Friday, August 31, 2012

Lee Min Ho shows off a manly look with his superior swordsmanship on Faith

Lee Min Ho is currently attracting a lot of attention with his superior martial arts skills.

In the sixth episode of SBS TV’s drama series Faith, which aired on August 21, Lee shows off superior swordsmanship in the scene of him beating his enemies.

Lee gets viewers excited with his martial arts skills, defeating the enemies with his turning kick and punch. He also shows off a manly look with his superior swordsmanship, wielding a long sword as if it’s part of his body.

In the seventh episode of the series, which will air on September 3, Lee once again appears in an action scene, in which Choi Young tries to escape from the trap set by Ki Cheol (played by Yoo Oh Sung) with Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun).

The martial arts director of the series says, “Lee Min Ho is very enthusiastic about the action scenes in this series. In spite of the fact that there’s always a risk of injury, he tries to shoot the scenes without using a stand-in. When there’s an unexpected situation, he handles it by himself even if we don’t give him a specific direction. He’s doing great.”

The audience share of the sixth episode of Faith was 12.2%.

Source: TV Report
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Lee Min Ho, audience applausing for his action 'Faith'

Lee Min Ho's 'Art Action' has been gathering a lot of attention in SBS Mon-Tue drama 'Faith.'

On the last episode, Choi Young attacked Ki Cheol's army not only with his bare hands, but also with his sword.

Especially, he knocks down the enemy with his turning kick and his hands. With every single movement, he was able to oppress the enemy. The audience applauded for his 'art action.
Next Monday in the 7th episode, Lee Min Ho will show more actions to save Choi Young and Eun Su from the trap.

The martial art director of 'Faith' said, "Lee Min Ho is a hard working actor who tries hard to do a great action performance although it's dangerous time to time. However he's doing a great job with all the actions."
Meanwhile, the next episode will be aired next Monday.

Source: topstarnews

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