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Lee Min Ho is the Gangnam Style General in the drama show 'Faith'

Last August 13, the first episode was aired and Lee Min Ho's character has been revealed to everyone.
He is not the type of general that we would expect him to be, he is quite lazy and his hobby is to sleep for 2 to 3 days.
He is quite talented in some ways but he is definitely a general we would never expect to lead the troops into battle.

When he was asked by the emperor in the show, how he thinks about the emperor, he simply answered back that he doesn't think much.
But deep inside, he definitely respects the emperor, it's just that he just doesn't know how to express his feelings.
At the present times, he lands in the middle of Gangnam, the soul of Seoul, and at some point of view, it seems like he came from the provincial region of Korea, for the modern setting.
The character given to Lee Min Ho was carefully created by the writer of this drama show.

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"Faith" expectations and disappointment at the same time

SBS TV time-slip drama "Faith" finally revealed itself.

Written by Song Ji-na, produced by Kim Jong-hak and starred by Kim Hee-seon and Lee Min-ho, drama of issue "Faith" was shown on the 13th.

In the first episode, ancient warrior Choi Young (Lee Min-ho) jumped over to the modern times and kidnapped plastic surgeon Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) very quickly.

While Choi Young was returning to the Koryo with King Gong-min (Ryoo Deok-hwan) and Princess Noguk (Park Se-yeong), they met a group of assassins. The princess got hurt in the neck during the fight and the king ordered Choi to bring help. Choi Young time slipped to the modern time and misunderstood Eun-soo to be a god doctor and kidnapped her.

Police gathered around to stop Choi Young in his suit of armor and holding a real sword but the energy coming out from his body didn't allow them. He kidnapped Eun-soo to save the Princess and went back to the Koryo times the same way he came over to the other side.

Viewers respond pleasantly to the well built characters of Choi Young and the cute female doctor. They are expecting a lot from Kim Hee-seon. Ryoo Deok-hwan also managed to express the eyes of King Gong-min excellently, how he is hiding passion in his deep and still eyes. The cast seem to be doing a good job.

However, there are some things that are lacking here and there. The process of which Choi kidnaps the doctor to save the Princess seems awkward is what they say. Also, the scene that shows Eun-soo's past seemed unnecessarily long and decreased the tension.

Having succeeded with the characters, "Faith" seems to be able to do better with a firmer base and storyline.

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