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Lee Min Ho coming back for concert

Good news for Lee Min Ho fans.

The Korean superstar, who came last year for a showcase of Bench which he’s endorsing, will be back not for another fashion show but for a concert, his first ever in Manila, set for July 6 at the Mall Of Asia (MOA) Arena.
Lee Min Ho’s 10-day My Everything – World Tour 2013 will also include stops in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong and the US, coinciding with the recent release of his first album, My Everything.

”This is my way of thanking my fans around the world,” Min Ho was quoted as saying.

Min Ho is arguably one of the most sought-after and mosty popular Korean actors today. Still in his 20s, Min Ho has already claimed a comfortable spot in international stardom. Min Ho’s acting career began in 2005 with small roles in several dramas, but his first big break came when he took the lead role as Gu Jun Pyo in the Koreanovela Boys Over Flowers.
Despite pessimistic claims from critics that Min Ho’s massive popularity would die down after the Boys Over Flowers craze, the talented actor has proven to be a no one-hit wonder. He continued to star in several blockbuster dramas, including Personal Taste (renamed Perfect Match in the Philippines) and the action drama City Hunter.

I saw for myself how down-to-earth Min Ho was during his pictorial for Bench in Seoul last year.
“His fashion sense perfectly jibes with our Bench line,” said Bench boss Ben Chan who flew to Seoul for the pictorial.
During his MOA concert, Min Ho will serenade his fans with songs from his new album, answer questions and celebrate the night with his well-loved fans.

(Note: Tickets to Lee Min Ho’s My Everything – World Tour 2013 in Manila are available at all SM Ticket outlets. For more information, visit For VIP tickets and further inquiries, call Wilbros Live at 374-9999. Or follow and Twitter @WilbrosLive).

source: PhilStar

Lee Min Ho - Semir Summer/Spring 2013 - Mint (Peppermint) TEE (T-Shirt) Interpretation - 31.05.2013

source: Semir's Weibo

English Translation: (In Chinese) Hello, this is Lee Min Ho.
(In Korean) Recently, I have introduced myself and met all of you through a Semir social movie,
and heard that many pelople were happy about it.
I was also happy.
My feeling right now is like this boho t-shirt.
It's cool, comfortable, and enjoyable.
I hope that everyone will have an enjoyable, comfortable, and cool summer this year.
I want to sincerely thank you for your continuous love and support. 
(In Chinese) Thank you!

English Translation: Solly @ LeeMinHoWorld

Choi Jin Hyuk to play Lee Min Ho's half-brother on upcoming drama 'Heirs'

Rising star and handsome actor Choi Jin Hyuk, whom many of you should recognize from the current 'Book of the House of Gu' drama, has been cast for the show many are eagerly anticipating, 'Heirs'!
This drama will not only star big names like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as the leads, but it's also the work of hitmaking writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Kang Shin Hyo! 

This drama, which is described to be 'Gossip Girl'-meets-'Boys Over Flowers', will revolve around the story of students from wealthy families.
Choi Jin Hyk will play the role of Kim Won, who is a hot shot CEO of one of the top companies in Korea and also the half-brother of Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho). Kim Won seemingly has it all as he possesses the skills, the looks, and is just overall a perfect guy.
So far 'Heirs' has confirmed the three stars mentioned, as well as Kim Sung Ryung, and is in the process of finalizing the casting of actor Kim Woo Bin.

source: Allkpop

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 30.05.2013

Update on Twitter: "해가 져서 공이 보이지 않아요 ㅋwhat are you doing now? " (The link goes to his Official Facebook Account)
English Translation: "It is getting dark so i can not see the ball keke what are you doing now?"

Update on Facebook: "해가 져서 공이 보이지 않아요 ㅋwhat are you doing now?"
English Translation: "It is getting dark so i can not see the ball keke what are you doing now?"

Update on Weibo: "wan an~ 해가 져서 공이 보이지 않아요 ㅋ what are you doing now?"
English Translation: "Good Night~ It is getting dark so i can not see the ball keke what are you doing now?"

