Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lee Min Ho Gets the Action Going on ‘Faith’

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Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Min Ho finally waged an all-out action war for his viewers.
On the August 27 broadcast of SBS’ Faith, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) recovered from his fatal wounds and charged forth Choi Young style.

As soon as he gained consciousness, Choi Young heard that Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) had been taken away by Gi Chul (Yoo Oh Sung). Jang Bin (Lee Philip) tried to get Choi Young to stay put, saying that Eun Soo had gone on King Gong Min’s (Ryu Deok Hwan) orders.
Choi Young, however, headed into enemy territory to save Eun Soo. He put his life at stake to get over the obstacles and charge his enemies head on. He made it into Gi Chul’s home alone, and shook off the steady stream of Gi Chul’s minions as he progressed forward. Lee Min Ho managed to make Choi Young ever more charismatic and believable by putting on his best action scenes.
After the episode aired, the drama’s viewer boards saw a flood of posts reading, ‘I wasn’t expecting Lee Min Ho to put on action like this’, ‘He was like a flying master’ and ‘His kicks and slashes weren’t like any other. He’s the king of charisma.’
Choi Young also made his viewers curious about what he was thinking when he said he loved Eun Soo to make Gi Chul let her go.
Just before he was able to get Eun Soo completely out of Gi Chul’s home, Choi Young met with Gi Chul’s gang.
He pointed at Eun Soo and then shouted at Gi Chul, “This is because I love the one standing [here]. What kind of man would do nothing when the woman he loves has been dragged to this unknown place?”
Eun Soo took his words to be an expression of his true emotions, getting viewers to look forward to what will happen to their relationship in the future.

Photo credit: SBS
Credits: enewsworld

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