Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lee Min Ho′s SNS Followers Increase After Dating Confirmation

Newsen Kim Hyung Woo
Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Lee Min Ho′s SNS kingdom of 50 million followers didn′t collapse. In fact, after he confirmed his relationship, the number of followers actually grew.

On March 23, Lee Min Ho and miss A′s Suzy confirmed that they were dating. Both sides stated, "They′ve been dating for a month," and "Please look at them kindly."

Lee Min Ho is a SNS star who transcends outside of Korea. With all of his SNS accounts, he has more than 50 million followers.

In a turn of unexpected events, the number of Lee Min Ho′s SNS followers actually increased, surprising even the affiliates. On March 24, Lee Min Ho′s total Facebook followers were 16,000,000, a number that has increased from the day before.

It′s the same in China as well, where Lee Min Ho has a large following. On March 23, the number of Weibo followers was around 26 million. By March 24, the number of followers increased to 27 million. Same with mobile messengers and Twitter, Lee Min Ho′s followers have increased after the dating confirmation.

"We expected that a number of fans would actually leave, but because the number actually increased, we were actually quite surprised," said an affiliate. "The fans are actually posting up a lot of words of encouragement."

Lee Min Ho′s agency, Starhaus, stated on March 23, ""The two have been dating for about a month and are currently meeting each other carefully with good feelings."

Photo Credit: Newsen

source: ENewsWorld

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