concert. Apart from interaction with fans, Lee Min Ho will perform a few songs live and also with new dance. More details about the fanmeeting and fans interaction will be announced soon, please stay tune.

Cre @华谊音乐,

Translation by meow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Interview with LeTV

Credits: LeTV, Wenroad @ Twitter

Lee Min Ho for Cartier's Love Bracelet

Lee Min Ho once again is pointed to promote a Charity Project named Cartier Love Bracelet.

Korea’s Cartier will be hosting a charity exhibition at the Cartier Maison Boutique in Seoul, Cheongdam-dong for one month (12/02-12/31). Cartier’s ‘LOVE, Exhibition of Love Charity’ will be joined with an international organization called IVI (International Vaccine Institute) which they will send a message, ‘Saving Children’s Lives Worldwide.’ All proceeds will be donated to IVI to help create vaccines for children who developed cholera, dysentery, and other type of deadly diseases.
For this year’s Cartier ‘LOVE Collection,’ the LOVE bracelet will be the main jewelry worn by various actors such as Song Seung Hun, Lee Young Ae, Jun Ji Hyun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Ha Neul, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye, TOP (Big Bang), Lee Min Jung, and Go Soo.

The exhibition will be decorated with a Christmas theme along with various photos of these 10 celebrities who have joined in the charity. The exhibition will open from 12/2 ~ 12/31 from 11am – 7:30pm.

Original Source: epochtimes
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

Here is the photos of the 4 actor and actress pointed to promote the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Credits: LeeMinHoWorld

Lee Min Ho's Congratulatory Message for MBC's 600th Episode

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, CatMom

Lee Min Ho's greeting message for Jangin Furniture launched on Lotte Home Shopping

YouTube version:

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, Catmom

DailyMotion Version:

Credits: Catmom,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hallyu star fan meetings are akin to dramas…

■ Looking at hallyu star fan meetings through Lee Min Ho

from instrumental performance to speaking the local language
Jang geun seuk, Park shi hoo etc show magic performance, martial arts performance

‘It’s not a simple meeting anymore but more of a project!’

Hallyu star fan meetings are gradually undergoing an evolution. It’s no longer a simple event where you get to shake hands and have a simple talking session. Recently, various stages have been invented and has become yet another hallyu commodity.

Lee Min Ho who has garnered high popularity in the chinese speaking regions is one case in point. He is currently preparing for ten large-scale fan meeting stages to be held from early Dec up til early next year in china, taiwan, hong kong and other places. Not all the locations and dates for the fan meetings have been decided on, but he is currently practicing hard to show an ‘upgraded’ (improved) side to himself.

Firstly, the concept for the fan meeting this time will be using a story-telling format guided by a single theme/topic. Due to this reason, Lee Min Ho is receiving private lessons to improve his chinese so he will not be limited to just conveying simple greetings but will be able to converse with fans to a certain extent.

One thing that can’t be omitted from fan meetings are songs. ???????. Lee Min Ho has been receiving lessons from a popular singer’s vocal trainer since last month. This is amongst the other activities he’s elaborately preparing for.

He also plans to show off his instrumental skills for the first time and is currently learning the instrument. However he’s not revealing the specifics of the instrument nor the song he’s preparing since it is to be a ‘surprise event’.

It was also revealed that there are other things that he’s preparing for the fan meetings but the details are kept secret. This is because they/he is worried that prior revelation would dampen the anticipation of fans.

Besides Lee Min Ho, other stars such as Ryu shi won, Jang geun suk, Kim hyun joong, Hyun bin, Park shi hoo, etc are including events such as cooking, magic, martial arts in their respective fan meetings.

Lee Min Ho’s management company, Starhaus Entertainment explained “Local fans won’t be satisfied by just seeing his face at fan meetings. Also, we shouldn’t inculcate the impression that we’ve come merely to earn a profit, so (MH’s) doing his best so that he can present an image different from his previous one (to his fans).”

Source: Sports Donga

Translation: webby @ soompi

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Behind The Scene - Interview with Dr. Seon Mook Cho]

Credits: Toyota USA

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lee Min Ho’s Chinese Debut Postponed Until December

Sorry Lee Min Ho fans. You′re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see Lee promoting in China – the new hallyu star has pushed back the date of his official debut in China by over three months, in order to prepare more.

