Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lee Min Ho answers question about entering Hollywood + childhood photos revealed during his guerilla date

Lee Min Ho kept his promise of going on a guerilla date for KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay'!

When asked about doing action scenes while being injured for 'Gangnam 1970', "Honestly, I was wondering whether to say this or not because I was worried that viewers would watch with concern. But if you watch closely, I don't use my injured foot. I do all [of my action scenes] with my other foot." The reporter also unveiled photos from Lee Min Ho's childhood. When asked about his soccer skills after seeing a past photo of him on a youth soccer team, Lee Min Ho shared, "I think I can still shoot well. But to keep my legs skinny, [I don't play soccer often]."
When asked if he was good at academics in school, he honestly shared, "I didn't do well. I could do well if I tried, but I didn't. To be exact, it's not that I couldn't, it's just that I didn't." When asked where he put his focus on instead of his studies, he shared, "Girls." The reporter also unveiled a video of Lee Min Ho's days as a test model in his teens. When asked if he has any plans to enter Hollywood, he shared, "I get offers from Hollywood. But I'll try when I feel confident in myself, and think that I'm ready to take on the challenge." He also gave a short greeting in English to fans, sharing, "Hello, everyone. My name is Lee Min Ho. Thank you. I love you."

source: Allkpop

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