Friday, February 28, 2014

Lee Min Ho for Jeju Air - Commercial Film Filming - 28.02.2014

credits: Jeju Air

Lee Min Ho for Jeju Air - Poster Shooting - 28.02.2014

Lee Min Ho for Eider Summer/Spring 2014 - Video Sketch - 28.02.2014

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Lee Min Ho Becomes the New Face of Twosome Place

CJ E&M enewsWorld Kwon Soo Bin Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Currently juggling many things around, Lee Min Ho will also be the new face of Twosome Place.

On February 28, Starhaus Entertainment stated, “Lee Min Ho signed the exclusive contract for CJ Foodville’s premium dessert café brand, Twosome Place.”

“He will officially begin activities for the café with the start of the promotional video filming.”

It became known that Lee Min Ho was chosen as the model with Twosome Place aiming towards the Chinese market in the future.
With his dramas City Hunter and The Heirs, Lee Min Ho has been attracting much popularity, and even more when he appeared in China’s biggest Lunar New Year’s special, New Year’s Gala. He is currently receiving a lot of CF offers in China as well.

“Very similar to the fragrant and captivating scent of coffee, Lee Min Ho’s image overlapped with the atmosphere of Twosome Place, and we expect the brand to rise in recognition and preference. We also believe Lee Min Ho will have a positive effect on the Chinese market,” said Twosome Place.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie, Gangnam Blues, postponing his overseas tour.

Photo Credit: Starhaus Entertainment

source: ENewsWorld

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 26.02.2014

Update on Twitter and Facebook (Establish of PROMIZ):


PROMIZ (PMZ) = Promise X Lee Min Ho X Minoz

"Love of Minoz to the world starting in 2014"

PROMIZ (PMZ) is a new concept of donation platform of sharing great love from Lee Min Ho's official fan club 'Minoz'. It is born with Min Ho's wish of sharing love in more sophisticated way and building a long-term relationship with his fans.

"2014년, Minoz의 사랑은 서로를 넘어 세상을 향합니다."


배우 '이민호'와 공식 팬클럽 'Minoz'의 사랑을 한데 모아 세상에 더욱 큰 사랑을 나누는 신개념 기부 플랫폼으로. 팬들과의 장기적인 소통과 성숙한 사랑을 나누고자 하는 이민호씨의 마음을 담아 오랜 준비끝에 탄생하였습니다.
: PROMIZ(PMZ)를 소개합니다.

Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Twitter Account, Lee Min Ho's Official Facebook Account, PROMIZ Official Facebook

P.S -> "PROMIZ" (Promise x Lee Min Ho x Minoz) is a Charity Community, a platform on Facebook originally established by Lee Min Ho for Minoz to do charity. It is also for Lee Min Ho to get closer to his fans, Minoz~^^

"PROMIZ" will held it's launching party on 14th of March 2014 in EUPHORIA SEOUL, 7.30 PM KST with "Better than Candies" for their theme, and "Party Chic with Blue" as their dress code.

Further information about this Charity community that Lee Min Ho specially made for Minoz can be seen in PROMIZ's Official Facebook. Let's support PROMIZ together with Lee Min Ho~^^ 

Lee Min Ho - KNTV "Good Day" [PART 24 - ENDING] - 26.02.2014

credits: K S I 

Lee Min Ho for TaoBao Mobile - Support Message (Theater Version) - 26.02.2014

credits: @手机淘宝

Lee Min Ho Postpones Overseas Tour to Focus on Filming

CJ E&M enewsWorld Jo Yeon Kyung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Lee Min Ho will be focusing on filming for a while, postponing his overseas tour to the later half of the year.

Lee Min Ho’s agency rep stated on February 26, “We’ve been getting numerous offers from production companies for Lee Min Ho’s overseas tour, but since he starts filming Gangnam Blues in April, once he finishes the Yokohama concert in March, he will be pushing all other performances to a later date in order to focus on filming.”

After finishing his global tour last year, visiting Japan, China, Philipines, Malaysia and more, fans have been continuing to send their love calls for Lee Min Ho to visit again.

The agency rep said, “We’ve already received tens of offers from famous production companies and top singers abroad. We heard that some companies try to lure customers by promoting reservation tickets or travel packages using ‘Lee Min Ho’s concert.’ He will be focusing on filming for now, and will return with more meaningful performances later, so fans should be wary of fake advertisements.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be presenting high level action scenes in the upcoming movie Gangnam Blues. Director Yoo Ha said, “Many actors were interested in the role, but I had Lee Min Ho in mind from the time I first planned the project.”

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

source: ENewsWorld

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lee Min Ho looks chic in black and white for Filipino clothing brand 'Bench'

Filipino clothing brand 'Bench' has released the black-and-white photos of actor Lee Min Ho on February 24! The pictures were uploaded onto the official Facebook of his agency Starhaus Entertainment for the enjoyment of fans.

In the pictures, he looks classy and handsome as usual with his strong, accented features and charming gaze. In one picture, he even puts a finger to his lips to look like he is shushing--as if anyone could be anything but speechless at these gorgeous pictures!

An agency rep said, "Changes in facial expressions are crucial for a close-up, black-and-white photo shoot. Lee Min Ho directed his gazes and small movements like a pro."

source: allkpop

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lee Min Ho's label speaks up about reports of his gambling

Lee Min Ho's label spoke up about the actor's gambling controversy.

Earlier today, there were reports of the actor gambling in a casino while he was in New Zealand filming for an outdoor brand. However, MBN Star contacted his label, who said, "The report was too provocative. It's hard to see it as gambling."

They explained, "The location is a small casino next to a restaurant that's more like a small arcade. It's a place anyone can enjoy a simple game as they eat. While he was resting during the photoshoot, he had a game that cost about the same as a drink. Even the townspeople game there holding their [grocery] baskets. It's a legally licensed place where only people 18 and older can enter."

source: allkpop

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lee Min Ho at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Incheon International Airport - 23.02.2014

Our prince is back~ After finishing commercial filming in Shanghai, China, he finally returned! Welcome back dear, and please take a lot of rest~^^

Departure, Shanghai Pudong International Airport - 23.02.2014

Arrival, Incheon International Airport - 23.02.214

credits: LUCK2

credits: 너만보여