Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DC Inside Lee Min Ho Gallery 4th Anniversary

DC Inside Lee Min Ho Gallery (Korean Website/Portal) is well know for being one of crucial resources when we want to look some news about Lee Min Ho ssi, and they turned 4 years old in 29th of January!!!
Lee Min Ho himself give them a personal photo to congratulate them!!

이민호 갤러리 4주년 축하합니다!! 축하해!! 축하 축하!! Happy 4th Anniversary of DC Inside Lee Min Ho Gallery!!~ >.<

source: DC Inside

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lee Min Ho - "Grace Talking" Interview - 25.01.2013

credits: channely.cn, meowmm13

Lee Min Ho captures female fans with his eyes

Lee Min Ho recently said hello to his fans.

On January 25, Lee posted pictures on his me2day account with the comment, “The weather got cold again. Be careful not to catch a cold.”
In the pictures, Lee is shining even though he is surrounded by staff members on the set. His eyes in the pictures captured many female fans hearts.
People who saw the pictures responded: “I want to save the last picture.” “I was just looking at the pictures without moving.” “He is really handsome.”
Lee previously appeared on SBS Monday-Tuesday series Faith as a general named Choi Young and played the opposite to Kim Hee Sun.

Source: Starnews
English Translation: dkrogers@korea.com

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 25.01.2013

Update on Twitter: "다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요~ Have a nice Friday! pic.twitter.com/EKKc4YF0"
English Translation: "It's getting cold again~ be careful not to catch a cold~ Have a nice Friday!"

Update on Facebook: "다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요~ Have a nice Friday!"
English Translation: "It's getting cold again~ be careful not to catch a cold~ Have a nice Friday!"

Update on Me2Day: "다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요"
English Translation: "It's getting cold again~ be careful not to catch a cold"

Update on LINE Messenger: "Have a nice Friday!"

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Lee Min Ho for Trugen - Spring/Summer 2013 - "Animal" Making

credits: intheoffline

*Background Song: Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child feat. John Martin

Lee Min Ho – an interview with “A Dialogue with Elegance

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 22.01.2013

Update on Weibo only:

First Update:
@ 13.05 PM CST : "만나뵙게 되서 즐거웠습니다~^^见到你很高兴了!"
English Translation: "It was a pleasure to meet you~^^ It's nice to meet you!"
Photo Posted:

Second Update:
@13.01 PM CST: "만나뵙게 되서 즐거웠습니다~^^见到你很高兴了!"
English Translation: ""It was a pleasure to meet you~^^ It's nice to meet you!"
Photo Posted:

Third Update: 
@16.06 CST: "만나뵙게 돼서 반갑습니다. ^^ 되서(x) 오타예요."
English Translation: ""It's is a pleasure to meet you.^^ I'm making a typo."

Fourth Update:
@16.43 CST: "发表了博文 《中国第12届《星尚大典》照片》 - 中国第12届《星尚大典》照片http://t.cn/zYP4APi"
English Translation: "Publishing blog 《12th China《Fashion Award》Photo - the 12 China 《Fashion Award》Photo http://t.cn/zYP4APi"
Photo Uploaded:

English Translation: Monika

Brief Explanation: The first photo that Lee Min Ho ssi upload is him with Jacky Wu, one of the MC in the 12th China Fashion Award. The second photo is him with Rosamund Kwan, one of the top female movie star in China. It's surely a pleasure for Lee Min Ho ssi to take a picture with him, he should be honored to meet them, not to mention taking a picture with them. The third photo is of course his own photo.
About the Korean correction he made, first he said "Man-Na-Boib-Ke-Deo-Seo-Jeul-Geo-Weoss-Seub-Ni-Da" (It WAS a pleasure to meet you) and change it (which actually means the same, but means more polite) to "Man-Na-Biob-Ke-Dwae-Seo-Ban-Gap-Seub-Ni-Da" (It IS a pleasure to meet you), saying that he makes a typo on "Deo-Seo"

Lee Min Ho is praised for dealing a fan stormed the stage

Lee Min Ho, the star of Asia, even more shined during a crisis.

On January 18, Lee received the Most Popular Asian Actor Award at the 12th China Fashion Awards and came across a surprising happening.
It happened when Lee was giving his speech on the stage. A local fan suddenly stormed the stage and gave him a scarf and hug.
Even though it happened all of a sudden, Lee dealt with it calmly. He smiled and received the present that the fan gave. After all, the fan went back to her seat.
A video of Lee dealing the fan was released on the Internet. Chinese fans praised Lee for dealing the situation calmly. They said, “Lee is a representative actor of Korea and he has the best manners.” “Lee has good manners.” “I’m surprised to his love for his fans.” “His smile makes me smile too.”
Lee was the only Korean actor to receive the award at the China Fashion Awards, which selects winners from among popular celebrities in such fields as music, film, public service, sports, and fashion. These are among the most recognized awards in China.

Source: TV Report
English Translation: dkrogers@korea.com

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lee Min Ho Wins Popularity Award at the 12th Annual China Fashion Awards

CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Lee Min Ho has taken home a popularity award from China.
The hallyu star attended the 12th China Fashion Awards in Suzhou on January 18 where Lee Min Ho joined a long list of some of China’s top stars taking part including Cecilia Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and more.

Hosted by the Shanghai Media Group, Lee Min Ho was the lone overseas star who was invited for the awards ceremony with the hallyu star eventually being awarded the ‘Asia Best Popularity Award’.
Whether he was on the red carpet, holding interviews or on the move, Lee Min Ho’s fans were seen and heard constantly as they scrambled to catch a look at the star, while their level of enthusiasm caught even the show′s MCs off guard.
Lee Min Ho returned home with his new award on January 20. 

Photo Credit: Star Haus

Source: enewsworld

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Past photo of Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young sparks attention

A past photo of actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Bo Young has been sparking much interest.
Revealed online with the title “Lee Min Ho-Park Bo Young’s youthful past”, the photo had been taken seven years ago on the set of a drama in which the two had starred together.
The 2006 EBS drama, titled “Secret Campus“, had been a drama intended for the youth. The two actors could be seen wearing neat school uniforms in the photo taken on set.
The photo drew much attention because of the unchanged appearance of the stars now compared to their appearance seven years ago.
Netizens commented saying, “Flawless faces then and now“, “Both of them aged just as you would expect“, and “Nothing has really changed from then till now.”

source: Allkpop

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport from China - 19.01.2013

Our Prince Lee Min Ho ssi is finally back to Seoul, South Korea!! after finishing meeting Minoz in Changsa, China, from Shanghai Pudong Airport he went back, and he look so happy after meeting Minoz. Rest well, dear prince Lee Min Ho ssi!! ~^^

credits: AsTagged