Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lee Min Ho - PROMIZ Donation to HOLT Children Charity Organization - 18.02.2016


Lee Min Ho Donates 50 Million Won to Holt International Children’s Services

Actor Lee Min Ho had opened a donation platform ‘PROMIZ‘ in June 2014 to make a path for donations and helping the needy people.

‘PROMIZ’ comes from the word ‘Promise’ combine with the actor’s name and ‘MINOZ,’ the official fan club name of Lee Min Ho. There have been lots of contributions via PROMIZ and on February 19, Holt International Children’s Services announced about the social contribution agreement with PROMIZ.

Since 2014, Lee Min Ho-PROMIZ and Holt International Children’s Services have been collaborating and carrying out campaigns for the good cause. And this year with a donation of 50 million won, their relationship has surpassed another level and has made way for even more bigger projects in future.

Lee Min Ho - Interview as 2016-2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Ambassador with Hebei TV China - 18.02.2016

Lee Min Ho Interview as 2016-2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Ambassador with Guō Zi Xuě of Hebei TV China cr: 郭子雪

Lee Min Ho for Eider - Summer/Spring 2016 - Season View - 18.02.2016

Lee Min Ho for LOTTE Duty Free Shop - 18.02.2016

Lee Min Ho for Eider - Summer/Spring 2016 TV Commercial Film - 18.02.2016




Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lee Min Ho to represent Seven Luck Casino

Soon you can expect to see Lee Min Ho’s dazzling smile in airports, train stations, and tourist centers. Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has become the new face of Korea’s state-run Seven Luck Casino with the signing of a one-year contract. The foreigner only casino, controlled by Grand Korea Leisure, will be launching its 2016 domestic and international advertisement campaign featuring Lee Min Ho!

Oddly enough, while Lee Min Ho is to represent the casino, with its flagship location in the heart of Gangnam, it is actually illegal for Koreans to gamble in Korea. For the purpose of tourism, however, the Korean government has established special dispensations allowing foreign visitors to try their luck.

It is no wonder that the casino has turned to Lee Min Ho’s Hallyu fame in an attempt to present a dynamic brand image with reach into foreign markets.

Currently the casino has three locations in Korea and six international branches in Japan. If you are planning to visit Seven Luck Casino, make sure to have your passport ready. You will need it to enter!

source: DramaFever

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lee Min Ho for Eider - Summer/Spring 2016 - 04.02.2016

Kwak Si Yang Talks About Acting Career and Agency Colleague Lee Min Ho

Tall and handsome, with clean-cut features and a sweet voice, Kwak Si Yangstole plenty of hearts in 2015 with his roles in various dramas and his appearances on “We Got Married” with virtual wife Kim So Yeon.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed he wanted to be a celebrity ever since he was young, eventually settling on acting after brief stints both as a model and as a trainee under SM Entertainment. He made his acting debut in the film “Night Flight” in 2014, which made its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.