Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lee Min Ho - "Gangnam Blues" Singapore Release Greeting Message - 29.01.2015

Lee Min Ho - "Gangnam Blues" Interview for Entertainment Now Thailand - 29.01.2015

Lee Min Ho for Eider Summer/Spring 2015 - Behind The Scene - 29.01.2015

Lee Min Ho for Taobao Mobile - Magic Love Master Commercial Film (Part 2) - 29.01.2015

Lee Min Ho and YG trainee Kim Ji Soo show off their good looks in bts cuts for 'Samsonite RED'

Actor Lee Min Ho and YG trainee Kim Ji Soo continue to show off their chemistry in bts cuts from their photoshoot for casual bag brand 'Samsonite RED'!

The two coupled up for 'Samsonite RED's pictorial and CF for its 2015 S/S collection, and got friendly with each other with their smiles and laughter.

A rep on set commented, "Despite Lee Min Ho's preparation for the premiere of his movie 'Gangnam 1970', and Kim Ji Soo's busy training schedule, they filmed smoothly without any signs of tiredness... In fact, they suggested poses first, and created a pleasant atmosphere."

Lee Min Ho - Media Interview - 29.01.2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lee Min Ho at Hong Kong International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 28.01.2015

Our Prince is back~^^

Departure, Hong Kong International Airport - 28.01.2015

Arrival, Incheon International Airport - 28.01.2015

Lee Min Ho for "Gangnam Blues" Stage Greeting - Behind The Scene - 28.01.2015

Lee Min Ho Will Choose Drama as His Next Project

Newsen Oh Hyo Jin
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Min Ho talked about his next project.

On January 27, the Chinese media outlet reported that Lee Min Ho visited Hong Kong for his fan meeting.

According to the report, Lee Min Ho departed for Hong Kong on January 26 in order to attend the fan meeting. It took him a considerable amount of time to leave the airport, being surrounded by the fans. He took about 20 seconds to thank the fans who waited for him at the airport for a long time.

Afterwards, Lee Min Ho attended the Hong Kong fan meeting on January 27, enjoying his time with about 300 fans. The actor gifted self-designed accessories to a number of randomly selected fans and presented various kinds of fan service, including taking selfies, giving hugs and more.

During the fan meeting, Lee Min Ho said, “The reason I can always work on a new project is all thanks to the fans. I wanted to thank all the fans through this opportunity.”

Young actors rise as big-screen heavyweights

Television hitmakers Kim Woo-bin, Lee Min-ho and Lee Seung-gi have expanded their sphere of influence by becoming major ticket sellers at the box office.

The three 20-something actors have long been TV’s favorite stars, and now they have proven that their popularity is not limited to the small screen.

Of the three, Lee Min-ho has made the biggest splash.

Director Yoo Ha’s “Gangnam 1970,” the first movie in which Lee Min-ho had a lead role, jumped straight to the top of the local box office and has been seen by 1.2 million audience members.

Lee Min Ho for Taobao Mobile - Magic Love Master Commercial Film (Part 1) - 28.01.2015

'Eider' releases behind-the-scenes cuts of actor Lee Min Ho

French outdoor brand 'Eider' released behind-the-scenes cuts from their recent 2015 S/S pictorial with actor Lee Min Ho.

In the pictures, you can see the beloved actor in light hiking outfits with ropes over his shoulders, heightening his athletic charms. In addition, Lee Min ho also wore clothes from 'Eider's casual crossover collection.

A rep from 'Eider' complimented Lee Min Ho for his refreshing yet sophisticated image that helped their brand grow. The rep said, "We are very pleased that Lee Min Ho was able to bring out a professional yet young image with our line as our outdoors model for the past four years."

source: allkpop