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Lee Min Ho -"The Faith"【信義】Third Official Behind The Scene 31.07.2012

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Lee Min Ho shows off his talent at horse-riding

Lee Min Ho recently surprised the crew of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith by showing off his talent at horse-riding.

On July 31, some snapshots of Lee showing off his talent at horse-riding were released. At the recent shooting of Faith, Lee shot a horse-riding scene in a mountain area. In the series, he plays the role of Choi Young, the best warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Lee also surprised everyone by enjoying horse-riding with a trainer of the horse.

The trainer says, “I think Lee Min Ho is very brave. A lot of experienced horse-riders are afraid of riding a horse in a mountain area, but Lee enjoyed. I think he’s very brave.”

Kim Jong Hak, a director of the series, says, “I think Lee Min Ho can take part in the Olympic Games. I can see how much he has prepared for this series when we shoot action scenes. He always tries hard to show something new.”

Faith is a romantic drama series about Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty, and Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a doctor of the modern world. The series will start airing on August 13 at 9:55 p.m.

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Lee Min Ho - "The Faith" Shooting 30.07.2012

Lee Min Ho for Semir - 30.07.2012

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Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympics parody photos of Lee Min Ho causes laughter

Various London Olympics parody photos of Lee Min Ho became a hot topic after they were released.

Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, posted on July 30th of all the London Olympics parody photos of Lee Min Ho made by fans.

As shown in the parody photos, Lee Min Ho ‘participated’ in the London Olympics from 12 different sports categories such as soccer, swimming, track, boxing, fire shooting, horseback riding, archery, etc. One particular photo showed him fencing while wearing a warrior suit which brought laughter because the outfit that he was wearing was for his upcoming drama, ‘The Faith.’

Not only were there photos of his face photoshopped on an actual athlete’s body, but also actual photos of him or photos from his previous work which brought more attention.

Another photo of him brightly kicking a soccer ball was actually from one of his previous dramas, ‘Boys Over Flower,’ and other photos were found from ‘City Hunter’ and ‘Running Mackerel.’

Lee Min Ho posted, “As being one of the nation’s people, I’m rather proud of our Taegeuk Warriors who are participating in the London Olympics,” and also added, “I will do my best to win the gold medal from the viewers through my new drama as an actor.”

On the other hand, the upcoming drama ‘The Faith’ will be about a female doctor who gets kidnapped by a Koryo warrior. The drama will have actor Lee Min Ho and actress Kim Hee Sun playing the main leads, and this will also be Kim Hee Sun’s comeback drama after 6 years since her last drama appearance.

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Lee Min Ho Competes in the Olympics?

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Lee Min Ho’s fans showed their love for their star by putting together an Olympic parody to help promoteFaith.

The image, which was uploaded on Faith’s official webpage, makes it seem as if Lee Min Ho will be competing in almost every event.

The image shows Lee Min Ho competing in 12 events, including soccer, swimming, athletics, boxing, shooting, equestrian and archery. He was even shown as an athlete for fencing in Goryeo-style warrior attire, just as he will be appearing in Faith.

An official from Lee Min Ho’s agency said, “The photos that were used for the image aren’t even edits, but actual pictures or screencaps of Lee Min Ho. The image showing him kicking a soccer ball with his firm leg muscles, reminiscent of soccer player Ki Sung Yueng, is a scene from Boys over Flowers, and the other images are also from his pieces City Hunter or Mackerel Run.”

Although he swims, runs, shoots and rides as if he was a real athlete, it seems he didn’t do well in canoeing because he ‘couldn’t hold back his bad temper as Boys over Flowers’ Gu Jun Pyo.

Fans couldn’t hide their amusement with comments such as, ‘I’m surprised Lee Min Ho was in so many events’ and ‘I thought he said he said he would see gold as stone; what’s with the gold medal?’

Lee Min Ho’s real ‘Olympics’ start on the day after the London Olympics end, August 13. The actor aims to make his fourth success out of his first ever period piece Faith.

Lee Min Ho said, “I’m proud of our athletes in the London Olympics as a Korean. I also will work hard to win the gold medal in viewership ratings as an actor.”

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YoonA and Lee Min Ho raise Eider sales by 200%

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and actor Lee Min Ho ho have lived up to their name.

The French premium outdoor brand, Eider, which YoonA and Lee Min Ho are the main models for, reported, “Thanks to them, sales grew over 200%“.

Especially the product that YoonA wore in the commercial and advertisements were sold out completely, showing the ‘YoonA Effect’ works even in the outdoor wear market. In addition, 93% of the production stock for a jacket advertised in February were all sold by the 40th day.

YoonA and Lee Min Ho, who have been with Eider since the 2011 F/W season, have extended their contract and are currently in photoshoots for the next season. They have shown the young and sophisticated style to buyers and expressed the trendy brand image in TV commercials and magazine ads.

An Eider insider further explained, “The two are also popular by people in 40 to 50 age range. Therefore, we were able to effectively advertise to different age range groups.”

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Lee Min Ho has everything from visual to acting

Actor Lee Min Ho will be in the upcoming SBS drama ‘The Faith’ and will show a reverse charm.

Lee Min Ho will be playing Choi Young who is the best warrior of Koryo Dynasty with sturdiness and charisma. Choi Young dislikes his kingdom and looks to find freedom, and will always fall asleep on wherever he can lay his head on. He will show an ‘annoyedism’ personality. This manly yet naive and attractive warrior carries a hidden, sorrowful past which is known to be his deepest scar. Lee Min Ho, the popular and handsome actor who’s most popular among fans in their 20′s, is creating massive attention and curiosity on how he will portray Choi Young in his own creative ways.

