Monday, March 23, 2015

Lee Min Ho and miss A Suzy Are Dating; Both Agencies Confirm

An exclusive report by Dispatch was recently released, stating that miss ASuzy and Lee Min Ho are allegedly dating, having witnessed and captured the two together in London.

According to the report, both stars left for Europe on March 10, although they had different destinations: Lee Min Ho for an All Saints photo shoot in Paris, and Suzy for a Dior shoot in London.

Later, around March 15, after the two wrapped up their scheduled activities, they met up at Waldorf Hotel, and attempted to travel discreetly, both leaving their car at intervals.

According to Dispatch, the two stars’ date pattern was similar to that the news outlet witnessed last month in Seoul, where the news outlet witnessed the two on a date at Namsan. Since then, the report states, the two met just about every day, and have been dating for two months already.

Meanwhile, Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment stated in response to the dating reports that they just heard the news through the Dispatch article, and that upon confirmation, they will be releasing an official statement. There is no word yet from Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus.

Update: Agency confirmation

Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment has confirmed the actor’s relationship with Suzy, saying that they two have been dating for one month.

Read the full statement from Starhaus below:

“Hello, this is Starhaus Entertainment.

This is a response to the reports made by Korean news today.

The two have been meeting for about one month now, and are carefully continuing their relationship.

We would like for you to look on the two kindly.

Thank you.

Update 2:

JYP Entertainment has also responded to the relationship news, confirming to media outlet MBN that the two stars have been dating for one month.

source: soompi

P.S -> Congratulations, Lee Min Ho ssi!!! Please be mature everyone and support Lee Min Ho, whatever may happen~

source: soompi

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