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Lee Min Ho shows off a manly look with his superior swordsmanship on Faith

Lee Min Ho is currently attracting a lot of attention with his superior martial arts skills.

In the sixth episode of SBS TV’s drama series Faith, which aired on August 21, Lee shows off superior swordsmanship in the scene of him beating his enemies.

Lee gets viewers excited with his martial arts skills, defeating the enemies with his turning kick and punch. He also shows off a manly look with his superior swordsmanship, wielding a long sword as if it’s part of his body.

In the seventh episode of the series, which will air on September 3, Lee once again appears in an action scene, in which Choi Young tries to escape from the trap set by Ki Cheol (played by Yoo Oh Sung) with Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun).

The martial arts director of the series says, “Lee Min Ho is very enthusiastic about the action scenes in this series. In spite of the fact that there’s always a risk of injury, he tries to shoot the scenes without using a stand-in. When there’s an unexpected situation, he handles it by himself even if we don’t give him a specific direction. He’s doing great.”

The audience share of the sixth episode of Faith was 12.2%.

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Lee Min Ho, audience applausing for his action 'Faith'

Lee Min Ho's 'Art Action' has been gathering a lot of attention in SBS Mon-Tue drama 'Faith.'

On the last episode, Choi Young attacked Ki Cheol's army not only with his bare hands, but also with his sword.

Especially, he knocks down the enemy with his turning kick and his hands. With every single movement, he was able to oppress the enemy. The audience applauded for his 'art action.
Next Monday in the 7th episode, Lee Min Ho will show more actions to save Choi Young and Eun Su from the trap.

The martial art director of 'Faith' said, "Lee Min Ho is a hard working actor who tries hard to do a great action performance although it's dangerous time to time. However he's doing a great job with all the actions."
Meanwhile, the next episode will be aired next Monday.

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‘The Faith’ Lee Min Ho Behind Cut

‘Min Ho over Flowers’ a set of three of his killer smile

SBS Mondays & Tuesdays Miniseries ‘The Faith’ (written by Song Ji Na, Directed by Kim Jong Hak) is gaining viewership everyday. Not even the summer heat nor the typhoon can stop the hot filming of the drama, ‘The Faith.’

# General Choi Young’s Charisma

Monitoring meticulously!

From ‘Min Ho over Flowers,’ forget about the spoiled chaebol II! In ‘The Faith,’ Lee Min Ho is playing the role of the loyal General Choi Young giving off a strong masculinity. Although his character changed, his appearance hasn’t. His straight nose that always looks as if it’s pointing somewhere, and his intense eyes are impressive.

# Monitoring meticulously!

Wearing the armor for the shooting in the heat that’s over 30 degrees Celsius can become a high risk for health. However, Lee Min Ho has no time to waste. Between the shootings, he closely monitors himself and his acting from the 6mm camera.

# General Choi knows how to smile!

The viewers who are enjoying ‘The Faith’ thirst for Lee Min Ho’s smiles. That’s because General Choi Young is always a serious person, so it’s rare to see him smile. However at the shooting, Lee Min Ho is always smiling and is known to be the mood maker.

# Don’t I hold the sword well?

There are various martial arts in ‘The Faith,’ and the sword is an important prop that must be carried at all times. Before the shooting, Lee Min Ho and his fellow cast mates play around and spends a good time.

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4Men’s Shin Yong Jae to Sing Lee Min Ho Theme for ‘Faith’

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Shin Yong Jae will be singing Lee Min Ho’s theme song for the SBS drama Faith.

Faith is a drama about the romance between the Goryeo warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and the present-day doctor Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), as well as their voyage to help bring up a nation’s true king.

Director Kim Jong Hak and scriptwriter Song Ji Na of Hourglass and The Legend fame helm the drama.

To this issue-making piece, Shin Yong Jae, who won KBS2’s Immortal Song 2 with his explosive vocals, will be lending a helping hand with his Lee Min Ho theme song Because I Walk Slowly. Shin Yong Jae’s soothing voice will express the desperate love Choi Young holds in his heart.

Because I Walk Slowly is a ballad that stands out with its stylish rhythm and sensual melody, which are reminiscent of a fantasy romance.

The lyrics ‘Though time may stop, though my heart may stop, you’ll live in my arms again like a fantasy. I love you, as much as my heart beats for you. Please smile and give your tears to me; that is my happiness. There will never be another, even in death, though I cough up my heart, someone who will stay,’ show the sad love Choi Young holds toward his one woman.

