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Lee Min Ho's "City Hunter" to Air on Fuji TV February 6

City Hunter which stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young will be broadcast on Japanese Fuji TV. The decision was made on January 30 and the drama will begin to air from February 6 to February 29. The drama will air for one hour and five times each week.

A Japanese broadcasting representative stated, “There is a lot of anticipation for City Hunter. The high quality of the drama has already been established, because the original manga is Japanese we believe that the moment it begins to air in Japan that Lee Min Ho will become a huge star.”

The representative continued, “Lee Min Ho is drastically changing with each drama he does. We believe that viewers who met Lee Min Ho through ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will fall for Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter.’”

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “After hearing about the news of a Japanese broadcasting of City Hunter, many other countries are giving love calls to Lee Min Ho. He is currently resting and figuring out what project to do next. Through essential promotions we plan on creating an event where he can greet fans of the drama series.”

If you’ve never got a chance to watch the drama series, check out the Recaps of City Hunter!

Source: Soompi

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Lee Min Ho's Congratulatory Photo for DC Gallery's 3rd Anniversary

DC Gallery just celebrate their 3rd Anniversary and Lee Min Ho strike a pose for their anniversary..so cute!! ^^

Credits: DC

Lee Min Ho is doing a photograph session for Cosmopolitan Chinese??

It seems that Lee Min Ho is doing a photograph session for Cosmopolitan Chinese. If this issue was right, please wait and i'll give you all of the released photos..can't wait for it..^^

Credits: Falcon 1004, Meow @ Twitter, Jakii @ Weibo

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lee Min Ho Reigns on Chinese TV

Lee Min Ho recently starred in the Chinese TV program Happy Camp (Que Rak Dae Bon Young), which aired on January 14 on Hunan Satellite TV. The episode grabbed the top spot in viewership ratingsthroughout China.

Happy Campis a 60-minute variety talk show that usually features top stars. For the special episode featuring Lee Min Ho though, Hunan Satellite TV allocated 90 minutes to Happy Camp.

The episode drew in 2.6 percent viewer ratings, ranking first among programs of as many as 79 channels of 29 provinces across the country. The show brought in the highest ratings Hunan Satellite TV has seen in the last two years.

In the program, Lee emerged by greeting local fans in Jiangxia District’s dialect. Later, he showed his personable side, by jumping over hurdles and measuring his long legs with a tape measure.

He also tried to introduce Korean culture to local fans. He gave a New Year card decorated with lacquer and traditional Korean clothing, hanbok pattern and handed out bokjori ( straw rice strainers) to the audience members.

Reactions from the audience were explosive. The audience members cheered so loud, shooting was made slightly more difficult.

Even the program’s MC joked, “The cheers from the audience last 10 minutes at every word that Lee Min Ho says. The shooting might be done after he utters a few more words.”

At the end of the show, Lee said farewell to the audience, “I was so happy in China and I enjoyed the filming [of the show]. I hope I can have favorable ties with you and see you more often.” At his greeting, the audience members didn’t stop exclaiming their regret for some time.

It was clear that the local fan′s deep interest, as well as Lee′s heartfelt and sincere attitude toward his Chinese fans, were the driving force behind the high viewership ratings, and indicates a clear road to success for the new hallyu star.

Photo credit: Happy Camp
Source: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho is all smiles despite his split from Park Min Young

Actor Lee Minho revealed his good-looks through a new selca photo.

The actor recently shared the above photo via his official me2day page and wrote, “Did you all have a good holiday? I started the New Year off right by spending time with my family. I heard that there is a lot of traffic, so for those of you driving, please be careful. 2012! I hope that that in the new year, all of you will be blessed and happy!”

Lee Minho managed to keep a smile on his face, despite news of his recent split with girlfriend Park Min Young.

His fans who saw the photo left comments such as, “I hope you have a blessed new year too, Minho oppa“, “Your charismatic gaze is so intense“, “Breakups are hard, but be strong“, and “I hope you get married in the new year“.

