Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lee Min Ho Gets Fans in Malaysia to Sing Along with His Concert

Lee Min Ho has been successfully sprinting across Asia as a singer, and most recently he held a successful concert in Malaysia.

On June 29, Lee Min Ho performed before 3,000 fans in Malaysia for his 2013 Global Tour.

This is the actor′s second time in the country after his visit in 2009, and his first for a performance.

The concert started off with a bang, as Lee Min Ho appeared in a pink suit singing My Everything.

When he sang Pieces of Love to a solo guitar accompaniment with a splendid video playing in the background, it was as if he had jumped out of a wellmade movie.

He didn′t stop there. For his performances of Love Motion and My Little Princess, he appeared in a snapback hat and sunglasses, while for his encore piece Say Yes he made his fans sing along to his emotions.

According to an official, Lee Min Ho had prepared presents for his fans himself, visiting Innisfree, the cosmetics brand he models for, to get the presents in person.

The concert was held with an all-band accompaniment.
Fans showed their passion for the singer during the concert just as they had did before. On the day Lee Min Ho landed in Malaysia, dozens of bodyguards and local police had to help Lee Min Ho out because of the crowds of fans swarming to see him.
Large hotels and shopping centers had posters advertising Lee Min Ho′s performance hanging from their fronts.

Lee Min Ho will next perform in the Philippines on July 6.

In Korea, he will soon be starring in the upcoming SBS drama The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight - The Heirs.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment
Source: mwave.interest.me

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