Monday, March 23, 2015

More details about Lee Min Ho and Suzy's relationship revealed, who approached who?

Everyone has been curious about the details after Suzy and Lee Min Ho's relationship hit headlines, and though it's already been revealed that they've been dating for a month or so, you probably want to know more!

According to recent reports, it was Lee Min Ho who approached Suzy as she's been his ideal type for a while. One media outlet alleged, "Lee Min Ho approached Suzy first around January, February, and they met. Lee Min Ho has always said that he likes, 'bright and lovable women,' and that ideal type synced up with Suzy."

Reportedly, Lee Min Ho showed interest in the miss A member at the preview event for his film 'Gangnam 1970', which she attended. Though he took time to move forward, he eventually took the action to get closer to Suzy.

As for their recent meeting in London, one insider revealed that Lee Min Ho's mother and older sister were also present. Though headlines made it seem as if Lee Min Ho and Suzy spent three days and two nights together, which involved a hotel location, the insider alleged that his family members were there with him. Suzy is also said to have traveled with her female manager.

As mentioned previously, JYP Entertainment and Star House Entertainment confirmed that the two stars have been dating for about a month after they were photographed together overseas.

source: allkpop

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