Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lee Min Ho’s ‘Gangnam 1970′ special screening in Japan draws 8,000 fans

Lee Min Ho‘s movie ‘Gangnam 1970‘ (director: Yoo Ha) recently held a special screening in Japan, and gathered over 8,000 Japanese fans.

The special screening was held twice in a day at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, and the number of fans in attendance was a rare sight that even local actors might find it hard to match.

Many local media outlets were in attendance to do their reporting, and they expressed that it was hard for a large scale movie event like this to be held, especially with Korean movies not doing really well in Japan recently. But Lee Min Ho’s improved and upgraded performance in ‘Gangnam 1970,’ managed to draw attention from fans in Japan.

Lee Min Ho had amassed much popularity in Japan through dramas like ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ ‘City Hunter,’ and ‘The Heirs,’ where he put on sterling performances in them. Lee Min Ho had a breakthrough performance in ‘Gangnam 1970,’ where he showed off his upgraded acting.

‘Gangnam 1970′ focuses on the lucrative real estate development frenzy in Gangnam in the seventies, and Japanese viewers would no doubt find it hard to get into the story. But this did not affect their viewing however, and some were even moved to tears. As the movie rolled its credits at the end, everyone stood up to give a round of applause.

Lee Min Ho personally attended the screening schedules which lasted 6 hours, and actively interacted with viewers as he shared his thoughts on filming the movie. Japanese fans also expressed their anticipation for Lee Min Ho’s performances after he turns 30 years old.

Meanwhile, ‘Gangam 1970′ will open in cinemas across Japan from October 17th.

By: Alvin

source: KPopFighting

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