Looks like he’s taking the break up pretty well, don’t you think?

Source & Image: Lee Minho’s me2day
Source: Allkpop

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young break up

To many fans’ sadness, it has just been revealed that ‘City Hunter‘ couple, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho, have broken up.

After completing SBS‘s ‘City Hunter’, the duo had revealed their relationship to the public during the summer last year. Although Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho called it quits a while ago, they were reluctant to reveal their separation as they had to consider their agencies’ positions.

Park Min Young’s side stated, “It has been a while since the two met. Because it was embarrassing to directly reveal that they broke up and she had to consider the agency’s position, she did not reveal that she cleaned up their relationship.”

The agency continued, “They became strangers before the 2011 Acting Awards. With this reason, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho had attended two different award ceremonies… Lee Min Ho went to SBS Acting Awards, while Park Min Young had went to the KBS Acting Awards.”

The biggest reason the two parted ways laid in their busy schedules. Park Min Young’s side stated, “Park Min Young had to film for KBS‘s ‘Man of Honor‘, she did not have time to rest for a while. Lee Min Ho also had to film for his advertisements and attend his oversea activities, and we know that he is very busy… The two could not meet often and naturally broke up.”

Lee Min Ho’s agency is still confirming the news with the actor as a representative stated, “After we saw the reports that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up, we haven’t yet confirmed it with him… If the two had broken up, Lee Min Ho would have told us and there has been no story yet.”

Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates.

Source: Daily Sports via Nate, Allkpop


Park Min Young says, "It’s true that I broke up with Lee Min Ho"

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have broken up in six months.

On January 25, The Daily Sports exclusively reported, “It has been found out that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, who started dating in July last year, broke up at the end of the year. Although they broke up last year, they’ve had a hard time to let their agencies know about it until now because they both were considerate of their agencies.”

In regards to this, Kingkong Entertainment, Park’s agency said, “It’s true that Park Min Young has broken up with Lee Min Ho.”

A spokesperson for Kingkong Entertainment said, “It’s a little bit hard to say that they have broken up because they were just getting to know each other when they first confessed that they were dating. They tried to get to know each other better, but their relationship didn’t develop any further from that.”

Lee and Park confessed about their relationship as paparazzi captured and released pictures of their date last year. They both appeared in SBS TV’s drama series City Hunter as lovers and surprised a lot of people later by confessing that they were dating for real.

Source: korea.com

P.S -> I'm totally sorry i'm posting this kind of news, i just want to make it clear that i'm supporting LEE MIN HO only..it's kinda funny how Lee Min Ho himself never stated that he's dating Park Min Young, and now the  break up rumor is spreading...i'm not a MinSun shipper nor a MinMin shipper, i'm only MINOZ. I'm not standing behind Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho, i'm not standing behind Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho..from the very first time, i'm standing behind LEE MIN HO ONLY...The only thing i believe is only the statement that came out from LEE MIN HO HIMSELF..Thank You for your understanding..^^

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Lee Min Ho's New Year's Greetings on his SNS "Have a Happy New Year to all of you.."

Actor Lee Min Ho left a New Year greeting message on his SNS.
He left his message on all of his SNS account such as Twitter, Facebook, Me2Day and China's Weibo, saying "Did all of you have a meaningful holiday and feast? I'm starting my New Year with my family~ I heard the traffic is heavy, so all of you who has to drive cars in order to reach your family, please be careful! year 2012! Happy New Year and please take care everyone, be happy always!! Happy New Year!"and even left a photo on his message.
Lee Min Ho even send New Year message to all overseas fans by writing his New Year greetings in Chinese, Japanese and English. Lee Min Ho's photo seems to be in a cozy room and he seems to wear a black sweater, definitely catching women's eyes because he's smiling. 
In just 2 minutes after the message is posted, over 4.350.000 Lee Min Ho's fans on Facebook is giving response to his update and support Lee Min Ho, his message even reached over 3000 likes and comments, a lot of them were good comments and welcoming message to Lee Min Ho. 
Netizens wrote "Happy New Year!", "Oppa, i'm waiting for your next project!", "Lee Min Ho is so caring to his fans!", "Have a nice holiday!" were some answers to Lee Min Ho's New Year message what a nostalgic atmosphere every time Lee Min Ho is online.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho was said to already review for his next work or project for 2012, and he will do some promotional activities abroad. 

