Thursday, March 12, 2015

Factors that determine Lee Min Ho's acting choices

Korean actor Lee Min-ho said he bases his decisions over acting roles on two main things.

"I base my choice solely on whether it suits my age and if I can do it well," he said in an interview with The Fact. "I don't think about anything else."

The Hallyu star, who in February drew some 10,000 fans in the Philippines at an event for a Korean fried chicken company, said he doesn't really pay attention to his typecast image.

"I know people label me as a 'flower boy,'" said Lee, who achieved breakthrough success in the 2009 romantic drama series "Boys Over Flowers."

"I don't pay attention to limited labels," he said.

Lee, who took part in the interview shortly before the release of noir crime film "Gangnam 1970" on Jan. 21, said that more than anything, he is curious about its reception.

"I want to be evaluated (for the film role), whether it's positive or negative," said the 27-year-old in the same interview.

"Gangnam 1970," which premiered across Asia, in North America and Australia, was the fourth highest-grossing Korean movie in February, according to the Korean Film Council.

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source: KPopHerald

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