Friday, August 31, 2012

‘The Faith’ Lee Min Ho Behind Cut

‘Min Ho over Flowers’ a set of three of his killer smile

SBS Mondays & Tuesdays Miniseries ‘The Faith’ (written by Song Ji Na, Directed by Kim Jong Hak) is gaining viewership everyday. Not even the summer heat nor the typhoon can stop the hot filming of the drama, ‘The Faith.’

# General Choi Young’s Charisma

Monitoring meticulously!

From ‘Min Ho over Flowers,’ forget about the spoiled chaebol II! In ‘The Faith,’ Lee Min Ho is playing the role of the loyal General Choi Young giving off a strong masculinity. Although his character changed, his appearance hasn’t. His straight nose that always looks as if it’s pointing somewhere, and his intense eyes are impressive.

# Monitoring meticulously!

Wearing the armor for the shooting in the heat that’s over 30 degrees Celsius can become a high risk for health. However, Lee Min Ho has no time to waste. Between the shootings, he closely monitors himself and his acting from the 6mm camera.

# General Choi knows how to smile!

The viewers who are enjoying ‘The Faith’ thirst for Lee Min Ho’s smiles. That’s because General Choi Young is always a serious person, so it’s rare to see him smile. However at the shooting, Lee Min Ho is always smiling and is known to be the mood maker.

# Don’t I hold the sword well?

There are various martial arts in ‘The Faith,’ and the sword is an important prop that must be carried at all times. Before the shooting, Lee Min Ho and his fellow cast mates play around and spends a good time.

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