Monday, February 2, 2015

Lee Min Ho grateful for "Boys Over Flowers"

Lee Min-ho showed appreciation for the KBS 2TV drama "Boys over Flowers" for restoring his confidence.

Lee Min-ho looked back on his past works in an interview with News Cookie. He is now on the top of Hallyu but it wasn't easy. He debuted in 2006 with "Secret Campus" and continued to star in "Mackerel Run", "Our School E.T" and more but didn't get any attention. He then appeared in "Boys over Flowers" which created a syndrome.

Lee Min-ho said, "I was afraid of going to work when I was making "Secret Campus". Everything was intense and scary to me. I was always rigid even while making "Boys over Flowers" because I just couldn't afford to relax. I maintained intensity until I was sure I had achieved something"."Boys over Flowers" was his turning point. "I had lost much confidence by then but the drama helped me recover. I was able to become a better man thanks to it".

"That drama also threw me out into the world. I was very poor and the drama changed all that. I am grateful for "Boys over Flowers"".

"Gangnam Blues" is director Yoo Ha's third street series. Two men fight over rights to property during the 70s when the land of Kangnam went through development.

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