Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lee Min Ho ‘ready to confess his love’

Actor Lee Min-ho on Tuesday revealed that he dreams of falling in love at first sight.

“(My) last relationship was a year ago. I dream of fateful love,” Lee said at the media preview of his new film “Gangnam 1970.”

“I wonder if I will meet the love (I am) destined for when I go to work, at the airport or in the airplane. If I meet someone like that, I am fully prepared to confess my love on the spot.”

Regarding his schedule since the SBS drama “The Heirs” he said that he has had only three days off, and tries to stay at home as much as possible since he was snapped by the paparazzi three years ago.

“I watch movies at home, play games to spend the time (at home). I am used to it now,” he said.

“While shooting ‘Gangnam 1970,’ I expressed various emotions such as anger. (I) think I let it out through work.”

In “Gangnam 1970,” Lee plays Kim Jong-dae, a gangster hoping to cash in on the rapid development of the now-affluent Gangnam area of southern Seoul.


source: KPopHerald

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