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Lee Min Ho - SBS Drama Awards 2011 31.12.2011

Interview @ Red Carpet

Greeting Message

English Translation for the greeting message: 
"Hello, this is Lee Min Ho. On the last day of 2011, I’m glad to be here at the drama awards. I hope that you will finish the year end on a good note, and for the year of the dragon in 2012, I hope things will go well according to you. Have a Happy New Year, and always stay healthy and happy. Thank you!"

English Translation By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (Please Credit her if you re-post this)
Video Credits: SBSNOW1

Lee Min Ho won 3 awards at SBS Drama Awards 2011 and they were TOP 10 Stars, Netizen Popularity Award and Top Excellence Award (Drama Special). Chukkaeyo, Lee Min Ho ssi!! you deserve it!! ^^

Winning Top 10 Stars and Netizen Popularity Award:

Winning Top Excellence Award (Drama Special):

Video Credits: meowm1313,

Lee Min Ho - MBC Drama Awards 30.12.2011

Lee Min Ho was presenting the Excellence Award (Mini-series Actor & Actress) with Lee So Yeon at MBC Drama Awards 2011

Translation on opening dialogue (based on c-sub by 瘋狂的貧道@weibo)

LSY: There is continuous acclaim since Lee Min Ho appears on stage. Since “Personal Taste” last year, found that you have always created different images/ characters in drama. Do you have plans to play a role in MBC drama next year?

LMH: Up till now there is no concrete plan yet. What kind of character do you think it fits me?

LSY: How about choosing one of the character from MBC dramas this year?

LMH: There are a lot of good dramas & characters from MBC this year. Choose only one would be a very difficult decision.

LSY: Then how about Dok Gu Jin in “Best Love”?

LMH: That’s a character that can make people happy and is very charismatic, it is really very attractive to an actor. If I play this role, I think it won’t be that popular as Cha Seung Won sunbae did.

LSY: Lee Min Ho is very humble~

LMH: How about Lee So Yeon ssi? Which character in MBC drama is the most attractive to you?

LSY: Actually I also love the drama “Best Love”, that kind of cute character played by Gong Hyo Jin is very attractive to me.

LMH: I think you can also handle that kind of character very well.

LSY: Thank you


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Lee Min Ho receives casting offer to work with Andy Lau

Actor Lee Min Ho‘s popularity is on the rise, as seen by the numerous casting offers he’s been receiving from producers in China.

His most recent work proposal was for a production with top star Andy Lau. A representative stated, “Lee Min Ho’s most recent love call was a piece with Andy Lau. If he were to accept it, then this piece would surpass [the borders of] Asia and become a global project. Lee Min Ho is very popular in China. He probably has more popularity than most idol stars. There has been quite a competition on casting the star.”

Thanks to his hit drama ‘City Hunter‘, Lee Min Ho has been receiving a ton of invitations for fantasy and action pieces. Last July, famous Hong Kong and American film producer Terrance Chang made a surprise visit to the set of ‘City Hunter’ just for Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “It is true Lee Min Ho has been receiving a lot of casting calls from China. However nothing is confirmed. We will make a decision after careful thinking and planning.”

Source + Image: Naver
Source Credits: Allkpop

Lee Min Ho - Semir Summer / Spring 2012 Wallpaper

1024 * 768 

1280 * 1024

1440 * 990

Semir Official Website:

Credits: Semir,

Lee Min Ho - Semir Summer / Spring 2012 CF [15s]

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The Sky's the Limit for Lee Min Ho! Impending Chinese/Hollywood Debut?

Lee Min Ho’s recent meeting with Andy Lau, a popular singer, actor, and film producer in Hong Kong, is garnering a lot of attention from both the press and netizens. Through dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” and “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho has become a household name in China and elsewhere. Recently, he met with thousands of his Chinese fans during his “2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting” in Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that Lee Min Ho has been receiving several love calls from Chinese producers. Out of the several projects he’s been offered, one stands out because it stars the legendary Andy Lau.

