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Lee Min Ho for LOHAS乐活 Magazine - June 2014 Issue - 27.05.2014

Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun to Meet with Fans through Special Events

Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun will be meeting with the fans through special marketing events hosted by A Twosome Place and Tous Les Jours.

A Twosome Place and Tous Les Jours recently released videos on their respective Facebook pages, featuring Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun preparing for their dates with the fans.

A Twosome Place and Tous Les Jours will be providing fans with opportunities too meet Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho through each of their online events by randomly selecting 400 fans out of all applicants and giving out tickets to the star’s fan meeting.

An affiliate of A Twosome Place and Tous Les Jours said, “About 39,400 requests have been made over ten days since the event videos were uploaded.”

source: ENewsWorld

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lee Min Ho expresses his sadness with the passing of a long-time fan

Actor Lee Min Ho took to SNS to express his sadness at the loss of a long-time fan.

He wrote on May 23, "I remember you. I feel that I was unable to keep giving you hope until the very end, so I am sorry. I will become an actor that can provide dreams, hope, and happiness to many more people as much as the love you've given me the last five years. I hope you will always be happy where you are now."

A rep from his agency stated, "Lee Min Ho heard the sad news while working on his movie and uploaded that writing after thinking through complicated thoughts. Lee Min Ho had many chances to closely communicate with his fans through events, fan signing, fan meetings, and more, but that was a fan who always came to every single one of those. They were on close terms enough to greet each other and ask about their lives. He even know that person was ill, so it was very painful for him when he heard the news."

Lee Min Ho included a picture of himself that appeared to have been taken by the fan during an event.

source: allkpop

When Lee Min Ho shows interest in someone... 6 steps in behavior change

People say about this guy like this,

“A statue is walking.”

Would it be because of his appearance? He has too selfish height, 187cm. His skills of playing piano and guitar are just a plus. He has nothing missing. But he has one thing missing….

“That is L.o.v.e. C.e.l.l”

He is complete ‘Lee Min Ho’. But he has never been into relationship with a girl. He is ‘Matrix single’. He only has fantastic chemistry with his puppy, ‘Brown’. Their relationship is similar to Kristoff and Sven of the animation, ‘Frozen’.

Why would we talk about Lee Min Ho’s love cell?

This is a story of ‘LOVE LINE’ which is a Chinese mini-drama of SNS messenger, ‘LINE’. He has transformed into a matrix single in this drama. He also has relationship with Chinese actor, Haden Ku through SNS.

We will first introduce the role of Lee Min Ho. He has taken the role of a global music producer, ‘Min Ho’. He is handsome with smart ability. He falls in love at the first sight of LingLing (Haden Ku), who came to Korea.

But it’s not easy having relationship with someone. It’s just like as if she’s mine, but she’s not. There is no push and pull in their relationship. Lee Min Ho is not good with love. He just loves innocently and directly. Would their love come true?

We would look how Lee Min Ho falls into love.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 23.05.2014

Update on Facebook and Twitter: "당신을 기억합니다. 끝까지 당신에게 희망이 되어주지 못한 거 같아 미안합니다. 5년간 당신이 내게 준 사랑만큼 앞으로 더 많은 이들에게 꿈과 희망 행복을 줄 수 있는 배우가 되겠습니다. 그곳에서도 늘 행복하길 바랍니다."

English Translation: "I remember you. I am sorry for not being able to give you hope until the end. I am very thankful that you have love me for 5 years; for you, i hope from now on that in the future, i can be a good actor that can give happiness, dream and hope to fans and many other people. I hope that you will always be happy there~"

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P.S -> Lee Min Ho is tweeting to show his condolences for a Minoz Korea by the nickname "Rabbit" that just pass away due to cancer. All of International Minoz grief for her since she has been following Lee Min Ho for so long and share beautiful updates about Lee Min Ho. However, we should be happy since she wouldn't feel any pain anymore and will take care of our prince Lee Min Ho from heaven. Please rest in peace our sister and please be happy always. Do not get hurt and please continue to help us taking care of Lee Min Ho from the above, for now you're one of his guardian angel. Thank You for all of the beautiful updates, we won't ever forget you. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Posters of Lee Min Ho fill up a street in Tokyo in honor of the actor's 8th anniversary

Fans celebrated Lee Min Ho's 8th anniversary since his debut with an 'Lee Min Ho street' in Tokyo!

The actor's fan club 'Minoz Japan' ('Kizuna') hung up posters and flags that were all over the main street (1 km) of Shinjuku, Tokyo, which read, "Lee Min Ho. The 8th anniversary of a debut. Congratulations," and "Min Ho sshi, we will continue to support you. Gain strength~." Fans all around the world have also been celebrating the actor's anniversary with congratulatory messages.

