Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lee Min Ho made the Philippine media fall in love with his wit and humble personality!

One of South Korea’s leading men, Lee Min Ho, finally arrived in the Philippines yesterday, July 5, 2013. Just like the first time he visited, lots of his fans came to the airport to get a glimpse of him. On the same day, the newly built Bench Tower has opened and it was the venue for Lee Min Ho’s press conference.

The event was hosted by the ever beautiful, Ms. Sam Oh. As soon as Lee Min Ho came in the room, all the cameras were focused on him. He looked very handsome wearing simple and comfortable clothes on. Of course, the popular actor told the media present that it was his first time inside the Bench Tower and he likes how it looks. He also hopes that it will be a building that will stay for a long time.

During the interview, a lot of questions has been asked about his career, his fans and his experience as one of the Global Ambassador of the popular clothing brand, Bench.

Q: It’s your second visit in the Philippines, how is it?
A: The first time I went here was to promote Bench. The second time will be for my concert and I’m very excited about it.

Q: Why is the title of your album, “My Everything”?
A: The title of the album, “My Everything” really refers to my fans. It’s a gift for them and they really are my everything so that’s why the album is titled “My Everything”.

Q: Let’s talk about your concert, “My Everything World Tour 2013”. What sets Manila apart from other countries?
A: First, what sets Manila apart from other countries are the beaches and the islands. Second, I feel that my Filipino fans are very passionate and when I look at them in the eyes I can feel that they’re very innocent.

Q: You are celebrating your 7 years anniversary in the industry. In 7 words, describe how the experience has been so far?
A: It’s very hard. Let’s see… First is fan, second is project, third is relationship, fourth is Philippines, fifth is album, sixth is… Bench (*He couldn’t think of another word so it ended with just six words).

Q: What is the difference when you’re recording and singing from acting?
A: In acting, it’s usually for a TV Show and it takes a long time for the shooting and then it airs and I only get to watch it after. The reaction from the fans is delayed unlike when I’m singing on-stage, I’m on-stage and in front of my fans. The immediate response that I get is really something else. The happiness that I get from that is extraordinary.

Q: Compare acting and singing.
A: There’s not much difference. When I’m singing, I’m thinking of the lyrics and the theme then singing it so it’s kind of like acting.

Q: Let’s talk about your album. Tell us about the production and the songs in it.A: My fans probably know that I prefer singing slow ballad songs but I decided to mixed it up a little bit so it has a couple of upbeat and dancing tracks as well. I do a bit of dancing for the upbeat tracks. I feel like the singing needs a bit of work so the album is really another way to work on that aspect of my career.

Q: What do we have to look forward to your concert tomorrow night?
A: My butt dancing.

(*The crowd laughed and asked that he shows a bit of it for them.)

LMH: I’ve been to different countries and it seems like all the fans are unanimous when it comes to my dancing. Like, I’m not really good at it.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a Benchsetter (Bench Global Ambassador)?
A: First of all, this is something I felt when I was here last time. Bench is very good when it comes to taking care of me. I feel like my fans wouldn’t have known about my visit and the fanmeeting but Bench paid attention to every details to make sure my fans know what was going on. Second, I feel that it’s an honor to be attached to a brand that is global. I feel very privileged to be part of the Bench family.

Q: How can you describe the relationship you have built with your fans over the years?
A: There’s really no one word that can encapsulate my relationship with my fans. They’re my lover, my friend, my family, my everything. I feel like over the years, the communication I have with my fans have deepened so I’m very grateful for that.

Q: What makes your Filipino fans different from your other fans?
A: First of all they’re very passionate. I feel that since there’s many beautiful islands in the Philippines, it reflects on the fans. I can see their romanticism and their feminism.

Q: Please invite them to your concert.
A: Tomorrow I’ll be doing my first official performance in the Philippines. I’m gonna show a different side of me, not a professional singer but a different Lee Min Ho. I’m looking forward to seeing all the fans at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. I wish that my Filipino fans will always be healthy and will always be happy.


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