A source stated, “One of the projects sent to Lee Min Ho for consideration stars Andy Lau. If Lee Min Ho accepts, this will be a global project, something that will go beyond Asia.” He added, “Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China is unimaginable. His fan base is almost as large as some of the most popular idol stars. As a result, the competition to cast Lee Min Ho in their projects is extremely fierce.

A representative of StarHaus Entertainment stated, “It’s true that we've been receiving countless offers from China. However, we have not made a final decision on any project. We will make our decision after carefully considering each offer.”

Lee Min Ho has received various offers from Chinese producers – ranging from fantasy martial arts to investigative action-filled projects. Some of these works include other famous Chinese actors, besides Andy Lau, as well. Back in July, Hong Kong/American film producer Terence Chang personally visited the set of “City Hunter” to meet with Lee Min Ho. Almost half a year has passed since “City Hunter” ended, but Lee Min Ho’s popularity and recognition only continues to soar.

Source: Soompi
English Translation: hotshotlover30

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 23.12.2011

On Twitter and Facebook: 

From. LeeMinHo
“Merry Christmas & Happy New year!!“ :)
English Subtitled -
Japanese Subtitled -
Chinese Subtitled -

On Me2Day: " 건강한 연말 보내세요! 미리크리스마스!"
English Translation : "Have a healthy New Year! Merry Christmas!" ("Merry Christmas!" is used as the subject of the video, "Have a healthy New Year!" is his tweet)

On Weibo (@14.59) : "分享李敏镐的博文:From. Leeminho / Merry X-mas & 新年快乐 ^^ 推荐给@头条博客 (分享自 @头条博客)"
English Translation: "Lee Min Ho share a video:  From. Leeminho / Merry X-mas & Happy New Year ^^ recommending a video @头条博客"

All of the links that Lee Min Ho gives go straight to a Christmas Greeting video made by Lee Min Ho that has been subtitled to 3 languages: English, Japanese and Chinese.

English Subtitle:

Japanese Subtitle:

Chinese Subtitle:

English Translation: Monika
Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Me2Day Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Acount

Lee Min Ho’s Winter Airport Fashion a Hot Topic

Photos of actor Lee Min Ho’s airport fashion have been flooding Internet message boards.
Lee is busily traveling across Asia to promote dramaCity Hunter, but his chic winter outerwear is what has quickly become a hot topic.

From achromatic to all black styles, the actor, who has been the face of menswear brand Trugen for three years now, has been all about military-inspired coats.

In the photos capturing Lee at the airport on various occasions, he is seen donning a khaki-colored jacket with gold button details, a black coat of a similar style and a long, double-breasted jacket. In true hallyu star fashion, the actor is also seen waving to fans, looking celebrity chic behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

Netizens’ reactions to the photos ranged from “When will his next project come out?” and “Even with just a coat on, his ‘force’ is no joke” to “It’s a uniform” and “[He has] a frame that makes even men envious.”

Lee, who played Lee Yoon Sung on SBS’ City Hunter, which aired its final episode in July, was in China on December 18 and 19 to record popular Chinese entertainment program Happy Camp and to shoot a spread for a Chinese clothing brand.

Photo credit: Starwood
Credits: enewsworld,

Lee Min Ho - Trugen Photo Shoot (TVN)

Brief translation on interview (based on c-sub by followme@ weibo)
Lee Min Ho mainly talks about Jung Ilwoo in this interview. The host visited on the set Trugen shooting and said Minho & Ilwoo are good friends since high school.

