Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lee Min Ho's mini drama series getting explosive reactions in China

Lee Min Ho's mini drama series is getting explosive reactions in China.

Lee Min Ho is active as an advertisement model of a mobile messenger in China these days, and his new mini drama series, 'ONE LINE LOVE', is getting explosive reactions from many Chinese fans.

The series is composed of three episodes, and they were released through a Chinese VOD website last week. The series was made for promotion of the mobile messenger application, and each episode is about 15 minutes long.

The drama shows a Korean guy and Chinese girl communicating through the mobile messenger, and Taiwanese Haden Kuo(郭碧婷) casted in the drama as Lee Min Ho's partner.

Lee Min Ho casted in the drama as a charming music producer, who falls in love with a Chinese tourist named 'Ling Ling' while walking his dog at a park. The drama was shot at Namsan and Incheon airport, and each episode includes a great number of different beautiful scenes.

A great number of fans are showing particularly great reactions for the scene, which shows Lee Min Ho proposing to Ling Ling, playing a piano at the lobby of Incheon airport.

Even though the drama is only a kind of advertisement that was produced for a promotional purpose, it got over 20 million views just in four days.

A representative said, "This series got over 20 million views even though it is not an official drama series. This clearly shows Lee Min Ho's power. This is way beyond any other official dramas that are being broadcasted on TV, and we will present a great number of other services for promotion."

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is shooting a new film called 'Gangnam Blues' these days.

/Reporting by Noh I-seul

source: StarNNews

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