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Lee Min Ho for Romanson Watch -" His Secret Message" - Behind The Scene - 30.03.2015

Suzy reveals why she fell for Lee Min Ho at miss A showcase

The hottest topic amongst K-Pop fans is the relationship confirmation between miss A‘s Suzy and top actor, Lee Min Ho. Now, Suzy has spoken up about the relationship and how she fell for her now boyfriend!

Earlier today, we revealed that Suzy had spoken up about her relationship for the first time on on TV program, Happy Together 3. Now, during miss A’s first official showcase for their their 7th project album “Colors” showcase at K Art Hall, Suzy revealed the reason why she fell for Lee Min Ho.

When asked about the relationship Suzy answered, “I can’t really say for sure but he is very understanding and caring. He is also a very warm hearted person and I think that’s why I began to fall for him”.

When asked about their future plans now that they are publicly dating she answered, “Since I just made a comeback, I’m going to be very busy, so we are going to cheer each other on from a far and keep our relationship going, as well as work hard.”

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miss A’s Suzy Reveals What Attracted Her to Lee Min Ho

miss A member Suzy recently revealed what made her fall for actor Lee Min Ho and explained how they spend their time on dates.

On March 30, miss A opened up a comeback showcase for their new seventh project album titled “Colors.”

During the showcase, Suzy was asked what initially attracted her to Lee Min Ho, to which she responded, “He is a deeply caring and warm person, so my interest in him grew. We will continue to meet well.”

When one of the reporters asked, “Your date [with Lee Min Ho] was captured in London. What kind of date did you two enjoy?” The miss A member shared, “Our photo shoot schedules overlapped so we ended up meeting in London. We didn’t do anything special in London. We went for a drive, ate food, and just spent time together like ordinary people.”

Meanwhile, miss A’s “Colors” will be released on March 30.

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Lee Min Ho for Samsonite RED PhotoShoot - 30.03.2015

Lee Min Ho for FILA Summer/Spring 2015 - 30.03.2015

Yoo Jae Suk Restrains MC’s from Asking Lee Min Ho Questions to Suzy on “Happy Together”

MC Yoo Jae Suk showed a very considerate side of him during the recording for KBS talk show “Happy Together 3.”

miss A‘s Suzy participated in the recording for the talk show on March 28, five days after her relationship with actor Lee Min Ho went public.

According to associates, during the recording, the MC’s were most interested in Suzy’s relationship with Lee Min Ho. Suzy reportedly said, “We’re doing well. Please keep on supporting us.” However, the MC’s continued to ask her questions about her relationship.

MC Yoo then took charge as he restrained the other MC’s from asking her further, asking the MC’s to steer away from the topic.

One associate said, “Yoo Jae Suk saw that Suzy was feeling uncomfortable, so he suggested that they stop [asking her those questions.] He was very polite, and the other MC’s were respectful as well.”

For this episode of “Happy Together” which will air on April 2, star chef Choi Hyun Suk, entertainer Yoo Seung Ok, actress Seo Woo, and musician Jessi will also guest along with Suzy.

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