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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 29.06.2012

@ 20.24 PM: "分享图片 가을겨울 화보촬영중이예요. 옷갈아입는동안 기다리는 스텝분들 ㅎㅎ 즐거운주말되세요!"

English Translation: "Sharing Picture doing photo shoot for Autumn and Winter collection. All of the staffs are waiting for me while i change my clothes, hehehe..have a great weekend!"

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Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

Lee Min Ho for Semir - Commercial Film [England Fashion - The Journey of British]

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 26.06.2012

너무 많은 축하 보내주셔서 감사합니다. 촬영을 하느라 생일이 지났네요 ^^
Today has been pretty busy working on a drama shooting to realize my 26th birthday! It has passed so quickly, but all the good wishes and cheers made me very happy! :) Thank you again for your sweet messages! They mean a lot to me as you know well. Then have a fantastic day everyone and see you soon! :) bye!

非常感谢大家都祝贺我的生日,, 我忙着拍戏都忘记我的生日已经过去了,,哈哈

[Video: From Minho. 2012,06,22]
我希望我正在拍的电视剧 The Faith获得大成功,以及我的付出不是白费
誕生日でしたが、今日も撮影をしました。今撮影しているドラマ(the faith)が大成功すると良いですね。頑張ってる分、大きな結果が出ると嬉しいです。
Of all the wishes that i want, I hope a new tv drama that is supposed to be aired in few months, The Faith will be successful. I believe it would be so rewarding as much as I do my best, wouldn't it? As well, it will be just as fine as you cheer! :)

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English Translation of Lee Min Ho's speech on the video by Lee Min Ho's World:
"It’s my birthday. And I had film shooting as well. I hope ‘The Faith’ does well. I hope for a good result as much as I’ve put my best effort into it. Thank you! Bye~"

English Translation of the video: Solly @ Lee Min Ho's World

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 21.06.2012

Update on Weibo:
@ 13.50 PM: "1년전 이맘때인가.. 꽤 오래된 사진인데.. 저도 이제야 봤어요ㅋ"
English Translation: "One year ago at  Minoz Happy Days...i'm feeling old by looking at the photo..currently looking at it right now, kekeke"

Update on Facebook and Twitter: "작년 Minoz 날에. 시간이 참 빠르네요ㅋ"
English Translation: "Last year on Minoz Happy days. Time flies so fast, kekeke"

Update on Me2Day: "작년 Minoz 날에. 시간이 참 빠르네요ㅋ
English Translation: "Last year on Minoz Happy days. Time flies so fast, kekeke "

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English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport 15.06.2012 to the United States

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Lee Min Ho for《瑞丽服饰美容》Interview - July 2012 Issue

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Lee Min Ho - Happy Birthday to CeCi China 20.06.2012

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Interview with Lee Min Ho who’s an active user of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

Original LINE Interview in Japanese: CLICK ME

Interview with Lee Min Ho who’s an active user of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT!!

There are 16 famous celebrities under [LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS].

Today, we interviewed a newly joined member of LINE, Lee Min Ho, who’s a famous Korean actor, and we wanted to know how he uses his LINE and what made him want to join LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS!

It has only been a week since Lee Min Ho joined LINE, and he sent us photos during the time when he was shooting for his drama or TV commercial. And of course, he answered in Japanese as best as he could for his Japanese fans!

We were told that Lee Min Ho personally uses his LINE account. He answered some of our questions below.

Q. Please tell us when you use your LINE account.
A. I use it when I want to keep in touch with my friends, or when I want to share my updates using the chatting feature(talk).

Q. What’s your favorite (or commonly used) LINE stamp? Also, when do you use it?
A. I use it when someone says something and it’s hard for me to give a reaction, or if it’s something that’s hard for me to answer.

Q. In the future for LINE users, you can deliver various information and exchange messages with your fans on real time, are you interested?
A. I want to know more updates about my fans and find common interests. I think it would be fun to have something in common to talk about.

