Tuesday, January 13, 2015

‘Gangnam Blues’ Lee Min Ho says Jong-dae is man of desire

[Spot] ‘Gangnam Blues’ Lee Min-ho says Jong-dae is man of desire

A premier of the movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ was held on January 13th 1at Wangsimni CGV theather in hang-dang dong, Seong-dong gu, Seoul.

Actor Lee Min-ho confessed an episode of having a hard time shooting a cruel scene.

“I understand that everyone can be violent at times. It’s a matter of controlling your violence, with reason. When I was filming this movie, I tried to expressed my inner violence and cruelty for the first time in my life.” He said.

“I would have to say that it was not easy, even when I was not working. It was mentally devastated and exhausted, as I had to follow the atmosphere and take it in.” He confessed.

To the question asking about the senior actors, “When I meet someone in person, I tend to study that person by his or her first impression. When I met all the senior actors of ‘Gangnam Blues’, all of them were so nice and warm, they made me feel so comfortable. It was grateful.” Lee said. “I called Jeong Jin-young sunbaenim(senior), father from the first day I met him. I have always admired Kim Rae-won sunbaenim. I was able to shoot well, thanks to them.”

About his role in the movie, Lee min-ho said, “I had to get a clue from the present instead. I tried to understand how it is to struggle to make a living by sewing, and to be responsible for supporting a family at that time. Director Yu put it out into a story and came with a good result.” He expressed his gratitude for Director Yu Ha.

The movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ will hit the theaters from January 21st.

GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by Ryuma, English Translation by Veronica Choi

source: GETITK

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