Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lee Min Ho captivates Shanghai with his gentle smile

[OSEN= Park Jeong-sun] Actor Lee Min-ho captivated Shanghai with his gentle smile.

Lee Min-ho held his solo concert, "2013 My Everything tour in Shanghai" on the 28th in Shanghai and blew Shanghai's sweltering heat away.

In his performance, Lee Minho wore various outfits including a jaguar-print suit and a white leather jacket and performed seven songs including "My Everything," and "You & I." Also the performance group Monsters, who have been guests at Lee Minho concerts since his China tour in 2011, joined to perform "Hangover" and "Banana" and added to the frenzy of the venue.
The songs weren't everything. Lee Minho showed many sides to the fans from his cute smile to a scene where he jokingly got mad. Also he greeted and thanked the fans in fluent Chinese for having come all the way to see him in the summer heat. The audience reaction reached a climax when he shouted "Ni zhen bang (You are the best)" and blow the audience a kiss.
After the performance, Lee Minho moved to greet fans who were waiting outside the venue because they hadn't been able to get tickets. Upon Lee Minho's moves, the local police authorities classified it as situation that needed special monitoring and reinforced security in an operation that resembled a James Bond mission.
One local media covered the performance with the following headline: "Sexy and passionate heir seduces China by blowing a kiss." The article went on to describe Lee Minho as a "well-prepared actor and a star who shows more than what was imagined."

Lee Minho's global tour began in May in Seoul. It will draw to an end with a performance in Beijing in October. Lee Minho is scheduled to appear in the SBS drama "Those who want to wear the crown must bear the weight - The Heirs" written by Kim Eun-suk which will be aired in the second half of this year.


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Source: Naver

Lee Min Ho - Social Network Updates - 30.07.2013

Update on Facebook and Twitter:

First Update: "Facebook의 2013 My Everything Tour 사진첩에 4장의 사진을 게시했습니다. http://fb.me/1DHSz2rT5 "
English Translation: "I posted 4 new photos on Facebook in the album '2013 My Everything Tour'"

Second Update: "Facebook의 2013 My Everything Tour 사진첩에 8장의 사진을 게시했습니다. http://fb.me/33lRRqstI "
English Translation: ""I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album '2013 My Everything Tour'"

Photos Posted on Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account: 

Lee Min Ho - "My Everything" Global Tour in Malaysia Behind The Scene - 29.06.2013

Lee Min Ho - "My Everything" Global Tour in Manila, Behind The Scene - 06.07.2013

"It is hard to leave" Lee Min Ho on his way back sees crowds of fans at airport

[TV Report=Park Seol-yi] The Korean Wave star Lee Min-ho drew crowds of fans to an airport on his way back to Korea.
Lee Min-ho, who successfully finished his concert in Shanghai on July 25, left China through Shanhai Pudong Airport on July 29.
The popular Korean Wave star Lee Min-ho drew crowds of fans to the airport on his way back to Korea. Over 300 fans gathered at the Pudong Airport to see Lee Min-ho leave.
When he arrived at the airport by car, fans who had waited for him since early in the morning scrambled to him, causing chaos. Barely walking through the crowded people, he did not lose a smile on his face until he left.
Lee Min-ho successfully finished ‘2013 My Everything Tour in Shanghai’ held in the evening of July 28 in Shanghai Dau Tai amid the frenzy of about 7,000 local fans.

By Park Seol-yi manse@tvreport.co.kr
Source: Naver

Lee Min Ho - "My Everything" Global Tour in Beijing 10.08.2013 Message - 30.07.2013

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lee Min Ho at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 29.07.2013

Time flies, our prince has finished "My Everything" Global Tour in Shanghai and heading back to Seoul, South Korea. Welcome Back! Please take a lot of rest, dear prince~^^

Departure - Shanghai Pudong International Airport - 29.07.2013

Arrival - Incheon International Airport - 29.07.2013

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