Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lee Min Ho for 'COSMOPOLITAN' Korea Magazine Vol. 200 - April 2017 Issue "Dreamy Man, Lee Min Ho" Interview - 15.03.2017


In what seems to look like a field with lonely aura, with an empty building, a vacant and deserted lot, we COSMOPOLITAN Korea met Lee Min Ho who had the dreamy expression on his face.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: You were going to release a new single mini-album. You admit to yourself that even though you are not a singer, this mini-album is like a reply of love and service to your fans, right? You are an actor, and also a Hallyu Star. Is this somehow an ambition, or a commitment from Lee Min Ho himself?
Lee Min Ho: No, it is not an album filled or even contain such commitment or ambition (laugh). In fact, there is actually a reason why i keep making albums. When i made albums, i realize that there were always more people that i do not know, compared to the people i know. In my opinion, releasing an album is one way, and the only way for me to communicate with my fans. That's the main reason why my album has been released steadily. And as the album has the theme "Always", it means "Always, Forever and Ever let's be together",

Lee Min Ho for 'COSMOPOLITAN' Korea Magazine Vol. 200 - April 2017 Issue - 15.03.2017

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