Thursday, January 22, 2015

Actor Lee Min Ho Believes Dating Can Be a Way to Relieve Stress

During a recent interview, actor Lee Min Ho touched on the topics of dating and relationships.

When asked if dating might be a way for him to relieve stress in his life, the actor responded, “That’s true. Liking someone and having fluttering emotions could be a way to naturally relieve stress that comes from hard and tiring work. I would just like to have a one-sided love,” as he laughed.

The interviewer then asked if he is usually the one to break up or be broken up with in a relationship. Lee Min Ho explained, “I think the line between breaking up with and being broken up with is a bit ambiguous. I usually break up through mutual agreement. Just as all relationships begin by mutual agreement, I believe breaking up should also be done mutually. I’ve never had a one-way break up.”

On his opinion of friendship between men and women, Lee Min Ho shared, “Essentially, I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t think a man and a woman without feelings for one another can have a meal and drink tea. But I do believe that a man and a woman who dated for a long time can become friends again after a certain amount of time has passed.”

Do you agree with the actor’s statements?

source: soompi


  1. this is ridiculous of course we can have male friends and vice versa... Como down under the Equador and you see!!!!!

  2. This is just because koreans are very shy and limited with freewill and feelings and so son ..Maybe more... restricted and educated to do not show desire, sexual need. Most of them can not believe in diverse friendship!!!