Q. Through the use of LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, you can directly communicate with your fans. Please share some words.
A. Hello, this is Lee Min Ho. I’m thrilled to find out that I can meet all of you through LINE. I think it’s great to be able to exchange updates about one another. Not only mine, but rather I would like to hear a lot more updates about you. Always be happy ^^

Q. Please leave a message for your fans!
A. Thank you everyone for your interest in ‘City Hunter in SEOUL.’ I am currently filming for my new drama ‘The Faith’ (working title), and I think it will be an amazing drama. I will update you through LINE.

We are looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s future updates, and see him appear as an ON-AIR status!

Original Source: Starhaus Entertainment’s Facebook
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (

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Lee Min Ho for《瑞丽服饰美容》 July 2012 Issue

credits: As Tagged, DC

Lee Min Ho′s Hair Piece for ′Faith′ Takes Five Hours

2012-06-19 15:20 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

Lee Min Ho showed off how he transitions from the present to the past for his upcoming historic-fusion drama.

On June 19, Lee Min Ho updated his Facebook with new pictures saying, “Currently at an advertisement shoot set. The staff here are working to hide my long hair and I’m keeping watch on my acting. From modern day to the past, from the past to modern day. So confusing.”

The two pictures showed Lee Min Ho in different appearances, style and ‘time periods’.

The photos show Lee Min Ho in a warrior outfit for his upcoming SBS historic drama Faith and Lee Min Ho dressed in modern attire with his usual straight locks, while he monitors his acting through the video camera.

Lee Min Ho’s hairpiece for his upcoming drama Faith, was specially designed for Lee Min Ho’s role by the special effects team.

Each strand of hair is glued onto Lee Min Ho’s existing hair to ensure the piece doesn’t fall out during his scenes and takes up to five hours each time Lee Min Ho changes from his longer drama hair style to his normal shorter hair style. Lee Min Ho’s Faith will premiere in August and also star Kim Hee Sun.

Photo credit: Lee Min Ho’s Facebook
Source: enewsworld

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 19.06.2012

Update on Facebook and Twitter: " 현대에서 과거로~ 과거에서 현대로~ 정신없네요 ^^"

Update on Me2Day: "현대에서 과거로~ 과거에서 현대로~ 정신없네요 ^^"

Update on Weibo: "현대에서 과거로~ 과거에서 현대로~ 정신없네요 ^^ 从现代去到过去,再从过去回到现代,我太忙了 ^^ Time Slip ?"

English Translation: "Jump from the future to go back to the past~ Jump from the future to go back to the past again~ i can do this ^^ Time Slip ?"

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Lee Min Ho transforms into an action star

Lee Min Ho emerges as an action star through his upcoming SBS Drama ‘Faith.’

The upcoming drama ‘Faith’ is set to air this August, and will replace the time slot after the drama ‘The Chaser’ ends. The plot for ‘Faith’ is about a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty falling in love with a present time female doctor. Throughout this drama, Lee Min Ho will be playing the king’s personal escort known as General Choi Young.

Lee Min Ho received high praise for his acting in SBS ‘City Hunter.’ He also added his own twist into some of his action moves which includes the ‘spoon action,’ ‘water bottle action,’ and ‘hat action.’

We can expect to see him shine once again through ‘Faith.’ A representative for the drama ‘Faith’ said, “Lee Min Ho showed off some very difficult action moves in ‘City Hunter’ which is why he desires to show more,” and, “He also shares his own ideas and suggestions which makes the shooting become more enthusiastic.” Also, “The action from ‘Faith’ will have a different feel from ‘City Hunter.’ Because it [Faith] is a fusion historical drama, you will see a lot more swordsmanship.”

Lee Min Ho will be portraying as Choi Young, a general known to be innocent yet clumsy, in which the viewers will see a different kind of charm.

Some of the scenes from ‘Faith’ will have CG (Computer Graphics) in which they’ve hired more than 10 people to finish the work. Also, the action team from ‘City Hunter’ will collaborate again with Lee Min Ho for ‘Faith’ in order to come up with more colorful action scenes.

This fusion romantic comedy drama will include politics and martial arts, and is also another collaboration work with Scriptwriter Song Ji Na and Director Kim Jong Hak. Also, it will be Kim Hee Sun’s comeback after 6 years which raises even more expectation.