Update on Me2Day: "해가 져서 공이 보이지 않아요 ㅋ "
English Translation: "It is getting dark so i can not see the ball keke"
Photo Subject: "굳밤"
English Translation: "Good Night"

Update on LINE Messenger: "what are you doing now? 어두워 져서 공이 보이지 않아요 ㅋ"
English Translation: "what are you doing now? it is dark and i can not see the ball keke"

Photo Uploaded: 

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 30.05.2013

Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account is now verified:

Update on Facebook: "페이스북 페이지 '인증제(Verified Page)' 가 시작됩니다.팬 여러분들은 배우 이민호의 공식 페이스북 페이지(파란색 체크 표시)를 확인 해 주세요."

English Translation: "Facebook page 'Certification(Verified Page)' status starts. All of the fans of Korean Actor Lee Min Ho may check and confirm that this is the Official Facebook Page (with the blue check mark in it).

Lee Min Ho change Facebook's Cover Photo:

Update on Twitter: "페이스북 페이지 '인증제(Verified Page)' 가 시작됩니다.팬 여러분들은 배우 이민호의 공식 페이스북 페이지(파란색 체크 표시)를 확인 해 주세요."

English Translation: "Facebook page 'Certification (Verified Page)' status starts. All of the fans of Korean Actor Lee Min Ho may check and confirm the Official Facebook Page (with the blue check mark in it).

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lee Min Ho - SBS "Night of Entertainment" (한밤) - 29.05.2013

English Translation by : Solly @ LeeMinHoWorld
Timer/Encoder: Chloe

Lee Min Ho - TVB Entertainment News Interview - 28.05.2013

credits: 520Stars1

Summarized translation:

Impression about Hong Kong?
Lee Min Ho: It feels good that I can see the sea once I arrived in HK. And I think HK is a romantic city.

Anything you want to eat or any place you want to visit in HK?
Lee Min Ho: I want to try dim sum. And I want to visit Macau again, as it has been 4 years since I went there for filming BOF

Any words for HK fans?
Lee Min Ho: I should have been visiting more often to meet you directly but there are not many chances, I am sorry about that. But I will meet you with many good projects, and also wait after the release of my album, I will try many best to arrange some events that allow you to participate in, which leave memories for all of all.

Have you think of learning Chinese to communicate with your fans?
Lee Min Ho: I always think that I should learn Chinese well. Nonetheless, it takes time to learn a language. I have tried that but it’s not easy. I will try my best but it will need more time.

The host taught Min Ho to say “I love you” in Cantonese.
It’s said that Lee Min Ho is as handsome as statue of David, what do you think?
Lee Min Ho: I definitely do not think so. Maybe because since I was a rookie, the most popular project was BOF, thus it gives that strong impression.

Which body part of yourself you like most? and why?
Lee Min Ho: Should be my eyes. I add a lot of emotions into my eye expression when I act. So I think my fans would like about that.

Is it easy for you to act in historical drama?
Lee Min Ho: I always feel difficult when it comes to acting. Because that’s a person ot personality that I haven’t experienced, I always have to think hard about how to express/ portrait.

What’s thedifference between modern & historical drama? what is the biggest challenge?
Lee Min Ho: First it’s a time period which is very different from modern era. And also there many that I could only use imagination to figure it out. So there are lots of limitations on my performance. it is much harder than it’s imagined. In addition, the weather in Korea was really usual, it’s extremely hot. Since I have to wear thick clothes when filming, it’s really harsh when doing action scenes in that kind of weather

As I know Faith is a story about time travelling. If you have a chance, which time period you want to travel to?
Lee Min Ho: I want to go to 2300. As I am really curious about what it would be like after 300 years.

How did you feel when you knew about that you would work with Kim Hee Sun?
Lee Min Ho: She is an icon in the 90s, she is a sunbae who loved by many. and she is the standard of beauty since I was young. I was very happy to have a chance to work with her. Also, her personality was very good, she is not the kind of sunbae who is scary and picky. It’s very joyful and interesting to work with her , she is just like a same-age friend.