Shin Yong Jae’s powerful yet emotional voice and the sad lyrics are expected to come together and shake the hearts of its listeners. Many are looking forward to how the great vocalist Shin Yong Jae will portray Choi Young’s love.

Shin Yong Jae said after wrapping up recording for the song, “The lyrics are so good. The entire time I was singing this song I felt my heart sink slowly into sadness. I believe they portray Choi Young’s feelings well.”

The OST for Faith was sung by other great singers such as Jang Hye Jin, MC Sniper and Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun and Sung Hoon.

The production company Starhaus told enews on August 31, “Shin Yong Jae’s strong yet sad voice mingles well with Choi Young’s emotions. The OST for Faith will draw in Korea’s best singers and fill many hearts with emotion. Please look forward to what songs each singer will sing.”

Because I Walk Slowly will be released through music sites on September 3.

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Shin Yong Jae releases “Because My Steps Are Slow” for ‘Faith’ OST

4men‘s Shin Yong Jae has lent his voice for the OST of ‘Faith‘.

The song he sang, “Because My Steps Are Slow“, is a ballad with a beautiful melody and a sophisticated beat that showcases his voice perfectly. The song is also said to be the theme song for the main character played by Lee Min Ho.

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Lee Min Ho vs. Giuliano de’ Medici: “They look alike”

Lee Min Ho, who plays the role of a warrior named Choi Young in SBS’s series Faith, was recently compared to a handsome statue.

On August 30, pictures of Lee and statue of Giuliano de’ Medici were released online by some of Lee’s foreign fans. The pictures compare Lee with the statue from the front, right and left sides.

Many people were impressed by Lee because he proved that he looks exactly like the handsome Italian statue in the pictures.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Lee really took a time warp?” “I don’t think Lee is a human.” “He is the kind of a man who likely appears in comic books.” “He is a real life statue.” “He grew up so well.”

Lee plays the role of charismatic Choi Young in the series and captures the audience with his passionate performances. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

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Lee Min Ho and SNSD's Yoona for "Eider" Fall/Winter 2012 30.08.2012

Lee Min Ho and SNSD Yoona Prepare for the Leaves and the Snow

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With the heat finally fading away and leaves slowly changing colors, Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation Yoona decided to welcome the fall and winter with new outfits.

On August 29, the new fall and winter catalogue for outdoor brand, Eider, was revealed with Lee Min Ho and Yoona transforming into an aesthetically pleasing couple ready to crunch through leaves and snow.

Netizens who grabbed the chance to see the photos commented, “There are no other visual couples like Lee Min Ho and Yoona,” “How is it possible that they match this well together?” and “Lee Min Ho and Yoona look the best in outdoor outfits.”

Photo Credit: Eider
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Lee Min Ho - "The Faith" Making (Episode Six) 29.08.2012

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 29.08.2012

@13.29 PM: "얼마 전 한국에서 만난 @森马 스텝들. 만나서 반가웠어요.^^不久前,在韩国见过面的各位专家们!那天很高兴见到你们"
English Translation: "Staffs of @Semir that i've met not so long ago in Korea. I was so nice to meet all of you. ^^"

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Lee Min Ho - SBS Good Morning "The Faith" Special 29.08.2012

Part 1
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Lee Min Ho, 'Faith' shows a 180 degrees reversal in his act [KSTAR]

Actor, Lee Min Ho, showed a totally different 'variety' act and attracted the hearts of Korean girls.

In the 6th episode of SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Faith' that was aired on the 28th, Lee Min Ho showed a charismatic yet sentimental act.
Choi Young went to save Eun Soo, who was caught by Ki Cheol, but goes to Ganghwa Island where Kyung Chang Gun was there, sick, by Ki Cheol's order with Eun Soo.

Kyung Chang Gun runs into Choi Young's arms as soon as he sees him coming into the house. Choi Young hugs him warmly, seeing him sick. He, then, decides to bring Eun Soo's equipments needed for the surgery and also Jang Bin.

However, as soon as Choi Young leaves the house, he sensed assassins hiding infront of the house. He then fights them and repulsed the attack. But the assassins decides to kill both Eun Soo and Kyung Chang Gun, so Choi Young brings them out and fights the assassins.

Above all, Lee Min Ho showed his two faces, being so caring and loving when he meets his old master and the other way around when he meets the enemy.
This episode made the audience more curious about Choi Young's destiny, as he falls into the trick that Ki Cheol made, telling him to save Eun Soo and Kyung Chang Gun.

Source: topstarnews