Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'Dispatch' reporter talks about Lee Min Ho and Suzy's relationship

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' met with one of the ninja 'Dispatch' reporters on March 25 to discuss the recent exclusive story regarding Lee Min Ho and Suzy's relationship with the woman who covered the story.

Reporter Kim Soo Ji (pronounced the same as Suzy in Korean ironically enough) stated,"Lee Min Ho finished his photo shoot in Paris and went over to London. He rented [a car] and picked up Suzy to begin their London date.

"At the site, a lot of fans recognized Lee Min Ho and Suzy. When they were going around, they would either get out of the car with a time lag (meaning one would come out first and then the other would follow a short time after) or go to the hotel. When the two were alone, there was an amicable atmosphere not different from other couples. They would date using employee elevators."

The production crew also released past interviews they had with Lee Min Ho and Suzy in which the former stated about his dating style, "When I'm dating, I'm the cautious type. I don't think it is right any longer to date for about two months and break up like when I was younger. Once I date someone, I want to date her for quite a bit." Suzy stated about her ideal type, "I like men with a high level of consideration for others, affection, and a double eyelid on just one eye."

The production crew then congratulated them on their relationship with, "Lee Min Ho only has a double eyelid on one eye so he matches Suzy's ideal type perfectly."

source: allkpop

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