Host: Have you been good friends with Jung Ilwoo since high school
LMH: Yes
Host: Lee Min Ho & Jung Ilwoo were very popular in the area of Yong Deng Pu & Dong Jak-gu, is that true?
LMH: Ilwoo is more popular
Host: What is your first impression about Ilwoo?
LMH: We first met at a coffee shop instead of in school. He was the type that girls would admire.
Host: then how was Lee Min Ho?
LMH: I think I am more friendly and more manly type
Host: Ilwoo is a more frank type of person?
LMH: Yes, he’s frank
Host: Have you watched “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop”?
LMH: Yes, I have… but not all. I watched that becoz of Chi Soo
Host: How do you feel (about the drama)?
LMH: Don’t be so childish (laugh)… We are already over twenty (of age), but I found it meaningful and refreshing
Host: as compared to BOF?
LMH: I think BOF is better (laugh)
Host: Does Ilwoo have some secret or special feature that others don’t know about?
LMH: I know all about him, include all the girlfriends he had before. Also he has to sleep with bare chest. Since we are very good friends, we act more casually to each other
Host: I want to interiew Ilwoo in person, do you know where he is?
LMH: heard that he would be watching the finale of “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop” with his fans, may be you can meet him there
Host: Thank you

English translation: meow /
Credits: DC Minho, meowmm13,

Lee Byeong Heon, Lee Min Ho and other Thailand Artist is helping the victims of Thailand Flood

South Korean Stars such as Lee Byeong Heon, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Woon and Cho Hyeon Jae is helping Thailand flood victims.
Thailand - Korea Friendship Festival 2011 - Together for Flood Victims would held from the 23rd of December until the 25th of December 2011 for the give away, taking place in Central Place, Central World in Bangkok, Thailand.
The event is held by the Republic of Korea Embassy in Thailand and the Minister of Cultural Promotion in KTCC, this event is the 53rd anniversary of Korea - Thailand diplomatic relation and to help the flood victims Thailand which was the worst flood that ever happened in Thailand.
Korean Hallyu star that would help to donate is Lee Byeong Heon, Lee Min Ho that become a superstar in Thailand, Han Chae Young, Han Hyo Joo, Bae Su Bin, Kim Rae Won, Cho Hyeon Jae and Yon Tae Young is donating their collection. Lee Dae Hae and DBSK, SNSD (Girls' Generation),  Super Junior and Sistar would also donate some of their collections to help the flood victims of Thailand. Cho Hyeon Jae and Jang Geun Seok even selling T-Shirts and souvenirs in Thailand with their name of a Hallyu stars, which their money goes to the donation.
A lot of broadcast-related sponsors and companies also helps the Korean Stars for the flood victims at Thailand by giving free advertisement, etc.
During the flood in Thailand, Korean Embassy at Thailand receives so many helps from Korea such as blankets and clean water which is so hard to get during the flood. Some Korean also came to the rest place to deliver the clean water and give some services such as helping to plant trees. Thailand just got through a terrible flood than happens in October, 2 months ago. Thailand is still recovering from the disaster that took 700 thousand lives, and bring flood damage to over 10 million Thailand people, making them also short in clean waters, blankets and even clothing.

Original Korean Text: 

이병헌 이민호 등, 태국 홍수 피해자 돕기 나선다

이병헌 이민호 김래원 조현재 등 한국의 스타들이 태국 홍수 피해자들을 돕기 위해 나섰다.

'태-한 우정의 페스티벌 2011-수재민을 위해 모두 함께(Together for flood victims)'가 태국 방콕 센트럴월드 중앙광장에서 23일 개막돼 25일까지 열릴 예정이다.

주태 한국대사관과 태국 문화부 문화진흥국이 주최하고 한태 교류센터 KTCC가 주관하는 이 행사는 한태 수교 53주년을 기념하고 사상 최악의 홍수 피해를 겪은 태국 수재민을 돕기 위한 취지로 열린다.

톱스타 이병헌과 태국의 한류스타인 이민호 김래원 조현재 윤태영 한채영 한효주 배수빈 등이 각각 사연 있는 소장품을 기증한다. 또 이다해, 동방신기, 소녀시대, 시스타, 슈퍼주니어 등은 수재민을 위한 격려 영상을 보냈다. 조현재 장근석 등의 태국 한류 팬클럽 20여 곳은 행사기간 동안 T셔츠 및 기념품 등을 판매해 한류스타의 이름으로 수재성금을 보탠다.

이뿐 아니라 세븐미디어 등 한국의 방송연예 컨텐츠 관련기업이 유명스타들의 컨텐츠를 무료 기증, 판매 금액을 전액 수재민 돕기 성금으로 낼 예정이다.