Lee received many requests from the Chinese-speaking world as soon as SBS’sCity Hunter wrapped up in the country in August, but he put off his official visit to China until December.

Lee visited China in September to shoot an advertorial and promote, but left local fans wanting more, as it was a short trip strictly for advertising promotions, not to meet fans and talk about an actual debut.

A representative from Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment stated, “We have to prepare [for his debut in China] in various ways since people in the Chinese-speaking world are showing their enthusiastic interest in Lee. We think his visit should be designed for interactive and amicable fan meeting, not as a chance to make profit. To this end, Lee is preparing himself, by improving singing skills, learning about Chinese culture and studying Chinese. Further, he is planning for charity activities in which his fans can participate. That’s why it’s taking a longer time.”

Lee’s fan meeting will kick off in Shanghai on December 1 and go on to Nanjing on December 3, Beijing (December 5), and Xiamen (December 7).

On Weibo, China′s Twitter equivalent, the number of Lee’s fans reached a 2 million-mark.

Lee posted his message along with his photo on his Weibo on November 6, “I’ve got already these many friends on Weibo. Thank you for your affection. Your writings to apply for our events are funnier and easier to understand since there are pictures as well. We’ll see in December.”

Lee has been treating as an A-list hallyu star in the Chinese advertisement industry as he signed a deal with Hyundai, China and an exclusive contract with China’s largest casual wear brand, Semir.

Source: enewsworld

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Message on Minoz's Official Website

English Translation:

Hello Minoz,

I’m Lee Min Ho. It’s been a long time, how are you doing?

Although there were problems logging in because the website undergone renovation, I can log in now. haha.

Recently, I’m spending my days learning many different things and preparing myself. One of the things amongst them is preparing for the fan meeting in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanking, Xiamen and Hong Kong come early December, attending meetings for them. Since there are various things to prepare for, it keeps me busy. (laugh)

It seems like I’ll be able to show you a new song through this fan meeting. haha.

Now, I’m discussing it with the songwriter hyung as we prepare for the song. Since it’s a song for my fans, I hope those who aren’t able to attend the event will get to listen to the song.

Also, I play football with my friends during the weekend, and personally feel how my stamina isn’t as good as it was. haha. It’s true that exercise is something you have to do regularly. Please don’t just stay in the house saying it is cold. When the weather’s good, I highly recommend you to try exercising. ha
Today is a little chilly…

Not long ago, I filmed for Cantata. It has been a while since I filmed through the night. You will get to see the ad in a little while on TV~ For now, I’ll first show you the pictures.

Take care and don’t catch a cold~
Til the day we meet, always be happy~

Original Source:
Credits: Minoz Indonesia,
English Translation: webby @ soompi

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 06.11.2011

"我已经有这么多朋友了! 非常感谢大家支持我.. 大家给我发的故事和照片真的有意思... 我们12月见面吧! 웨이보에 벌써 이렇게 많은 친구들이 생겼네요~ 많은 사랑 주셔서 고마워요.^^ 이벤트에 보내주시는 글도 사진이 있으니까 알기 쉽고 재미있는 것 같아요.ㅎ 우리 12월에 만나요^^"

English Translation: "I got so many friends on Weibo, Thank You very much for a lot of love that all of you already give to me ^^ All of the photos and stories you have send to me was really interesting, and it was fun to know all of that places, hoho..I'll see you all on December ^^"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho interview on the set of Cantata CF - MBC Section

You Tube Version:

Credits: Catmom, Minoz Indonesia

DailyMotion Version:

111106 MBC SectionTV - Lee Min Ho interview @... by meow1313

With English Subtitles

[Eng-sub] 111106 MBC SectionTV - Lee Min Ho... by meow1313

Credits: meow13,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 04.11.2011 - New Event

Hello, everyone

Lee Min Ho microblogging friends now reach more than 200 million people

Thank you for your concern and support.

2 million events! ! !

Please refer to the following contents through the microblogging send comments to Lee Min Ho:

Address: @李敏镐 (

# you sent your photos

You should post a photo when you visit a good place, send us yout photographed pictures and stories.