Original Korean Text: 

이민호 SNS 신년 인사 "새해에는 모두 행복하시길"

배우 이민호가 자신의 SNS를 통해 신년인사 메시지를 남겼다.
이민호는 페이스북, 트위터 미투데이 중국 웨이보에 "뜻 깊은 명절 보내셨나요? 저는 가족들과 함께 새해를 시작했답니다~ 차가 많이 막힌다고 하는데 운전하시는 분들은 귀경길 운전 조심하시구요! 2012년! 새해에는 모두 건강하시고 늘 행복하시길 바랄게요!!" 라고 사진과 함께 인사를 전했다.

또 해외의 팬들을 위해서도 중국어, 일본어, 영어로 신년 인사를 전하기도 했다. 사진 속 이민호는 자신의 방으로 보이는 곳에서 편안해 보이는 니트를 입고의 특유의 미소로 여성팬들을 사로잡고 있다.

이민호의 페이스북은 435만명이상의 팬이 등록돼있어 이민호가 업데이트 한 지 단 2분만에 3000개 이상의 '좋아요'를 등록하는 등 반가운 댓글로 이민호에게 새해 인사를 전하고 있다.

네티즌들은 "새해 복 많이 받으세요!", "오빠의 작품 기다리고 있어요!", "배려심 깊은 이민호", "즐거운 연휴 보내세요"라며 새해 인사로 답하고 있어 온라인상에서 정겨운 분위기를 연출하고 있다.

한편, 이민호는 2012년 차기작을 검토하고 있으며, 프로모션을 위한 해외 활동을 이어가고 있다.
고재완 기자 star77@sportschosun.com

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 24.01.2012

On Twitter and Facebook:
 "#HappyYearOfTheMinoz 뜻 깊은 명절 보내셨나요? 저는 가족들과 함께 새해를 시작했답니다~ 차가 많이 막힌다고 하는데 운전하시는 분들은 귀경길 운전 조심하시구요! 2012년! 새해에는 모두 건강하시고 늘 행복하시길 바랄게요!! Happy New Year! 新年快乐!! 明けまして お目出とう ございます"

On Weibo:
 "分享图片 新年快乐!! 뜻 깊은 명절 보내셨나요? 저는 가족들과 함께 새해를 시작했답니다~ 즐거운 귀경길 되시길 바라구요! 2012년! 새해에는 모두 건강하시고 늘 행복하시길 바랄게요!! #HappyYearOfTheMinoz"

On Me2Day:
"뜻 깊은 명절 보내셨나요? 저는 가족들과 함께 새해를 시작했답니다~ 차가 많이 막힌다고 하는데 운전하시는 분들은 귀경길 운전 조심하시구요! 2012년! 새해에는 모두 건강하시고 늘 행복하시길 바랄게요!! Happy New Year!"

English Translation: "Did all of you have a meaningful holiday and feast? I'm starting my New Year with my family~ I heard the traffic is heavy, so all of you who has to drive cars in order to reach your family, please be careful! year 2012! Happy New Year and please take care everyone, be happy always!! Happy New Year!"

Photo posted:

新年快乐!! -> Happy New Year in Chinese

明けまして お目出とう ございます! -> Happy New Year in Japanese

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Me2Day Account
English Translation: Monika

"The Moon That Embraces the Sun" Lee Min Ho Apologizes to "City Hunter" Lee Min Ho's Fans

19-year-old actor Lee Min Ho ("The Moon That Embraces the Sun") sent his apologies to the same-name, 25-year-old actor Lee Min Ho's ("City Hunter," "Boys Over Flowers") fans.

