Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"The Faith" Lee Min Ho, Punch + Angry Face and Eyes, Possessing Kim Hee Sun

Lee Min Ho's angry and manly look and eyes definitely defeat Kim Hee Sun.
On the 3rd Episode of SBS Drama "The Faith" that air on 20th of August, Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is trying to treat Choi Young (Lee Min Ho)'s health after being stabbed, she want to know if the pulse is okay, the body heat is okay and went to see him.
But on the other hand, Choi Young completely avoid her, even angry at her. Yoo Eun Soo went angry also and threw her things at Choi Young.
Yoo Eun Soo said "You know i want to go back now, take a bath on my bathroom, wear my pajamas and sleep on my bed, but you take me away. Now i only want to touch you, just to see how are you been doing and treat you, to heal you but you won't allow me. What do you expect me to do?" Yoo Eun So was disappointed and angry.
She also said "I know i'm the one who stabbed you, and i'm really sorry for that..but please, let me treat you.." but later Choi Young push Yoo Eun Soo to the wall and his angry eyes revealed.
The angry Choi Young look at Yoo Eun Soo and said "This is what i am saying..i already told you to leave me alone, at the portal where you stabbed me..now tell me.."
Choi Young definitely overpowered Yoo Eun Soo with his appearance, and he's captivate woman's eye.
Meanwhile, Fans is getting curious on how Choi Young (Lee Min Ho)'s story will develop in the future.

Original Korean Text:

'신의' 이민호, 박력+아련..김희선 제압

이민호가 박력 있는 모습으로 김희선을 제압했다.

20일 오후 방송된 SBS 월화드라마 '신의'에서 유은수(김희선 분)는 자신이 치료한 최영(이민호 분)의 건강을 살피기 위해 열이 나는지 확인을 하려했다.

하지만 최영은 그녀의 손길을 계속 피했고, 이에 화가 난 유은수는 돌아서서 걸어가는 최영에게 물건을 집어 던졌다.

유은수는 "나 지금 내 집에 가서 내 욕실에서 샤워하고, 내 잠옷입고 자고 싶다고! 네가 잡아왔잖아. 치료해 주겠다는데 건드리지도 못하게 하고, 그럼 나보고 어쩌라고!"라고 화를 냈다.

이어 "그래 내가 당신 찔렸어. 미안하니깐 제발 치료 좀 받으라고!"라며 최영에 대한 서운함을 드러냈다.

이를 본 최영은 화가 난 유은수를 벽에 밀며 "그러게 내가 뭐라 했습니다. 도대체 왜 나를 살리겠다고 나댔습니다. 임자 때문에 내가 왜...."라고 말하며 박력 있는 모습으로 김희선을 제압, 여심을 사로잡았다.

한편 이날 방송에서 이민호(최영 역)는 패혈증 증상을 보이며 앞으로의 전개에 대한 궁금증을 자아냈다.

[관련 키워드] 이민호|신의

Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

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