(For example)

Activity Due: November 4th until November 9th. 
Winner Announcement: November 11th (Attention!! Winners would be announced by @新浪娱乐 -> Sina Entertainment)

Another Example: 

For the winners, 8 selected participants of this event would get a prize, it's the 2012 calendar signed by Lee Min Ho himself, we would send it to them. 

English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho's Interview with Sina

English Translation:

Sina Entertainment: Please say Hello to Sina users!
Lee Min Ho: Hello Sina users, i'm Lee Min Ho. I visited China in the past September and received a lot of love during that period. i feel happy since i'm give the opportunity to greet everyone via Sina Web

Sina Entertainment: After Shooting for City Hunter, what are you busy in?
Lee Min Ho: After shooting City Hunter, i i went to shoot for several CF and confirm several overseas fan meetings. On the coming December, i will be having a fan meeting in China. I'm going to meet everyone during that time. And now, i'm busy preparing myself for the fan meeting

Sina Entertainment: Is there any plan about your new project recently?
Lee Min Ho: Apparently, there is no final decision on the new project. I'm still in the midst on ding a good script/story for the new project.

Sina Entertainment: There are a lot of China fans know you through Boys Over Flowers, they get to understand you more through Personal Preference. And now, they fall deeply in love with you because of City Hunter. Does City Hunter deliver any special meaning to you? What did you gain from the drama? 
Lee Min Ho: Personally, i find that this is a very challenging drama, i've never try to act in the action scenes before. Moreover, i have a very high responsibility to complete the drama, this it's very challenging to me. And because of everyone's support, we manage to complete the drama. As compared to the rest of the project, i have to put in more effort on acting and i fin that i'm more into it. Besides that, i spent more time on study in detailed for the project. It's a project that allows me to perform and improve myself. 

Sina Entertainment: There are many glamorous scene in the drama, which one is the most memorable to you during the shooting of the drama? 
Lee Min Ho: Shooting for action scene is a though task, during the shooting process i feel the difficulties within in. However, after i watch the broadcast effect, i felt that all the hardships are worth it. To me, the most memorable scene is the spoon fight scene which created a stir among the audiences.

Sina Entertainment: We knew you get injured while you were shooting for the drama, do you feel better now? fans are worried about you.
Lee Min Ho: I feel better now. Because the drama shooting is in a tight schedule, thus major and minor accidents happened frequently, getting injured is something unavoidable, i feel better now and i live well. 

Sina Entertainment: You had came appearances in 2 movies in the past, you didn't get too much involvement in the movie, do you plan to approach to the big screen frequently?
Lee Min Ho: I wish to perform through movie and i always hope to perform a better actor image through movie. If there's good script/story on movie, i wish to see everyone through movie as soon as possible. 

Sina Entertainment: What type of movie character would you like to challenge? 
Lee Min Ho: I would like to try on some characters that do not make a lot of sense. I wish that i can portray a cheerful and youthful character during my 20s. 

Sina Entertainment: You're going to have 5 fan meetings in China on this coming December, what kind of opportunity that contribute to these events?
Lee Min Ho: Firstly, i gained a lot of love from China fans through City Hunter, i wish to repay them, thus we start to plan about the China fan meetings. Now, staffs from HuaYi Music Brothers and Staffs from Korea are planning about the specific performance about the fan meeting. I will put in all of my effort to prepare myself. I;m going to work hard and present a new image to everyone. I'll try my best in preparing it

Sina Entertainment: Can You share more about the China Fan Meetings? How about the schedule?
Lee Min Ho: Fan Meeting would be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen and Hong Kong.

Sina Entertainment: Did you prepare anything special for the China fans?
Lee Min Ho: I'm going to sing my new song for the first time in the fan meetings, i feel embarrassed for claiming that song as my new song. Perhaps, i'm going to sing a new song in the fan meetings. And there are performances that never seen before, please wait for it. 

Sina Entertainment: China fans feels so excited for your visit, you have an enormous amount of Minoz in China, what do you think is your attractiveness? and what is your impression towards the China Minoz?
Lee Min Ho: I feel that everyone is so energetic, when i arrive at the China airport, i can feel the energetic and enthusiasm of the fans at the moment. Because of this, i feel more excited throughout the visit in China, i have also been influenced by them and fulled of energy. 