Lee Min Ho received a lot of love for his role as Yang Myung on "The Moon That Embraces the Sun." However, on January 23, he left an apologetic message on his Twitter to the "City Hunter" Lee Min Ho fans.

He said, "It seems like there is a misunderstanding due to an article that was published recently. When I was being interviewed, I just shared a funny story regarding our same names. But I think the title of the article as well as the content was slightly exaggerated."

The younger Lee Min Ho continued to say, "I always respected the older Lee Min Ho and I never wanted to receive attention this way through these articles. I never had any intentions of using him. I should have thought more and watched what I said so I am sorry. I will try to emulate Lee Min Ho hyung to become a better actor."

Previously, the younger Lee Min Ho was interviewed and asked, "How do you feel about surpassing the older Lee Min Ho and appearing on many different portal sites?" To that the younger Lee Min Ho answered, "I guess that kind of stuff is important to fans. After I started receiving attention for having the same name, all of Lee Min Ho hyung's fans turned into my anti-fans. It was hard because I even received threat-like messages to change my name. I'm still thinking about it these days on whether or not I really should change my name. I want to meet him though. Or it'd be really fun to play Lee Min Ho hyung's younger role in a drama. I even dream of becoming a more mature actor and acting besides him as a main character."

Credits: soompi
P.S: It's kinda weird isn't it seeing i'm posting a news like this?? not really concerning about Lee Min Ho?? i just want to let you guys know that there's a younger actor born in 1993 has the same name with our superstar..and it's kinda cute..he's cute too!! ^^

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lee Min Ho is cheered on by fans at the Seoul Gayo Awards

Lee Min-ho attended the Seoul Gayo Awards as a presenter.
Lee Min-ho was one of the presenters at the 'Visit Korea Year – The 21st High One Seoul Gayo Awards" (aka Seoul Gayo Awards), held in Songpa Olympic Stadium Hall in Seoul on January 19th at 7PM.
He was cheered on like crazy by fans when he got on stage to present the award. T-ara's So-yeon cheered him on as well on stage when she came up to receive her award and the two showed off their close friendship.
Netizens say, "This is the best cut yet", "My eyes have been cleansed", "He's more popular than the singers at the Gayo Awards" and more at his appearance.
The Awards were emceed by Tak Jae-hoon, Sin Hyeon-joon and Suzy from Miss A and attended by K-Pop singers who shone throughout all of 2011. Super Junior received the Grand Prize.
Lee Min-ho is currently thinking about what his next project will be following SBS's drama "City Hunter" and is busy with overseas visits. The "Lee Min-ho Special" that aired on Chinese TV on January 14th ranked number #1 in the ratings and attracted more viewers than any other Chinese TV programs so far this year.

Source : Newsnate ( Korean )Copy & paste guideline for this article
English Translation: Hancinema

Lee Min Ho - 21st Seoul Music Awards 12.01.2012

Red Carpet

Credits: Dave

Credits: MyDaily

Credits: Daum

Presenting Award with Im Soo Hyang to a Korean Girl Band T-Ara

120119 Lee Min Ho @ 21st Seoul Music Award by meow1313

Credits: Wildflower, loveghs.wordpress.com

Just like always, if you want to see some photos of Lee Min Ho attending the 21st Seoul Awards, just see or click my Flickr Photo Stream on the left site of the blog..Enjoy!! ^^

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Chinese Students Watch Lee Min Ho in School

Remember when you were in elementary school, and the teacher would say, ′Video day!′ and turn on a boring educational video? This is so much better.
Apparently, Chinese students aren’t just learning the three R′s in school anymore—they’re learning about Lee Min Ho!
A photo was recently posted on an online community forum with the title ‘A Lee Min Ho video screening in the classroom’.

