Monday, September 30, 2013

Lee Min Ho - "The Heirs" Official Still Cuts - 30.09.2013 [2]

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Lee Min Ho for Semir Fall/Winter 2013 - Semir "New For You - Flavor of Winter" - 30.09.2013

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Lee Min Ho - "The Heirs" Official Still Cuts - 30.09.2013 [1]

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Lee Min Ho Transforms into a College Student in ‘The Heirs’

Impressing with his English, Lee Min Ho transformed into an umchinah college student for SBS’ The Heirs.

On September 15, Lee Min Ho filmed at Redlands University, located in Los Angeles. He participated in a scene acting as a college student with the professor and other students in a lecture hall. Despite wearing a simple white t-shirt, Lee Min Ho heated up the scene with his presence alone.

Whenever time allowed Lee Min Ho checked up on his English dialogue and managed to pull it off without any lessons or guidance. He had prepared for the English lines in Korea, even before the filming in Los Angeles, also receiving praise for his constant practice over his script.
“We were at first surprised that the length of his English lines were longer than what we expected. We hope that the viewers will enjoy it as much as he practiced,” said Lee Min Ho’s agency.
“Ahead of his words and actions, Lee Min Ho perfectly managed the filming in Los Angeles with his sincere passion and responsibility. He is an actor who is earnest and at the peak of his acting,” said Hwa and Dam Pictures. “With dignity, charisma, and passion, Lee Min Ho is raging through the set of The Heirs.

The drama will air on October

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lee Min Ho Spotted at Red Carpet Salon and Coffee Cojjee 28.09.2013

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"Boys Over Flowers" Lee Min Ho - Star or Actor? Or Both?

Where would Lee Min Ho be if he didn't play Gu Jun Pyo in the national hit "Boys over Flowers?"

Lee Min Ho is both an actor and a star. The two roles don't always coincide - not all stars are actors, and not all actors are stars. The world puts a thin veil between the two - and if one dare cross over to become the other, it is seen as a risky endeavor. Lee Min Ho has been tightrope walking between the two designations for over five years.

Not all roads lead to fame and pleasure, but Lee Min Ho's path crossed with the role of Gu Jun Pyo and created the life that he has now - famous, rich, and a job that he loves. Is it a stretch to think that without his role in "Boys Over Flowers" he would never be where he is? Would he be the actor and star that he is now?

How did Gu Jun Pyo make Lee Min Ho a star? How did Gu Jun Pyo change Lee Min Ho's acting career?

Friday, September 27, 2013

[SPECIAL] Meeting Lee Min Ho at Los Angeles International Airport - 25.09.2013

Hi everyone, Monika here~^^
It's been a while since i wrote to you guys in the blog, right?~ It's okay, i know what you need is all of Lee Min Ho updates, and not the childish messages from me~^^

Well, let's just get to the point. When i know that Lee Min Ho will go to Los Angeles, California, United States, i already say to myself that i should see him. He already on his way here by the 3rd of September but i still can't manage the time to fly to Los Angeles by the time he came. Too sad, right? I am still busy in Seattle, Washington because of my job. Weeks passes and i finally had the time to fly to Los Angeles, and book by ticket, the earliest flight on the 25th of September. I feel so happy, my heart filled with hopes of seeing him but those were crushed fast when i knew that by the 24th, the filming of "The Heirs" has ended. I can't see the filming process for sure. That leaves me with shocks, i feel so sad and i definitely can't change my flight. I feel sad, what if they come back by the 24th?

Lee Min Ho at Los Angeles International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 26.09.2013 - 27.09.2013

Finally, our prince is returning back to Korea. 3 weeks has been spent in the United States for "The Heirs" filming and now he's back! Thank You so much dear prince, Thank You an please take care~^^

Departure, Los Angeles International Airport - 26.09.2013

Arrival, Incheon International Airport - 27.09.2013

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 26.09.2013

Update on Twitter, Facebook and LINE Messenger: "October, 2013 [10+ Star]"

Photos Uploaded: 10+Star Magazine

Changing Profile Photo: 

Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official LINE Messenger Account

Lee Min Ho for Eider Fall/Winter 2013 Catalgoue Photoshoot - 26.09.2013

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Lee Min Ho Turns into Cool Surfer at Malibu’s Beaches

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has enjoyed surfing at Malibu’s Beaches while shooting much-awaited drama series “Inheritors.”
Last week, Lee went surfing beneath the sun of Malibu located in Los Angeles, U.S., acting out his top inheritor character Kim Tan’s joy and sadness at the same time, the show’s promoter 3HW COM said in a press release Thursday.
Lee had taken surfing lessons during his hectic filming schedule, showing his differentiated affection to the water sports by picking up the surfing suit by himself, 3HW explained.
“The waves were higher than I thought, so it wasn’t easy to advance but gave me more fun. I appreciate our filming crew who jumped into the sea together for shooting lifelike images. Me and the crew all got browned by the sun glaring down,” Lee was quoted as saying.
Co-starring popular actors Park Shin-hye, CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk, Kim Woo-bin, f(x) Krystal and ZE:A’s Hyungsik, the series centers on love and friendship among upper-class high school students.

Written by acclaimed scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook of “Gentleman’s Dignity” and “Secret Garden,” the upcoming drama is set to premiere on SBS on October 9, taking over the baton from current series “Master’s Sun.”

source: TenAsia