행사기간 중 주태 한국대사관은 수해마을에 라면과 생수, 담요 등을 전달하고 웅진코웨이는 홍수 지역주민들에게 깨끗한 물을 선물하는 이벤트의 일환으로 수도와 휴게소 만들기, 나무심기 등의 봉사활동을 펼친다. 태국은 지난 10월 이후 2개월 넘게 이어진 홍수로 국토의 절반이상이 침수되며 700여명이 넘게 사망하고 1000만 명 이상이 수해를 입는 등 사상 최악의 홍수 피해를 겪고 있다.
이예은 기자

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho - 2012 Toyota Camry — The One and Only [Behind the Scene - Interview with Lee Min Ho]

Credits: Toyota USA

Lee Min Ho - Hello Semir 2012

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, hmilysw

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 22.12.2011

"촬영중인데 날씨가 많이 춥네요~ 2011년이 얼마 남지 않았는데요 여러분 건강 잘 챙기시고! 감기조심하시고! 행복한 하루 되세요!!"

English Translation: "I'm doing a lot of shooting, even though the weather is cold ~ year 2011 would end soon i think, so you need to take care of your health, guys! Take care, Don't catch cold! have a happy day!!"

Photo Posted:

English Translation: Monika
Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Me2Day Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels - Photo Shoot BTS

Credits: Youku, @ochloe

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Lee Min Ho at "Wonderful Radio" Movie Premiere - Star News

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, Wild Flower

Lee Min Ho at "Wonderful Radio" Movie Premiere

Credits: Minozindo, SSTV

SHINee’s Taemin, Lee Min Ho, Daniel Choi, and more attend VIP movie premiere for ‘Wonderful Radio’

On December 20th, stars showed off their fall fashion at the VIP movie premiere for ‘Wonderful Radio‘ at Samsung-dong’s Megabox.

Lee Min Ho, SHINee‘s Taemin, Choi Daniel, Song Joong Ki, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Chul Min, Han Chae Young, Son Ye Jin, Tim, Moon Chae Won, Park Soo Jin, Park Bo Young, Bae Seul Gi, Jung So Min, Go Ara, Girl’s Day, Jung Ryeo Won, and more appeared in trench coats and leather jackets to fight the winter cold. Of course, since it was a VIP event, some stars opted for style rather than practicality by wearing short skirts with stockings or a thin blazer with a dress shirt.

‘Wonderful Radio’ stars Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Kim Jung Tae. It will open in theaters on January 5th, 2012.

Credits: Allkpop

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Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 20.12.2011 [With Lee Min Ho Event]

Christmas is coming soon ★
Making your own magazine. you can make a Christmas magazine using pictures of your friends with fun and entertaining articles!

안녕하세요, 크리스마스가 곧 다가오네요~
여러분들과 함께 할 수 있는 새로운 페이지가 열렸어요..
친구들의 사진을 이용하여 친구들에게 크리스마스 잡지를 선물 해보는건 어떨까요?
여러분만의 잡지를 만들어보세요~

Join the event/games made by Lee Min Ho, posting your photo to make an imaginary magazine about you and Lee Min Ho here:



Vote for Lee Min Ho in SBS Award - Popularity Award

=> Here is this Link

One vote per person plz.
Voting open until DEC. 31st. 2011.
Please notice than you can only vote if you have SBS ID..FIGHTING!! ^^

Credits: Falcon

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Lee Min Ho - Semir Advertorial Image

Source: Weibo
Credits 安生说假话,

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates 14.12.2011

@21.09: 我来上海了^^ 快乐大本营!!非常感谢快乐家族帮我顺利的录完节目.. 特别是感谢很多来看我的所有粉丝们..感谢大家!! 상해에 왔어요 ^^ 쾌락대본영! 즐겁게 촬영할 수 있도록 도와주신 MC분들과 반갑게 맞아주고 환호해 준 팬분들 넘 고마워요. Good night

English Translation (based on Chinese):
I have arrived in Shanghai ^^Happy Camp!! Very thankful to all the crew who helped me to finish recording the program smoothly… especially thanks to all the fans who have come to see me… really grateful!! Good night

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account
Translation: meow/

Lee Min Ho - Semir Commercial Filming - iQiyi Reportage

Credits: meowmm13 @Youtube

Lee Min Ho to appear on Chinese ‘new year special’ program

Actor Lee Min Ho will appear on the Chinese program, “Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young”(Happy Camp 快樂大本營), for a ‘new year special’ program.

