Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lee Min Ho for PROMIZ 2017 Campaign "Let's Do It Together" - 22.02.2017

Lee Min Ho wins top award for boosting Korea’s brand

Actor Lee Min-ho was awarded the grand prize at the 2017 National Brand Awards held at the National Assembly Hall in Seoul on Wednesday.

“I traveled around the globe so many times over the past few years. I was so touched to see people (overseas) trying to write or speak Korean to me,” he said at the acceptance speech. “I will further try to contribute to Korea’s brand image.”

Lee Min Ho - "National Brand Awards" - 22.02.2017

Congratulations Lee Min Ho for winning National Brand Awards. We're so proud of you!~^^

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lee Min Ho’s Fans Successfully Complete Campaign To Raise Funds For Underprivileged Children

Lee Min Ho’s donation platform PROMIZ, organized by the actor and his fans, has raised 50 million won (approximately $44,000) for the charity organization Good Neighbors.

This donation fund was raised through Good Neighbors and PROMIZ’s collaborated social media campaign, which was held from January 16 to January 26. The Facebook pages of both organizations needed to receive more than 1,000 likes for PROMIZ to be able to donate the funds to help the needy children under Good Neighbors.

Good Neighbors stated, “Many people were able to participate in this campaign since it was through our social media. We will hold more donation campaigns with PROMIZ from now on.”

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lee Min Ho marks 10th year with 6,000 fans

Over 6,000 fans, including many from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong came to celebrate Lee Min-ho’s 10-year career at two fan meetings held over the weekend in Seoul.

Tickets for the events sold out almost as soon as they were released. Lee and the fans enjoyed the time together via special events to look back over his 10-year career. Lee spoke about his career and unveiled messages he received in the past years. 

The actor also revealed some of his personal life by showing the clothes he normally wears. 

“I was able to successfully finish the first act of my life because of you.” He said, “You are no longer like others (to me), you are rather like parts of my family and life.”

Lee Min Ho - 10th Debut Anniversary "The Originality of Lee Min Ho" Fan Meeting (Day 2) - 19.02.2017