The photo, which had the caption ‘Watching Lee Min Ho’s broadcast in school’, shows a Weibo post with a picture of a classroom which has the TV tuned in to the Chinese variety show Lee Min Ho recently appeared in. The students all have their heads turned toward the TV, and seem to be immersed in the show.
The show in question is Happy Camp, in which Lee Min Ho made an appearance on January 14. It previously made issues for topping viewership rating charts, breaking many records in the process.
Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as “I want to transfer to that school,” “They’re going to bore holes in the screen,” “They’re all so into Lee Min Ho!” and “Perfect Lee Min Ho! He’s so popular.”
Lee Min Ho is currently considering his next move after the close of SBS’ City Hunter.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lee Min Ho "Happy Camp" appearance in China, conquering national rating in 2 years

[ENews24 reporter Lee Dong Hyeon] Actor Lee Min Ho has make a fabulous record in China.

On 14th of January, China's Satellite TV Hunan TV is airing "Happy Camp", a special edition with Lee Min Ho as a guest star and the national rating of that show is hitting a record in 2 years. 

"Happy Camp" is already considered as a Chinese Top TV Show since 1997, they're airing their episode when they invite Lee Min Ho at the end 2011 as a "New Year Special" show on 14th of January 2012. They are airing 90 minutes of their show when they invite Lee Min Ho in a organized way, and the rating of the show reach 2.65% when Lee Min Ho's episode is considered to reach 6.49% share of viewership when the show was aired. On the last 2 years, 10 record was reached but Lee Min Ho's record has made number 1 ever that has written in the last 2 years. Not to mention some online viewers and live viewer in China, it's said that over 10 million people watch the show, making Lee Min Ho as the hottest and number 1 topic at that time.
"Happy Camp" rating that reach 2.65% when they invite Lee Min Ho is reaching a wonderful record, compared to a national Chinese popular National Drama "Startling By Each Step" at that time that reach only 1.95% of rating. A lot Chinese Stars gain a of achievement lately, but it's sure hard to achieve like what Lee Min Ho just achieve, and it's hard to find another example like Lee Min Ho in Chinese Stars. 
The broadcast was a hot topic Chinese largest searching websites and portal such as "Baidu" and "Weibo", and even in a online TV service PPTV. "Weibo" has even record Lee Min Ho as a hot topic during the airing time of the show, including City Hunter. Recently, Lee Min Ho is considered as a number 1 SNS Star in China, and he seems to be setting a new record with that position. 
Meanwhile, Thank You for the popularity of "Personal Preference" and "Mackarel Run" , his previous dramas is making him more popular in China. Both of his previous drama is ranked number 1 too in China, showing his popularity in China. 

"Happy Camp" producer that knew Lee Min Ho's episode has reached 6.49% rating on viewership share couldn't hide his joy and happiness, saying that Lee Min Ho was truly number 1 Star in China and no one can seems to replace him. 
In addition, Chinese Netizen call Lee Min Ho "360 degree handsome and has a flawless flower appearance", and Chinese People is getting crazy because of Lee Min Ho, they write "All of this happen because of Lee Min Ho! ", "I haven't see City Hunter, i might fall in love with him..", "Last night, my world is filled with Lee Min Ho..", "When Lee Min Ho took the gun on the show, and i was mistaken that it was really the moment including in the drama. He's really acting at that time..", is their reaction of the show.
On the other hand, Lee Min Ho was aid to do a review for his next drama and he is busy doing promotion and preparing for his international activities, when he was said to be busy in shooting schedule after finishing those activities and it will be announced after it's fixed.

Reporter Lee Dong Hyeon kulkuri7@cj.net
[Copyright ⓒ CJ E&M 연예정보 포털 enews24 (enews24.net), 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

Original Korean Text: 

이민호, 중국 대륙 정벌 ‘쾌락대본영’ 전국 시청률 1위! 2년 최 고 기록 달성

[enews24 이동현 기자] 배우 이민호가 중국에서 대기록을 수립했다.

지난 14일 중국 호남위성TV에서 방송된 ‘쾌락대본영 이민호 특집’이 중국 전체 시청률 1위와 최근 2년 동안 프로그램 최고시청률을 기록했다.