Lee’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said that Chinese Honam satellite broadcasting (Hunan TV 湖南衛視) will air a 90 minute long special program exclusively about Lee. This is quite a surprise, considering that the program normally casts three guests for the standard 60 minute long episodes.

Lee bought lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl in Korea and gave it to the MC for the show with a new year greeting card. He also gave each audience member a traditional Korean wicker scoop, which is known for bringing good luck.

According to a Chinese media outlet, over 1,500 fans came to see Lee and they watched the show while sitting on the floor. Thousands of fans also gathered outside of the building.

Usually the shooting is free but for Lee’s program, there were illegal tickets, which cost 30 thousand won to a million won.

The producer for the show posted a note on his Weibo account, “Thank you everyone, including the entire crew, audience and today’s star. I had a great show thanks to Lee. I met a handsome man, from any angle, for the first time. Who else is going to make the staff scream for joy, other than Lee?”

The show is very popular, and has hundreds of millions viewers.

Source: TV Report
English Translation:
Photo Source:

Lee Min Ho - Semir Commercial Filming Shooting

Credits: 吖龙 @ sina, @Falcon1004

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels [PART 6]

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby named Ji Hyuk. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Credits: 4 Portrait @ Twitter
Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lee Min Ho's project with Babies and Children, saying "I want to get married soon.."


"I want to get married soon and had a beautiful child.." confess Lee Min Ho.
On 12th of December, Lee Min Ho's interview was broadcasted by SBS "Good Morning", talking about his project with a Korean professional photographer Choi Sei Hyeon.
Looking perfect, the baby Jin Hyeok look so calm on Lee Min Ho's hands, while Lee Min Ho carefully holding the baby. He watch the baby carefully while he hold them, making a beautiful perfect scenery.
Lee Min Ho that was pictured as a father was smiling during the photograph session. "I've never seen a baby as beautiful as this, what a beautiful moment. Being pictured as a father, i think i'm feeling the urge to be married soon.." he said.

Reporter Ha Soo Jeong hsjssu@

Original Source: newsen
English Translation: Monika

SBS's video:

YouTube Version:

Lee Min Ho sings for 10,000 fans in China

Earlier this month, actor Lee Min Ho stole the hearts of 10,000 fans while on his ‘2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting‘ in Shanghai and Beijing.

The concept of Lee Min Ho’s fan meet was ‘fantastical musical’, and so the star delivered an entertaining, if not unique experience for his fans, who flew in from Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan.

The opening stage saw Lee Min Ho descend into the concert hall from wires attached to the ceiling, much like a scene straight out of his drama, ‘City Hunter‘. He then put on an impressive acting scene before going on to perform “My Everything” from the ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ special album.

For his next stage, Lee Min Ho dressed in a sleek black suit before performing the Beatles‘ “Yesterday” and “I Will” with a band. Fans even got to see him show off his dance skills with a Michael Jackson silhouette parody.

Through simple games, the star interacted with his fans, gifting them with personal presents he had brought from Korea. Perhaps the most touching moment was when he sat before a piano and played a few songs, before taking out letters he had written for his fans and reading them out loud.

The finale unveiled Lee Min Ho’s two new songs, which he had worked on with composer Hwang Chan Hee. One of the songs was a medium-tempo rock track called “Say Yes“.

Representatives stated, “While spending meaningful time with his fans on the Asia tour, he is also discussing other dramas to take on since concluding ‘City Hunter’.”

Credits: allkpop
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun