Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lee Min Ho expresses his sadness with the passing of a long-time fan

Actor Lee Min Ho took to SNS to express his sadness at the loss of a long-time fan.

He wrote on May 23, "I remember you. I feel that I was unable to keep giving you hope until the very end, so I am sorry. I will become an actor that can provide dreams, hope, and happiness to many more people as much as the love you've given me the last five years. I hope you will always be happy where you are now."

A rep from his agency stated, "Lee Min Ho heard the sad news while working on his movie and uploaded that writing after thinking through complicated thoughts. Lee Min Ho had many chances to closely communicate with his fans through events, fan signing, fan meetings, and more, but that was a fan who always came to every single one of those. They were on close terms enough to greet each other and ask about their lives. He even know that person was ill, so it was very painful for him when he heard the news."

Lee Min Ho included a picture of himself that appeared to have been taken by the fan during an event.

source: allkpop

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