Saturday, February 4, 2017

Americans’ 5 Favorite Korean Actors, Actresses, And Dramas Revealed

The U.S. branch of the Korea Creative Content Agency recently released the results of a survey they did through online K-drama streaming sites over a period of two weeks.

According to the survey, 73.5 percent of K-drama viewers in the United States are females between 10 and 35. The favorite genre is overwhelmingly romantic comedy, with 61.8 percent of the votes, while melodramas and historical dramas are second and third with 11.7 percent and 9.9 percent, respectively.

More results:

Favorite Korean actors:
1. Lee Min Ho
2. Lee Joon Gi
3. Lee Jong Suk
4. Song Joong Ki
5. Ji Chang Wook

source: soompi

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