Sina Entertainment: Do you have any particular place that you want to visit in China? or something that you wanted to eat?
Lee Min Ho: I wanted to go to the Forbidden City when i visited Beijing in September. However, because of the tight schedule, i didn't have a chance to do so. If i were given a chance to pay a visit, i wish to take photos in front of the Forbidden City and indicate "Lee Min Ho was here"

Sina Entertainment: You showed your body in City Hunter, everyone loves your figure, do you workout often to maintain your body shape? what type of sport do you play recently?
Lee Min Ho: I play football for twice a week and go for gym as well. Yet, i eat to well recently, so i have a small tummy now. I need to work hard to get rid of it. 

Sina Entertainment: You start up your Weibo account in January, China fans are happy because they got a platform to communicate with you. And now, your followers in Weibo is approaching 2 Million People. How do you feel about your popularity in Weibo?
Lee Min Ho: I feel that it's not real but just judging on figures. I had an interview through Weibo, i answered questions that fans posted, and throughout that interview, there many people posted questions and replied me. I think it's because of the one hour interview, many people follow me on Weibo, that;'s how i feel.

Sina Entertainment:  Ho do you feel on the previous Sina Weibo Interview experience? do you plan to communicate with others on Weibo in the future?
Lee Min Ho: Even thought the feeling is really close, but i think there's a lot of overseas fans out there. No matter how close it is, i still feel that we're far apart. Through Weibo, i can feel that we're interacting face to face, it narrowed down our distance. By chatting through internet, i feel that it's very interesting and convenient. This is a very good idea and we can have fun throughout the process.

Sina Entertainment: Do you use internet do communicate with others in Korea?
Lee Min Ho: I use FaceBook, Twitter, Me2Day quite frequently, i actively update using these SNS. 

Sina Entertainment: Say your last few words before we end the interview
Lee Min Ho: I'm going to meet everyone in China personally on this coming December. Please wait for me. The weather is getting colder, be careful and don't catch a cold . I will work hard to prepare and will make this fan meeting to become a memorable and unforgettable, please wait for my performance and thank you everyone. 

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, meowmm13,
Special Credits for the English Translation: @ochloe, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ^^

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Ep2: MPG]

Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Ep2 MPG]

Our hero Lee Min Ho (Joon) is now on the way to his lover's house So Hee. On the way to his lover's house, he fill his car's gas on a store. He bought gas and a can of drink that cost 2.50 US$. When he pay the bill, he accidentally saw a newspaper. It shows a picture of a man as a wanted prisoner, and the man's face was so much alike with him. That's where he realize something, his twin brother Kwon (Lee Min Ho also) was a prisoner that escape from the prison. Joon goes directly to So Hee's house, trying to find her but she's not at her own house. Instead, Joon found a wedding invitation, in the name of So Hee and Lee Joon. He feels so shocked because he propose So Hee but he haven't prepared a wedding ceremony. 
Then, the scene moves to Kwon's side where he prepared his wedding with So Hee, saying that So Hee was an beautiful angel, and he's so lucky to have her as his wife. So Hee's friend Ji Hyun come to them saying that they're cute. But then So Hee's phone was ringing, makes So Hee ask Ji Hyun to pick up the phone Ji Hyun pick up her phone and she was shocked to hear a familiar voice came from the phone, it was the real Joon who calls So Hee's phone and now talking to Ji Hyun. Joon say to Ji Hyun that he's the real Joon, saying that the guy next to So Hee was his twin brother Kwon and Kwon puts his life in danger, stole his life. Joon ask Ji Hyun to buy him some time to the wedding, delaying the wedding because he's on his way to the wedding's place.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lee Min Ho's confirmed FanMeeting Schedule at China by Huayi Brothers

Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting at China is confirmed to be held on:

Dec 1 – Shanghai (Shanghai International Gymnastics Center/

Dec 3 – Nanjing (Nanjing Olympic Sports Center/

Dec 5 – Beijing (Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium)/ http/

Dec 7 – Xiamen (Jiageng Gymnasium)

