Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won Want to Do a Melodrama If They Work Together Again

Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won recently took home the “Producer’s Choice” award from the 19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Accepting his award, Lee Min Ho said, “I think this is the first award I’ve gotten for a movie. That will make this an award that I don’t forget for a very, very long time.”

Moon Chae Won said, “Why is this award so heavy? My heart’s beating so fast right now.”

With both actors on stage, a reporter asked, referring to an old film – “ET At Our School” – that the two did together, “If you had to work together on a project again, what kind of film would you like to shoot?”

Eliciting cheers from spectating fans and a smile from Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won said, “I’d like if it were a melodrama. I’d also like for a more physical action film.”

Lee Min Ho just couldn’t let the action film statement fly, and joked, asking Moon Chae Won, “Aren’t you not very athletic?”

But he agrees, in the end: “If I were to do another project with Moon Chae Won, because I’m the age to be doing melodramas, I think that would look the best.”

Would you like to see Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won in a melodrama together?

source: soompi

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