‘쾌락대본영’은 1997년부터 방송된 중국 최고의 버라이어티 프로그램. 신년특집으로 ‘이민호 특집’으로 90분 파격 편성해 관심을 모았다. 이민호 특집의 시청률은 2.65%, 점유율 6.49%로 지난 2년 동안의 시청률 1위, 역대 10위의 시청률을 기록했다. 뿐만 아니라 온라인 실시간 방송의 시청자 또한 1000만 명을 넘어서며 폭발적인 화제가 됐다.

이번 ‘쾌락대본영’의 시청률 2.65%는 2011년 중국의 국민드라마라고 불렸던 ‘보보경심’의 최종회 1.93%와 비교했을 때 경이로운 기록이다. 중국 내 스타 중에도 이 정도로 뜨거운 반응을 얻은 사례를 찾기 힘들 정도다.

이번 방송을 통한 여파로 중국 최대검색사이트 ‘바이두’와 실시간 스트리밍서비스 PPTV, ‘웨이보’ 검색어 등에서 이민호와 시티헌터가 실시간 1위에 머물러 있다. 최근 중국 SNS의 ‘올해의 위너 1위’로 이민호가 뽑히는 등 새로운 기록을 수립하고 있다.

또한, 이런 인기에 힘입어 '개인의 취향', '달려라 고등어' 등 이민호의 전 출연작까지 드라마 검색어 상위권에 랭크되어 있어 중국에서의 위상과 인기를 실감케 한다.

'쾌락대본영'의 프로듀서는 자신의 SNS에 시청률과 함께 “점유율 6.49%! 이민호의 출연으로 전국 1위!”라는 글을 올리며 하며 기쁨을 감추지 못했다.

또한, 중국의 누리꾼들은 “360도 무사각 미남, 완전무결한 존재!”, 이민호를 보고 비명을 질러서 엄마는 내가 미쳤다고 의심하기 시작했다. 이건 전부 이민호 때문이야!”, “나는 시티헌터를 볼 수가 없어, 이민호에 빠져들기가 무서워.”, “어제 밤 전세계 모두가 이민호를 보고 있었다.. “, “이민호가 총을 잡았을 때, 순간 드라마를 보는지 착각했어. 진짜 연기자야.”라는 뜨거운 반응을 보이고 있다.

한편 이민호는 차기작을 검토중에 있으며, 프로모션을 위한 해외 활동 및 광고 촬영으로 바쁜 스케줄을 이어가고 있는 것으로 알려졌다.

이동현 기자 kulkuri7@cj.net

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Original Source: Newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho – POSE (MILK x Semir) Issue40

Credits: semir.com, loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho (이민호) & Moon Chae Won (문채원) [Showbiz Korea-Arirang] Appointed as a Honorary Prosecutor

Lee Min Ho & Moon Geun Young delay college graduation due to their acting careers

On January 17th, it was revealed that both Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young will not be wearing their graduation caps this February, because of their busy filming schedules in 2011.

A representative from Lee Min Ho’s entertainment replied, “Since Lee Min Ho was busy filming for last year’s drama ‘City Hunter’, he couldn’t complete his school courses, delaying his graduation. Lee Min Ho tried making up his alternative assignments but because he missed so many classes, he needs to take another semester”.

A representative from Moon Geun Young’s label also replied, “Moon Geun Young wanted to graduate this February, but because of her temporarily leave and acting activities, she will not be able to graduate in February. I believe she is 8 credits short (of graduation)”.

Lee Min Ho has been attending Konkuk University and majoring in the Department of Cinematic Arts, while Moon Geun Young has been attending Sung Kyun Kwan University majoring in Korean literature.

Juggling school and work is a very hard task , so good luck to everyone doing so!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young Will Not Graduate on Time in February

Lee Min Ho and Moon Geun Young cannot graduate from college on time in February. Currently Moon Geun Young is majoring in Korean literature at Sungkyunkwan and because of drama filming and also going overseas, she is 8 credits shy of graduating. Moon Geun Young will take Winter classes and also one more semester in order to graduate.

