Monday, June 6, 2016

Secrets to Lee Min Ho’s success

IT’S MORE than just talent and luck, South Korean actor Lee Min-ho answered when asked by the Inquirer about the secrets to his success in a recent e-mail interview. He explained: “Throughout my 10-year career, I’ve met a lot of people, experienced many different things, and learned a lot of lessons. Whether you want to be a good actor or singer, you need to be responsible and professional—and you have to learn to work well with other people and be a team player. And it’s important to know how to put yourself in other people’s shoes. I learned that being considerate helps me in my life and career.”

source: Daily Inquirer


  1. Yes!! Education, kindness and purposes straight ahead always!!! If he is what people says about him, it is nice to share this world because sucess can spoil any imature person.

  2. love your comments Minho!Patient, humility, love, adaptation to any situation you find yourself,I can also see you as a great giver.keep it up surely you will reap in 100 fold Amen.