Lee Min Ho stated through his agency, “I’ve always felt that Choi Young was like a big boy. I don’t think he’s the type that openly expresses his true feelings but rather believe that he has difficulty showing them. However, the focus is not about Choi Young being trapped by tradition in ‘The Faith,’ but rather, Choi Young will blend into the drama’s story and characters around him, and he will start showing various shapes of himself which I’m also looking forward to as well.”

The story of the drama will be about a top Koryo warrior named Choi Young who meets the lively and eccentric female doctor named Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun). They will fall in love and take part into creating a true king for the Koryo Dynasty. ‘The Faith’ is set to air its first episode on August 13th.

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Lee Min Ho at Incheon Airport 29.07.2012 heading to New Zealand

Prince Lee Min Ho is going to New Zealand for Eider Commercial Film Shooting..FIGHTING, Lee Min Ho ssi!! ~^^

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Lee Min Ho Tries to Fight the Heat and Loses 5 kg in the Process

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

With the summer in full effect in Korea, Lee Min Ho and the other actors for SBS Faith are struggling to fight off the sweltering heat as they film for the upcoming drama.

As Lee Min Ho and a few of the other actors are playing warriors, they are unfortunately forced to bundle themselves up in suited armors and other costumes that aren′t appropriate for the summer.

One staff member in charge of costumes remarked that sometimes the actors send a glare of resentment towards their way.

It’s been so hot that Lee Min Ho has lost approximately 5 kg (~11 pounds) in three days.

Also during an interview with SBS’ One Night of Entertainment on July 25, Lee Min Ho started taking off his suit, saying that it’s only break time, but his patience to withstand the heat hit a limit.

The actor then continued onto say, “I’m jealous of the people who are coming to Danyang (the location of the filming) for vacation. They can dip their feet in the cold stream and go rafting…”

Meanwhile, Faith is a time-traveling story between a Goryeo Dynasty warrior and a modern day plastic surgeon.

The first episode will premiere on August 13 on SBS.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Gold Medalist, Shiwen Ye, is a fan of Lee Min Ho

A 16 years old Chinese swimmer, Shiwen Ye, took the woman’s 400 individual medley gold medal yesterday. Not only did she take the medal, she also broke the world record. What was even more remarkable was her split time for the final 50m of the freestyle leg was quicker than that of Ryan Lochte in the men’s race earlier that same evening. It was the first time that had happened in Olympic history.One Chinese Minoz discovered that Ye follows Lee Min Ho on her Chinese twitter–Weibo. She follows 35 people and Lee Min Ho is the only actor that she follows. Since Goo Jun Pyo is not good at swimming, maybe she can be his coach. ^^ Congratulations to Lee Min Ho for capturing Gold Medalist’s heart.

Lee Min Ho - Interview with SBS "Night of Entertainment" for "The Faith" [한밤] 25.07.2012

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Lee Min Ho - "The Faith" 5th Official Teaser

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Lee Min Ho - Interview with SBS "Night of Entertainment" for "The Faith" [한밤] Teaser

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lee Min Ho shows off his swordsmanship on Faith

Actor Lee Min Ho has become a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty and showed off his swordsmanship.

On July 25, a production company of SBS TV’s new drama series Faith released some snapshots of Lee dressed as Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty.

In the series, Lee will show off his swordsmanship to portray a leader of king’s bodyguards. In the behind-the-scenes video uploaded on the official website of Faith, Lee freely wields a sword. It shows he has prepared a lot for this series.

Lee says, “I’m trying to wield a sword as freely as possible as if it’s part of my body. I want to give you a strong image of Choi Young. Because I showed various action scenes on City Hunter, I feel like I have to show something more than that, so I’m constantly practicing.”

Yang Gil Young, a martial arts director of Faith, says, “In spite of the hot weather, Lee Min Ho is practicing very hard. Because we once worked together for City Hunter, he often gives me his ideas. I think our teamwork is better than before. In this series, actions scenes are not only limited to the ones for a historical drama series. By adding modern ones, we’ll create new types of actions scenes that haven’t been seen before.”

Faith is a fantasy action melodrama about Choi Young, a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty who is interested in neither money nor women, and Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun), a lively doctor of the modern world. The series will start airing on August 13.

Source: Starnews

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"Faith" Lee Min-ho's sword fighting skill

Lee Min-ho was seen using his sword in a preview of the new SBS drama "Faith".

Having shown high levels of action in the previous drama "City Hunter", this time, Lee Min-ho is about to display some serious sword fighting. He's very adept in handling the sword as seen in the making of the drama.

Lee Min-ho said, "I'm trying to make it look like the sword is a part of me. I want to show you what's only Choi Yeong's. I plan on showing you what I didn't show you before".

Martial arts director Yang Gil-yeong says, "Lee Min-ho is working hard despite the hot weather. He speaks out his mind as we worked once together on "City Hunter". We work great as a team. Action is not limited in his historical but is grafted into the drama".

Meanwhile, action mellow drama "Faith" stars Lee Min-ho as ancient warrior Choi Yeong who has no feelings for life, money or women and Kim Hee-seon stars as doctor Yoo Eun-soo from the modern world and the two make a true king. To be aired for the first time on the 13th of August.

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