Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[PROJECT SUPPORT] Lee Min Ho's 7th Debut Anniversary Global Event

* I am posting this to support Falcon Sis regarding Lee Min Ho's 7th Debut Anniversary that will take place on 10th of May. LeeMinHoWorld also fully support this project. Everyone, please take part! Thank You!!*

URGENT - Lee Min Ho’s 7th Debut Anniversary Global Event

A Global Event for our beloved actor Lee Min Ho’s 7th Anniversary will start on May 10.
It will start right at 12A.M. on May 10. This time we will send our love and our support by sending Lee Min Ho a SNS picture message.
After that, if you can also send the copy to Falcon, the picture will be saved altogether on digital photo frame and will give it to Lee Min Ho.

Content of event
Event will start at midnight 12A.M. on May 10.
Any patterns are accepted, whether a photo picture, a card or even a banner, but must have “Congratulation on Lee Min Ho’s 7thDebut Anniversary - from (your country) (your name)” be written down it.
And decorate it with your own creativity. And then, take picture. The final step is to post it on any one of SNS(FB, Twitter, weibo..) that Min Ho uses, @ Min Ho’s ID makes him receive the message.

Let’s make May 10th a day of Global Minoz’s festival.

You can send your copy to Falcon( after you post your photo, all the received photo will be saved on digital photo frame and will pass it to Min Ho a. s our gift.

PS. Please upload it and send it before May 10 passes.(from 5/10 00:00 till 23:59 KOREA TIME)
Though some might think the preparation time is a little bit of short and tight, but still looking forward to have all the Minoz to participate the event.

Full Credits: Falcon Seo

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