Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Did Lee Min Ho struggle with language barriers for his Chinese movie?

Lee Min Ho shared his struggles with Chinese during the promotional event for his upcoming movie 'Bounty Hunters'.

The actor was asked about his experiences filming the Chinese movie, and Lee Min Ho answered, "At first I was worried about the unfamiliar environment and the language, but I got used to it once filming started. Communicating with the actors wasn't much different as how it is in Korea, so it wasn't particularly difficult."

However, Lee Min Ho expressed frustration on using Chinese, and explained, "I wanted to communicate with my fans, so I tried memorizing several lines, but it was so hard. So now I just use Korean."

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho's new Chinese movie is set to premier on July 1.

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Lee Min Ho - Message as Republic of Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Representative - 28.06.2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lee Min Ho at ChongQing JiangBei International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 27.06.2016

Our prince is back~^^

Departure, ChongQing JiangBei International Airport - 27.06.2016

Arrival, Incheon International Airport - 27.06.2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lee Min Ho Takes Care Of Fans After “Bounty Hunters” Event Is Canceled In China

A “Bounty Hunters” promotional event in China was recently canceled. Lee Minho’s agency said, “When thousands showed up for the ‘Bounty Hunters’ roadshow, local authorities canceled the event for safety reasons.

Lee Minho has been doing these events in various regions of China since November, and his agency explained, “Lee Minho visits to each region have attracted thousands of fans, but on June 25 in Guangzhou, more fans than usual were in attendance because it was the weekend.”

After the cancellation, Lee Min Ho made arrangements for the event to be replaced with a film screening, and the actor personally made an appearance at the theater to surprise fans.

For those that weren’t able to attend the screening because of limited seating, Lee Min Ho went out of his way to greet fans that were waiting for him in front of his hotel, despite protests from his security detail.

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credits: soompi

Lee Min Ho - "Bounty Hunters" Stage Greeting in Guangzhou, China - (Press Conference+Event) - 25.06.2016