Some interesting experience to share with us?
Lee Min Ho: Firstly I found that she really likes to drink, and I am not good at it, thus she also teases me. And we always play games together, so we shared a very happy times

Which is the most impressive scene?
Lee Min Ho: Should be the first scene when Choi Young travels to the future. It’s very interesting. And also the last scene when the moment I met Eun Soo whom I missed
Please talk about your upcoming drama
Lee Min Ho: The new drama will be shown in around Nov. Filming schedule has not been confirmed yet thus I don’t know when I would start filming. The character will be a high school student. It’s a story about 19-year-old youngsters to inherit large sum of property

Will you hold fanmeeting in HK
Lee Min Ho: On May 25, I will release an album and kick off a tour to met my Asian fans. I might also hold fanmeeting in HK, it’s still under planning. I should be meeting HK fans again in July or August.

This will be your first album, what kind of songs it carries?
Lee Min Ho: there is ballad, and mid-tempo songs, but not dance beat. There will be a variety of all kinds

What is the challenge in producing your album?
Lee Min Ho: As I am not a professional singer, It’s really hard when I have to do recording under a tight schedule. And in order to sing better, I received vocal training which is very hard too.

What’s your future plan, more on acting or singing?
Lee Min Ho: Since I am not a professional singer, I have to do recording under tight schedule. My profession is still an actor, thus acting is the most important to me. During fanmeeting or to commemorate something, I will also sing. But I will put the most effort on acting.

Will you prepare special performance for fanmeeting in HK?
Lee Min Ho: Previous I will sing some of my songs and also some other singers’ songs which I like. This time I will only sing my own songs. So fans can listen to my album and sing together with me at the fanmeeting. I believe that will be enjoyable.

Which artist you would like to work with in future?
Lee Min Ho: When I was little, movies like <A Better Tomorrow> were really popular in Korea. Also I was really touched after watching the movie. Like Chow Yun Fat and many other actors are respectable. If there is a chance, I would like to work with them.

Last words to HK fans
Lee Min Ho: Fans from HK, after the release of my album, I will visit HK again to have great time with you. Before that, please stay healthy and happy. I love you.

Summarized Translation credits by: meow

Lee Min Ho’s First Album Rises to the Top of the Oricon

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Lee Min Ho’s first ever album, My Everything was found at the top of the Oricon Charts.

On May 29, Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment announced that Lee Min Ho’s album, which was released on May 27 in Japan, rose to the top of the Oricon’s Daily Chart.

“Lee Min Ho’s popularity in Japan has already been confirmed through dramas and DVD sales, but with news of his album release, we believe there was a high demand,” said Starhaus Entertainment. “The results are amazing, since the album was released as an anniversary album without any big promotions like singers and no broadcast appearances as well.”

Lee Min Ho released My Everything just for the fans, with no plans on officially promoting the album through broadcast or performances.

He will be traveling through Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and more in a tour format to meet with fans.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho has been cast in the new SBS drama, The Heirs.

Photo Credit: Starhaus Entertainment, Oricon
source: ENewsWorld

Lee Min Ho defies odds as an actor by rising to #1 on Japan's Oricon Daily Chart with 'My Everything'

Actor Lee Min Ho showcased his Hallyu-star popularity by rising to the top of Japan's Oricon Daily Chart with his special album 'My Everything'!
Lee Min Ho's agency stated, "Immediately following the release of Lee Min Ho's album on the 27th [in Japan], it grabbed the #1 spot on the [Oricon] Daily Chart."

Another representative commented on the actor's popularity sharing, "Actor Lee Min Ho's popularity is prevalent in dramas, broadcast, and DVD sales in Japan. Upon hearing the news of the album release, the demand reached rose exponentially. This is an impressive result as he achieved this with a special album without any promotions that singers would normally have."

Although Lee Min Ho previously revealed that he has no plans of pursuing a singing career, it seems he might want to reconsider following this achievement! Congrats, Lee Min Ho!
source: allkpop

Heartthrob actor Lee Min Ho answers your questions for LOEN's 'Ask In A Box'

Heartthrob actor Lee Min Ho revealed why fans are his 'everything' by answering the questions you've been dying to ask him in the latest episode of LOEN's 'Ask In A Box' series.