Lee Min Ho shared, "As my years of experience as an actor stack up, I feel more of an earnest gratitude for my fans... I will do my best to be an actor who communicates [with fans] through productions and more to return the fans' [love]."

He is currently awaiting the premiere of his film 'Gangnam Blues'.

Congrats on your 8th anniversary, Lee Min Ho!

source: allkpop

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lee Min Ho for Lotte Duty Free Shop Commercial Film "You're So Beautiful" - 21.05.2014

Lee Min Ho's Cut

Behind The Scene

Lee Min Ho's mini drama series getting explosive reactions in China

Lee Min Ho's mini drama series is getting explosive reactions in China.

Lee Min Ho is active as an advertisement model of a mobile messenger in China these days, and his new mini drama series, 'ONE LINE LOVE', is getting explosive reactions from many Chinese fans.

The series is composed of three episodes, and they were released through a Chinese VOD website last week. The series was made for promotion of the mobile messenger application, and each episode is about 15 minutes long.

The drama shows a Korean guy and Chinese girl communicating through the mobile messenger, and Taiwanese Haden Kuo(郭碧婷) casted in the drama as Lee Min Ho's partner.

Lee Min Ho casted in the drama as a charming music producer, who falls in love with a Chinese tourist named 'Ling Ling' while walking his dog at a park. The drama was shot at Namsan and Incheon airport, and each episode includes a great number of different beautiful scenes.

A great number of fans are showing particularly great reactions for the scene, which shows Lee Min Ho proposing to Ling Ling, playing a piano at the lobby of Incheon airport.

Even though the drama is only a kind of advertisement that was produced for a promotional purpose, it got over 20 million views just in four days.

A representative said, "This series got over 20 million views even though it is not an official drama series. This clearly shows Lee Min Ho's power. This is way beyond any other official dramas that are being broadcasted on TV, and we will present a great number of other services for promotion."

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is shooting a new film called 'Gangnam Blues' these days.

/Reporting by Noh I-seul en@starnnews.com

source: StarNNews

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lee Min Ho for Eider Summer/Spring - ICE T Commercial Film - 15.05.2014

15 seconds

30 seconds

Lee Min Ho for Lotte Duty Free Shop Commercial Film "You're So Beautiful" - 15.05.2014

credits: LOTTE

P.S -> Please be patient while you're watching this video since Lee Min Ho's part is almost at the end on this commercial. As all of you may know, the commercial of Lotte Duty Free Shop has so many actors/actresses and entertainers. Besides Lee Min Ho, you can actually see Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Jin Woo, Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Seok, 2PM, EXO, Super Junior and ERU in the commercial~^^

Lee Min Ho for NAVER LINE Messenger Micro Drama [EPISODE 2] - 15.05.2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lee Min Ho for OSIM uDIVA - Mother's Day Special - 14.05.2014

Lee Min Ho for Naver LINE Messenger Commercial Film - Interview - 14.05.2014

Lee Min Ho Makes Comeback with Chinese Mini Drama “One LINE Love” for Mobile Messenger App LINE

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is making waves once again in China through Naver’s global messenger app “LINE.”

LINE has set Lee Min Ho as the main character of a promotional three-part mini drama titled “One LINE Love,” which was revealed on May 9 through China’s VOD (video-on-demand) site IQiyi. As soon as the drama was open to the public, it recorded more than five million hits, earning explosive popularity in China.

The 15-minute episodes depict a story of a female Chinese tourist who goes to Korea and meets a man. Due to their language barrier, the two people use the mobile messenger app LINE to communicate with one another. In the story, Lee Min Ho plays the role of “Min Ho,” a music producer with both good looks and skills. Taiwanese actress, Bea Hayden, plays the role of the tourist named “Ling Ling.” The two actors were seen filming around various areas in Seoul, including the Namsan Tower last month.

The actor’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed, “’One LINE Love’ has been receiving a lot of love since its opening. It is being spread by word-of-mouth at an extremely fast rate, causing it to have such high numbers of views.”
Following the popularity of “Boys of Over Flowers” and “The Heirs,” Lee Min Ho is gaining tremendous popularity throughout China. Lee Min Ho is currently in the middle of filming for upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.”

“One LINE Love” will reveal its second episode on May 15 and the third episode on May 16.

source: soompi

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Lee Min Ho for NAVER LINE Messenger Micro Drama - Behind The Scene - 07.05.2014

version 1:

 version 2:

 version 3:


credits:Aura M-HO

Lee Min Ho for KIA K3S Charity Auction Event - 07.05.2014

All of the clothes that Lee Min Ho use during his KIA K3S Commercial Film will be put up for an auction for charity. All of the Auction result will proceed to support children road safety program, or sending soccer ball (for playing soccer and football) for schools in rural area. The auction for charity event will start on May 13, 2014.