Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lee Min Ho - SBS Drama Award - 31.12.2013

Congratulations for Lee Min Ho, winning total of 5 Awards on SBS Drama Awards 2013 (SBS 연기대상 2013) - 31.12.2013!!~^^

List of Awards:
1. 10대스타상: 10 Star Award
2. 최고인기상: Best Popularity Award
3. 베스트드레서상: Best Dress Award
4. 베스트커플상: Best Couple Award (with Park Shin Hye)
5. 중편부분 남자 최우수상: High/Best Excellence Award (Male) for Mid-Length Drama



credits: SBS NOW

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 31.12.2013 - New Year's Greetings

Update on Twitter and Facebook: "From. LeeMinho Thanks & Happy New Year!"

Update on Weibo: " 我刚刚上传了一条视频:Chinese_Leeminho_ Thanks&HappyNewYear_2014 ,快来看吧。"
English Translation: "I just post a video, Chinese_Leeminho_ Thanks&HappyNewYear_2014 please check it out. "

Update on Me2Day: "2014년, 건강하고 항상 행복하세요! "
English Translation: "Year of 2014, may you always be happy and healthy!"
Video Subject: "Happy new year!"

Update on LINE Messenger: "From. LeeMinho Thanks! & Happy New Year! "

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Lee Min Ho "'The Inheritors', wanted to keep forever a boy Lee Min Ho"

[OSEN=Park Jung Sun] The real Lee Min Ho when not on TV looked rather a little bit calmer than Kim Tan. Maybe it is because not long after SBS ‘He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs’ (Also known as ‘The Inheritors’) is over, it was a calmness that looked like it had a little bit of fatigue also. Lee Min Ho, who is wearing a green knit sweater, left the drama ‘The Inheritors’ and looked like he is quietly saying bye and stepping away from Kim Tan.

‘The Inheritors’ had a high viewer rate of 25.6% (Nilson Korea, Nationwide basis) on its last episode that aired on December 12th and the drama ended. Not only the viewer rate in numbers, it also created various popular words and phrases and it obviously was a work that had a powerful ability to reach out and influence. And in the center, there was Lee Min Ho, who played the role of the main character Kim Tan.

Started in fall and lasted until winter, Lee Min Ho spent two seasons with Kim Tan fever but he was calm and composed than expected. While looking at the snowfall on the day of the last shooting, he said that he thought ‘I think the snow is celebrating our end’.

“Starting from the time after shooting the middle part of the drama, it was tough because of all the schedules. When the drama was over, the snow was falling and I thought that ‘The snow is celebrating our end’. (Park) Shin Hye cried a lot. For me, because I cried a lot in the drama, I did not cry on the last day of the shooting.

The truth is, soon after we met Lee Min Ho, we asked about the kissing scene with Park Shin Hye. Different from our expectations that he is going to be shy about it, he smiled mischievously like a boy and he said he just did what is written on the script. Also, the journalist who asked the question and Lee Min Ho both admitted that the kiss was somewhat ‘Sexual’.

Lee Min Ho - LOEN Entertainment - Ask in a Box: Unreleased Cuts - My Everything

credits: LOEN Entertainment

Lee Min Ho - Media Interview - 30.12.2013