Lee Min Ho made it clear that he plans to focus only on his acting career, putting the rumors of his possible future as a singer to rest. The actor also revealed what he would like to do with his fans if he had one day left on earth as well what he would do for his future girlfriend as a proposal.

Lee Min Ho has come a long way from his days as a flower boy and recently celebrated his 7th anniversary with the release of his special album 'My Everything'. So play the video above to get to know this actor a little bit better!

source: allkpop

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lee Min-ho Turns into a Rock Star for Fans

If you have thought of Lee Min-ho as merely a good actor, you may have changed your mind after watching his fan meeting “2013, Lee Min-ho GLOBAL TOUR in SEOUL” held on Saturday. He was a rock star for the day, his fans screaming and wildly waving their glow sticks for his performances.
Lee’s fan meeting was in the form of a concert, where he performed all seven songs from his first album “My Everything,” live with a band and chorus. His fans were able to see new and different sides to him through them, plus the Q&A sessions in between performances through which Lee candidly shared his personal details.
When the curtains were first raised, Lee, in a white tux, sang his title ballad song also named “My Everything.” His voice was delicate and pleasant though shaky at times. But it was a priceless experience for fans given that he temporarily switched to a different specialty just for them.
The actor then jumped on a bicycle for his second song “You & I” which was like watching a scene from the movie “Mary Poppins.” It depicted on the fluttering heart of a man who is on his way to meet his girlfriend.

The fan meeting was more than just fancy performances. Fans were able to scoop up detailed information of the actor through questions such as what his favorite food and hobbies were or what his drinking habit was.
He also introduced fans to his new hobby called ‘speedminton’ that he came across in Germany, showing on stage how it is played.
Towards the end, Lee said, “I will light the fire of affection for me through my new drama “The Heirs” [tentative title]. I hope today’s fan meeting was treasurable and that you keep in mind that I am always thinking of you because you always give me strength.”
For the final performance, the actor wore a t-shirt that made him look like a perky teenager. Fans seemed sad to say good-bye but the song’s fast beat and Lee’s hip-shaking moves kept them in high spirits. Lee marked the end of the two-hour fan meeting by blowing kisses and saying that he will miss his fans.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim
Source: tenasia

Lee Min Ho's global tour 'My Everything' gave fans a thrill again!!

Lee Min Ho held a fan meeting concert after releasing his first album 'My Everything'.

Actor Lee Min Ho met his fans on the global tour in Seoul 'My Everything' which was held at Kyung Hee University's grand peace palace on May 25th. It has been 2 years since he held a fan meeting in Seoul.

At a press conference held before the show Lee Min Ho said he was unable to have a fan meeting last year because of shooting drama Faith. He is very excited and really looking forward to meeting his fans.

On The Global tour in Seoul, not only Korean fans but also fans from Asia and Europe, generation from all different age group were there to enjoy. The fans could not hide their joy and emotions.

The opening songs were 'My Everything' and 'You and I and we (You & I)'. When singing his first song 'My Everything' he appeared on the middle of the stage with wearing a white color jacket giving a very romantic performance. On the next song 'You and I and we (You & I)' he rode a stationary bike acting as if he is on the way to meet his girl friend. It seemed like a musical which made the number very unique. The songs were followed by an interview host by comedian Byun Ki Soo. On Q&A time called 'Intimate Profile' he showed his humor and became a boy next door? ^^

When asked about his first drinking experience he said it was when he was in middle school. He was so drunk he could not stand up when his friend's father came back home. His friend's dad gave him money for cab but he took the bus and spent the money for snack. Next question was where he cleans first in the shower.. He said top to bottom.
What is your favorite coffee? He said he likes iced cafe mocha and sometimes he drinks iced chocolate when he is in a bad mood. He stated that he doesn't like bitter coffee, which gives him an image of a sweet guy. ^^ When asked about his character. "Optimistic and positive and nice, mellow, dislike cucumber and sometimes do have temper," because of self-praising the entire audience started to laugh.

