Friday, February 27, 2015

Lee Min Ho for Eider Summer/Spring 2015 - 27.02.2015

Lee Min Ho Causes Traffic Jams in Manila, Has Street Named After Him in Tokyo

With nearly 30 CF contracts domestically, actor Lee Min Ho is quickly earning the nickname “CF King.”

The word on the street is that companies that start off with one-year exclusive contracts with the actor end up extending the contract to two or three more years.

This is not to mention Lee Min Ho’s many endorsements abroad, where he has enjoyed overwhelming popularity since starring in hit dramas “Boys Over Flowers” and “Heirs.”

On February 24, Lee Min Ho demonstrated the full force of his popularity when he visited the Philippines for a fan meeting. Major media outlets covered his visit, which caused such traffic in downtown Manila that reporters joked, “Let’s make the day Lee Min Ho visits a national holiday.”

Last year in October, a horde of fans were waiting for Lee Min Ho when he landed at the airport for his Guangzhou fan meeting. There were so many fans that they were told that the star would only come out of the regular passageway if they cooperated by forming a human barricade and maintaining a safe distance.

Moreover, in May of last year, a poster of Lee Min Ho was hung up in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. There is even a street known as “Lee Min Ho Street” nearby Shin-Okubo station in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, according to the actor’s management agency Star House Entertainment, Lee Min Ho is currently shooting commercials while deciding on his next project.

source: soompi

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lee Min Ho to Return This Year with a New Drama

Lee Min Ho‘s return to the small screen is likely to take place sometime this year, according to the actor himself!

As the model for accessory brand Samsonite Red, Lee Min Ho made an appearance at the brand’s talk concert entitled “RED Say with Lee Min Ho” on February 26.

During the event, he was asked about his comeback, and if he is planning to return with another movie. Lee Min Ho replied, “I want to act in a film, but haven’t found one that immediately felt like ‘the one.’ But I still want to do movies.”

He continued, “But instead of [a movie], it’s more likely that I’ll make my comeback with a drama in the latter half of the year. This year, I hope to help restore your energy levels with a good drama.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s latest film, “Gangnam Blues,” was the first Korean movie to surpass two million viewers in 2015, and will premiere in the Philippines on March 4.

source: soompi

Lee Min Ho - Samsonite "RED SAY" With Lee Min Ho Fan Meeting - 26.02.2015

Lee Min Ho - Greeting Message for Live Concert in HongKong 21.03.2015 - 26.02.2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lee Min Ho at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 25.02.2015

Our prince is back~^^

Departure, Ninoy Aquino International Airport - 25.02.2015

Arrival, Incheon International Airport - 25.02.2015

Lee Min Ho Heats Up the Philippines by Gathering Over 10,000 Fans

Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Min Ho has heat up the night in the Philippines.

On February 24, Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines in order to meet with the fans through an event for Kyochon Chicken, which he is modeling for. The event, which took place in Manila’s Greenhills Center, gathered over 10,000 fans and a large crowd of citizens around the building, leading to a mobilization of local police officers for security purpose.

Starting with Boys Over Flowers in 2009, Lee Min Ho earned top star status in the Philippines through various projects. The Philippines press named ‘his unchanging manners for many years despite being on top’ as the reason behind his popularity and has stated, “We learn about Korea through Lee Min Ho,’ and “We learn the Korean language, food, fashion and culture through Lee Min Ho’s dramas,” highly praising Lee Min Ho’s role in spreading the Korean culture.

An affiliate of Starhaus, Lee Min Ho’s agency, shared, “Although people from various nationalities gather each time, they speak to Lee Min Ho in Korean, in order to express their affection. We’re just shocked at how their Korean gets better each year.”