Lee Min Ho who is the same grade is also facing problems with graduation. Lee Min Ho is a film arts major at Konkuk University Due to the filming of the drama “City Hunter,” it became difficult for him to receive grades. Lee Min Ho will attend college for one more semester in order to graduate.

Netizens that came across the news stated, “It is a shame that they cannot graduate even though they tried hard,” “It appears that getting credit for classes is more difficult now,” “I hope the two will graduate this year.”

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 14.01.2012

Updates on Weibo @李敏镐:
Lee Min Ho reply (actually, he retweet it or forward) a tweet that one of the Happy Camp Crew (MC) send to him, his name is Ho Gu or Kyung Ho. Kyung Ho wrote: 
@22.12 PM CST: "@何炅: 你在看吗?@李敏镐"
English Translation: "@KyungHo: Did you see it?? @LeeMinHo" (he means Happy Camp)

and Lee Min Ho's reply was: 
@ 1.23 CST: "好fun ^^ I've seen on the internet. Thanks, Happy camp ㅎ I'm Happy too ~"

After a few minutes, he wrote another tweet:
@1.35 AM CST: "大家那么喜欢看节目我也非常高兴和幸福!快乐大本营真好看有意思!我真的希望下次有机会在中国见到大家!여러분이 재미있게보셨다니 저도 기분이넘 좋네요 ㅎ 쾌락대본영 재미있게 잘봤어요. 버퍼링... ㅋ. Good night~"
English Translation: "Everyone seems to watch the show, making me pleased and happy, i like it, hoho..Happy Camp is interesting and i hope, waiting for the next opportunity to come to China and seeing everyone...Buffering..keke..Good night~"

Updates on Facebook and Twitter: @ActorLeeMinHo and LeeMinho:

"Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ 행복한 주말되세요~ 잘자요~ ^^"

English Translation: "Good night everyone~ Have a good weekend~ Have a great and happy weekend ~ Good night ~ ^^"

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account
English Translation: Monika

*P.S: To tell the truth, for the second Weibo update, i translate it from Korean and Chinese (mix them), and to tell the truth i have no idea why he wrote "버퍼링/Buffering...", while none of those words came out at his Chinese Tweet..LOL!!! Perhaps because he's streaming also?? but i think his craziness in playing words and slangs come out again..^^

Lee Min Ho – Happy Camp (快樂大本營) 14.01.2012

Part 1

Part 2

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HD Version:

Credits: Hunan TV, wenroad @ Twitter

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 12.01.2012

"本周六晚8点,我会在快乐大本营和大家见面哦!录制非常开心,相信节目会非常精彩!再次感谢快乐家族,有机会一定要再来!@何炅 @谢娜 @李维嘉 @吴昕 @杜海涛Hito이번주 토요일, 쾌락대본영이 방송이 된다고 해요~MC분들과 친절했던 스텝분이랑 방청객들까지 녹화하면서 너무즐거웠던 기억이나네요^^"

English Translation (based on Chi): "At 8pm this Saturday, I will meet you all at Happy Camp! It was fun recording the program and I beleive the program would be a great one! Thanks again Happy Family (the hosts & crew), will visit again if there’s a chance!"

English Translation: loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho - Eider Photo Shooting 12.01.2012

Credits: wintiger @ naverblog, loveghs.wordpress.com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lee Min Ho - Behind The Scene of Trugen Summer/Spring 2012

2011년 끝을 마무리했던 S+의 S/S촬영을 이어
지난주에는 트루젠의 S/S12촬영이 이틀간에 걸쳐
있었다. 촬영장 이야기를 아래 사진들로
보여주고자 한다.

The S+by Trugen’s S/S photo shoot done at the end of 2011
was followed by Trugen for two days last week.
We’d like to share the behind stories with
below pictures.

Credits: Trugen Blog