Lee Min Ho had a lot of friends from different field sending congratulations. Actor Jung Il Woo sent a congratulatory message in the video "Please stay in the notes when you sing." He said "The singing is okay, but horrible dancer," best friend tells all. Also actor Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Sang Jung, Jeong Seong Hwa have sent congratulatory messages.
Lee Min Ho said the favorite song on the album is 'Pieces of Love' and sang the song with his sweet voice melting all the lady fans then, when performing cheerful beat songs 'Love Motion' and 'My Little Princess' he had a cute dance number making all the fans heat up.

After finishing the dance number he said "This is too much for me I am so out of breath." he drank water and said "But still I feel excited because of the beat." Lee Min Ho was enjoying himself on stage

Last but not the least, he said he will do his best to finish his global tour successfully, and on his upcoming drama 'Heirs' he will try to set his fans hearts on fire.
Through this concert, Lee Min Ho had an opportunity to show not only his singing and dancing skills, but also his attractive and humble personality.
Lee Min Ho always put others first. He would help the staffs and offer drinks to them. Host Byun Ki Soo said "I've been hosting a lot of fan meeting but Lee Min Ho was the first to offer drinks." He was deeply moved.

There was something very remarkable about this fan meeting. How many actors in his 20's would have a mother and daughter fans attending together. Surely, Lee Min Ho's 'My Everything' did. Lee Min Ho has proved his charm goes over generations and cross the borders.
Lee Min Ho is scheduled to also perform in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and many other cities.

Photo Credit: Starhaus Entertainment
Original Source: Financial News StarN (reporter: Oh Jin Joo) http://star.fnnews.c....html?no=199192
English Translated by: Cecilia @ Lee Min Ho's World

Lee Min Ho Sings Before 4,000 Fans at His Concert and Fanmeeting

CJ E&M enewsWorld Ko Hong Ju
Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Min Ho was able to reunite with his fans in Korea for the first time in two years at his recent concert.

The actor′s My Everything concert was held in Seoul on May 25, marking the start of his Asia tour. He plans to continue on through Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong and more for a total of seven cities, and talks are currently in progress for more stops at five or six more countries.

The concert was especially meaningful as it included a fanmeeting, making up for the previous year in which Lee Min Ho didn′t get to meet his fans due to his shoots for Faith.
In the press conference held before the concert, Lee Min Ho said, "I should′ve met [with my fans] sooner, but I wasn′t able to because I was busy shooting the drama Faith. I′m looking forward to meeting my fans for the first time in a while. I want to show how happy I am through my performances."

Lee Min Ho has especially been working hard for his fans, even releasing his own album My Everything. The album was produced to help Lee Min Ho and his fans share precious times together and repay fans for their love toward the actor.

The actor performed tracks from My Everything for the first time at the concert this day. He started off with My Everything, then went on to sing You & I, Love Motion and Pieces of Love, at times driving fans into a frenzy and at others getting them to cry along to his voice.

A live band accompanied him, helping the actor′s vocals shine like a real singer′s.

Many fan events then took place outside of the splendid performances under the lead of comedian Byun Ki Soo. One fan, from Gangwon-do, was chosen to go onstage for a photo with Lee Min Ho himself.

"I′ve been a fan of Mr. Lee Min Ho since Boys Over Flowers. I was here for his last fanmeeting, and I′m so happy I′ll get to take a picture with him. I hope to see more good feats from you," she said.

4,000 fans from around the world gathered this day for the concert.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld


MBC News (Entertainment Today)

credits: Kim Evelym

SBS Morning Wide News

credits: GoodBoySR

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Lee Min Ho - "My Everything" Global Tour in Seoul - 25.05.2013

Finally, the first day of "My Everything" Global tour! Lee Min Ho start his "My Everything" Global Tour in Seoul. Held in Kyunghee University (경희대학교), Lee Min Ho is truly having fun with Minoz~ ^^

credits: Amool Minoz

source: 李敏镐资讯台 @ Youku

source: Minoz-旭 @ Weibo

credits: HaydenShe

credits: wenroad

source: hwaji2604

credits: AsTagged