Ticket will be on sold online through /

* For fanmeeting in Hong Kong, date & venue to be annouced separately

Lee Min Ho interview on the set of Cantata CF - MBC Section

On the 6th of November 2011 (Sunday) at 16:10 (KST), Lee Min Ho's Interview interview on the set of Cantata CF would be aired on MBC Section TV. Make sure you can watch it, Minoz!! ^^

Credits: @Meow13, 小白Honghom @ WB

Chinese Paper about Lee Min Ho, and the problem is?? Introducing his Lifestyle, proofing his popularity

[TV REPORT, Reporter Choi Min Ji] A Chinese report about Lee Min Ho who is famous too in China came up, and the report was made like he's applying to a school
The report about Lee Min Ho came up from a online community and it looks like it's been scanned from a computer. The paper show Lee Min Ho's photos where he smile widely and the words were written in English.
The problem is, the report show Lee Min Ho's lifestyle. It's like it's printed in 6 columns and printed "Showing information about Lee Min Ho in 60 characters, let Lee Min Ho introduce his lifestyle to you." and written there were "Exercise everyday, Eating Vegetables Twice a Day, Eat Fruits Four Times a week, Drink Milk once a day, Eat Junk Food Once a week, Sleeping about 8 hours.." as the content. 
Netizen's comment was like "Your Life Style was written papers?? you're sure are popular, and you had a great lifestyle..", "Lee Min Ho was so popular in China..", "So you're listed like this?? JACKPOT!! (DAEBAK!!) ", "Lee Min Ho was a trend setter in China..", that was their reactions. 

Photo Credits: Online Community. 
Reporter Choi Min Ji

Original Korean Text: 

이민호 中 시험지 등장, 문제는? 생활 패턴 소개하기 '인기 입증'

[TV리포트 최민지 기자] 배우 이민호가 중국의 학교 시험지에 등장해 인기를 입증했다.

최근 온라인 커뮤니티에는 이민호가 출연한 시험지의 스캔본이 게재됐다. 시험지에는 이민호가 활짝 웃는 사진과 함께 영어로 된 지문이 있었다.

문제는 이민호의 생활 방식을 맞추는 것. 지문에는 '표의 내용을 참조해 60자로 이민호의 생활방식을 소개하시오'라고 적혀 있다. 내용에는 '운동은 매일 한 번, 야채는 하루에 두 번, 우유는 하루에 한 번 마신다' 등의 내용이 적혀져 있다.

이를 본 누리꾼들은 "이민호의 생활패턴이 시험지에 나오다니 대단하다", "중국에서 이민호의 인기가 이정도?", "이렇게 자세하게 나와있다니. 대박", "역시 중국에서는 이민호가 대세!" 등의 반응을 보였다.

사진=온라인 커뮤니티

최민지 기자

Original Source: Newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Behind The Scene of Lee Min Ho's Toyota Camry CF

There's an internal person on Toyota Camry CF said his opinion about Lee Min Ho.

"Lee Min Ho is 800% mature man. He can't stand  too many alcohol. During work time, he won't even touch alcohol (that's why i said that he's a professional...When you said that you're one of his fans, he'll smile..and when he saw kids (below 10 years old), his kindness would go up rapidly..he would touch the kid's head, grab his/her hands, took pictures, full of love..His real voice is a little bit heavier than you usually hear. His skin is quite good, and he has a little bit of black circle below his eyes..."

Lee Min Ho is a very good actor, professional and serious in doing his job, all of his team mates said it too. As a star, of course he has to sacrifice several things, such as his freedom. His agency is also very nice to him, putting their concern on him. When i talk to his agency and the boss of his agency, i knew that they very concern and careful on his work and his career steps, including his reputation. During the shooting process, his boss is on the location and stay with him, seeing his performance with others. I've never seen a boss of a agency acting like this, a boss usually didn't act like this often. Lee Min Ho and his team mates was like family. His stylist took care of him like a mother, feels so warm. He's a obedient boy, when he's not shooting he's look like a little boy. Lee Min Ho was also a hard worker, he sleep late and woke up very early in the morning. During break time, during his lunch time after his work finished, he use that time to sleep for a while.

Source:  txjloveus @ Lee Minho Baidu Bar
Indonesian Translation:
English Translation: