Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Con Artists Targeted Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Lee Min Ho And Kim Soo Hyun

On July 24 KDramaStars reported that a con artist had stolen Lee Jong Suk's personal seal and was making lucrative contracts without the actor's permission. The unnamed con artist used the seal to sign contracts and lure investors into giving him large amounts of money.

The con artist then created fake bank accounts in Lee Jong Suk's name, which he could withdraw money from. The theft was reported to the police and fortunately, a suspect was arrested.

Lee Jong Suk is not the only Hallyu star reported to have fallen victim to identify theft. Con artists have allegedly targeted Park Hae Jin, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun, looking to make money off their fame. The fraud cases involved people pretending to be managers and making deals they are not authorized to make, using fake identification.

Lee Min Ho for Korean Tourism Commercial Film + Behind The Scene "Korea. Let Your Story Begin" - 28.07.2015

Commercial Film

 Behind The Scene


Lee Min Ho for Samsonite RED - Fall/Winter 2015 - 29.07.2015

Lee Min Ho for PROMIZ - Photo Message - 29.07.2015

Lee Min Ho and YG Rookie Kim Ji Soo Pose Together in Sweet Pictorial for ‘Samsonite Red’

Actor Lee Min Ho and YG Entertainment’s upcoming rookie girl group memberKim Ji Soo recently took part in a photo shoot as endorsement models for ‘Samsonite Red.’

On July 29, a lovely pictorial for casual bag brand ‘Samsonite Red’ featuring the two stars was revealed.

In the pictorial cuts, Lee Min Ho and Kim Ji Soo act out different scenarios as a sweet couple, posing together and modeling the fashion brand’s bags.

Individual photos of each of them were also released, in which Lee Min Ho can be seen showing off his soft yet charismatic charms, while Kim Ji Soo is seen putting her bright smile and fresh looks on display.

It is said that the two people comfortably carried out the photo shoot for the Fall/Winter line of ‘Samsonite Red,’ and continuously held up an energetic atmosphere on set.

source: soompi

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lee Min Ho for Shimao Property - 28.07.2015

Lee Min Ho Chosen as Representative Face of Korea for PR Campaign

Actor Lee Min Ho has been selected to be the representative face of Korea.

His agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed on July 28, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will supervise a new international ad campaign to present Korea’s attractions, and has selected Lee Min Ho as the center of the campaign.”

The campaign hopes to recover some of the losses faced by the tourist market due to the side-effects of the MERS crisis. Lee Min Ho will introduce main national tourist attractions through video advertisements. The videos, which finished shooting in mid-July, feature Lee Min Ho in a variety of representative Korean tourist locations including Cheongyecheon Stream, Seochon, and Samcheong-dong.

The main message of this ad campaign? “Korea. Let Your Story Begin.”

Famous film director Park Myung Cheon, together with Taiwanese director Wayne Peng, are said to have captured Korea’s beauty and the dignity of Hallyu stars. A representative from Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “Through this work, Korea’s beauty can be shown to the world. It was a valuable time.” Lee Min Ho’s PR campaign will air on CNN in the U.S., China’s Central TV (CCTV), and other international television stations. As for Korea, it is slated to air on Arirang TV.

Are you looking forward to seeing Lee Min Ho in the ad campaign?

source: soompi

Lee Min Ho - Korean Tourism Advertisement Photo Shoot - 28.07.2015

Lee Min Ho at Incheon International Airport and Auckland International Airport - 27.07.2015 - 28.07.2015

Our prince is heading to Auckland, New Zealand to shoot a Commercial Film with Eider~^^

Departure, Incheon International Airport - 27.07.2015