Although the plot sounds similar to the currently airing drama ‘Dr. Jin,’ the production team’s representative stated, “The only thing that’s in common is the time traveling part but other than that, it will be a whole new different drama.”

Original Source: Sports Chosun
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 15.06.2012

Update on Facebook and Twitter:
"촬영장소에서 찍었던 사진.. 조용하죠 ㅎㅎ 즐거운하루되세요. ^^ Good morning ~ This photo is from the drama's filming location. Have a nice day. 早上好~  我自己在拍戏的地方拍过的风景照给大家看! 是不是很美?今天也我们一起加油吧!おはよう~ ^^ 撮影場で撮った写真です ^^ 静かですね‾ 楽な一日になってください."

Update on Weibo: "分享图片 早上好~ ^^ 我自己在拍戏的地方拍过的风景照给大家看! 是不是很美?今天也我们一起加油吧!촬영장소에서.. 조용하죠 ㅎㅎ 즐거운하루되세요."

Update on Me2Day: "촬영장소에서 찍었던 사진.. 조용하죠 ㅎㅎ 편안한 하루되세요. ^^"

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K-Pop star is new Bench model

I don't have to say it to all of you, my Minoz friends..all of you can guess who's the prince charming guy on the picture that will be "Bench" new model, right?? ~^^

Source: The Philippine Star,

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Lee Min Ho changes into a charismatic swordsman on Faith

Lee Min Ho changed into a charismatic swordsman on Faith.

On June 13, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee’s agency, released some pictures taken on the set of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith.

The scenes in the pictures were filmed for a week from June 5 in Changwon. As the set was open to the public, many people swarmed to see Lee. During the break time, he also got in a flood of flashlights.

In the pictures, Lee is wielding a sward, portraying the character Choi Young. In a composite picture that two different Choi Young are staring at each other, there is a lot of tension as if Choi Young is sparring with himself. In another picture, he’s showing off a cute look with a bright smile.

Choi Young that Lee’s playing in the series is a stubborn yet innocent warrior in his late 20s.

In the series, Choi Young meets and confronts Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a plastic surgeon who comes to the Koryo Dynasty from the modern times. However, they soon fall in love with each other.

People responded: “He’s so charismatic from the back,” “He’s good enough to become a warrior because he’s so tall,” “The armor fits him so perfectly,” “He’s going to cut the enemies with his sharp nose, not the sword,” “A warrior over flowers,” “I want to touch Lee Min Ho’s thick eyebrows.”

Starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Duk Hwan, Park Se Young, Lee Phillip, and Shin Eun Jung, Faith will start airing in August after Ghost.

Source: Starnews,

"Faith" Lee Min-ho's first historical challenge

Actor Lee Min-ho was revealed in his suit of armor.

A fan of Lee Min-ho's personally took pictures of him on site of the SBS drama "Faith" and posted them on a blog.

The drama "Faith" was filmed on its set for a week now since the 5th. Open to the public, the site was crowded with people gathered to see Lee Min-ho and during break time, there was flashes from camera everywhere as if it were a fan meeting scene.

This picture was apparently taken with a zoom-in lense and even the word "Faith" is on there in a brush-like font so it seems like the main page of an official site. Those who have seen this picture are surprised at how well it was taken, thinking an official page had already been put up when the drama hadn't even started yet.

Lee Min-ho in the picture is waving around his sword as the warrior (the king's warrior Choi Yeong). In the synthetic picture of the two same characters facing each other, there is tension surrounding it as if he is fighting with himself. In other pictures, he is smiling like a boy.

Being in his mid-20s in the drama, Choi Yeong is a blunt warrior who never laughs but is also quite random. He sometimes grins brightly.

This character of Choi Yeong faces conflicts with the female doctor Eun-soo who flies over from the modern times to the Koryo times but soon feels attracted to her.

Those who have seen the movie say, "He is so cute but charismatic at the same time", "He is well fit for this role being so tall and all", "I didn't know he would look so good in armor" and more.

SBS drama "Faith" will be aired in August with a cast of Lee Min-ho, Kim Hee-seon, Ryoo Deok-han,Park Se-yeong, Lee Philip, Sin Eun-jeong and more.

Credits: hancinema